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Obituaries and Death Notices
~ D Surnames ~

D'ANTUONO, Mrs. Bonnie L., 23, of 823 1/2 W. Fairview Ave., services 2 p.m. tomorrow (Morris Sons). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 26, 1965 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

DAVIDSON, Teddy E., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. David Davidson of 1108 Akron Pl., Tuesday (Dayton Reisinger). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 21, 1965 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

DAVIS, Hanna C., 85, of Claranna Ave., yesterday; services 9 a.m. Monday, Holy Trinity Church (Westbrock). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 15, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

DAVIS, John F., 58, of 127 Washington St. , Friday; services 20 a.m. tomorrow (Mclin). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 5, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

DAVIS, John F., 58, of 127 Washington St., yesterday; services pending (McLin) [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 2, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

DEMPSEY, Silvester M., 66, of 265 E. Sixth St., yesterday; (Dayton Reisinger). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 12, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

DeWITT, Miss Florence M., of 325 Rockwood Ave., yesterday; services 10 a.m. Monday (Marker & Heller). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 23, 1965 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

DICKENSHEETS, Arthur H., 38, formerly of Union Rd. , Sunday; services 10 a.m. tomorrow (Tobias). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 5, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

Jesse Dixon, resident on the new troy pike north of Dayton, died in a hospital of a skull fracture suffered Monday when he was hit by an automobile. [The Lima News - Ohio, Jan 7, 1937 - Sub. by Linda Dietz]

DONLEY, Lawrence F., 52, of 4100 W. Third St., Friday; services 11 a.m. tomorrow, VA Protestant Chapel (Banta). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 11, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

Dayton, O., Feb 2- the venerable John Dowling, one of the oldest residents of the city, answered the summons Thursday at his home, 222 Norwood avenue, after a period of declining health which extended over several months. Two daughters and three sons survive, they are Mrs. E. P. Traxe, Mrs, J. M. Kain, Jos. H., Edward W. and James Dowling. Three brothers, Martin of Pittsburg, Michael of Rhode Island and James of Bedford, Mass., and one sister, Mrs. Schroeder, of Cincinnati. John Dowling was well known in this city, particularly in politics, having been a member of the Democratic party and a personal friend of C. L. Vallandigham, with whom he was twice arrested on political charges. He served with great credit through the Civil War, and was once taken prisoner by General Burnside, later securing his release through the efforts of the late General Robert Schenck. The funeral of Mr. Dowling will be held Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock from Sacred Heart church. [Middletown Daily News-Signal, Feb 2, 1907 - Sub by FoFG]

DOWNING, Winfred E., 69, of 5860 Germantown Pk., yesterday; services 8 p.m. today (Swart, West Carrollton). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 22, 1965 - Sub. by L. Dietz]


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