Montgomery County, Ohio
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KAIGLER, James T., 8- year-old son of Mrs. Davey DeLoney of 1423 Kimmel Ln., yesterday; services 3 p.m. Wednesday (Bowman, Hoover Ave.). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 4, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

KEARNS, Samuel S.
Dayton, O., Jan. 6 - The drowned body of Samuel S. Kearns, a member of the Soldier's home, was fished from the home lake. Before leaping into the lake Kearns had drawn the sharp blade of a pocketknife across his throat, severing arteries. He was 66 and a member of Company K, Eighty-third Ohio Infantry, in the civil war. [Mansfield News, Jan 6, 1908 - Sub by L. Dietz]

KELTNER, Charles A., 65, of 2200 Kinmont Rd., yesterday; (Morton, Vandalia). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 28, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

KENDER, Mrs. Elizabeth, 82, of 638 Carlisle Ave., Monday; services 9 a.m. tomorrow, Holy Name Church (Banta). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 27, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

Dayton, O., Feb 6- There was a fire yesterday on John Kendigs' farm. Mrs. Kendigs' mother, 80 years old, became frightened and went out to assist in putting it out. Her daughter took her in the house and placed her in an easy chair. After the fire was subdued, Mrs. Kendigs went into the house and was horrified to find her mother dead in the chair. The coroner says she died of heart disease caused by fright. [Lima Daily Times, Feb 7, 1891]

KIDDER, Fred A., 44, of 2124 Gay Dr., Kettering, Saturday; services 8:30 p.m. today (Graham). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 18, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

KING, Moses Patron Sr., 85, of 1426 Germantown, Friday; services at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday (Jones). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 13, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

KING, Mrs. Marian P., of 1700 Duchess Ave., Kettering, yesterday; services 8:30 p.m. tomorrow (Tobias). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 22, 1965 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

KINNEY, William
William Kinney, 70 years of age, and for the past thirty years an inmate of the Montgomery County, Ohio, Infirmary, committed suicide by cutting an artery of the left wrist. Kinney had been in the institution longer than any other inmate, and was known as the "Prince of Paupers." His reputation was State wide. [pg 7, "Chicago Eagle" (Chicago, IL) - 9 Mar 1895 - MZ - Sub. by FOFG]

KIVETT, Oscar, 63, of 1726 W. Fifth St., Wednesday; graveside services 1:30 p.m. Monday, VA Cemetery (Banta). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 22, 1965 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

KRAUS, John A., 94, of 2029 Wyoming St., Monday; services 9 a.m. tomorrow. St. Anthony Church (Luthman). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 27, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz]

KRONE, Mrs. Lula, 89, formerly of 166 Church St., yesterday; services 1:30 p.m. tomorrow (Tobias). [Xenia Daily Gazette, Jan 27, 1965 - Sub by L. Dietz] 



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