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Zanesville, Ohio, Dec. 20. -- On Saturday the 19th inst., a shocking murder was committed in Zanesville by Samuel
Loudon on Zachariah Huff. The circumstances attending this crime are so singular that we may search in vain the whole range of human motives to explain why it was perpetrated. Loudon and the deceased were both coopers and had worked for several years together. They were both addicted to drinking and were in the constant habit of toping together. In every respect they were as friendly as they could be. As far as has been heard no quarrel or disagreement of any kind took place between them.
On the morning of the murder they had drunk too much to work and were together outside of their workshop by themselves. What happened between them there no one knows. Loudon went to another shop at a small distance and got an axe, telling the workmen that he was going to kill Huff. They thought he was joking and paid no attention to him. He also told Huff’s son that he was about to kill his father, but he also thought that he was joking.
A short time afterwards Loudon came back and told them he had killed the old man. From his cool and unconcerned manner of telling it they did not believe him, but at length they went to the place and found Huff dead, in a sitting position, with his skull cut through. A Coroner’s inquest was held at which Loudon stated that Huff had frequently requested him to kill him and that he had at length consented to do it. He struck him three blows with the axe.
He said he had nothing against Huff, but killed him through mere friendship. He seemed to have no desire to conceal the facts and no remorse for his crime. At his examination before Justice Thompson, and at other times, he still insisted that he had killed Huff through kindness. There is no evidence that Loudon was in any wise insane. He is lodged in jail to await his trial. We have not seen him, but understand that he is a brutal, ill looking man. He says he is an Englishman and that he served with Lord Nelson and was at the battle of Trafalgar.
[Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, January 14, 1829 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Mail Robbery
The verbal information noticed in our last, respecting the robbery of the United States’ Mail happens to be somewhat incorrect. It appears from the Village Register that the robbery took place between West Union and Maysville on the 18th or 19th ult and that Benjamin
Paul of Aberdeen and Duncan Camron, (the submail contractor from West Union to Maysville) are the supposed robbers. It is said they had their trials before Esqrs. Paker and Shelton and that the former is at large on bail. The latter has been removed from the jail at this place to that of West Union, some say on to Columbus. – Georgetown (O.) Castigator. [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, May 14, 1828 - Submitted by Nancy Piper ]

ZANESVILLE, Jan. 6.—Dr. John H.
Williams, 60, a physician of Summerfield, Noble county, died early today from a self-inflicted bullet wound a few hours after he had shot and killed his wife, Maude Williams, 50. The shooting followed a quarrel in the Williams home during which a violent struggle evidently occurred. Furniture was broken and the downstairs rooms were in disorder. The motive is unknown. When Holly Williams, 11 year old son returned home from school late yesterday, he found his mother dead. The father, who was in an upstairs room, turned the gun on himself when he heard the boy enter the house. Mrs. Williams was the mother of seven children by a former marriage. She was Dr. Williams' second wife. They have one son. [Lima Daily News, Jan 6, 1917]


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