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The following list, which has been arranged with great care, gives the names of our prisoners now at Richmond , and the nature of the wounds of ___ under surgical treatment. While it is probable that the list is not perfectly accurate, it doubtles [sic] contains fewer errors and omissions than any yet published. To the kind thoughtfulness of the surgeons who have recently returned from captivity, the friends of those who were left behind are indebted for the valuable information here given, and we here append their names:
Alfred Power, Surgeon, and W. H. Wilson, Assistant Surgeon, New - York Second Regiment; Washington A. Connelly, Volunteer Surgeon; Andrew McLetcher, Surgeon, New - York Seventy - ninth; James Harris, Surgeon, Second Rhode Island ; R. A. Goodenough, Assistant Surgeon, Brooklyn Fourteenth; and C. W. Le Boutillier , Minnesota First:

First Ohio Volunteers
Co. E - James McLaughlin, George Wise.
Co. F - A. Spader.
Co. I - J. Morris.
Not classified - Christian Hunt, William Sergeant, Kane Kowrtzky.

Co. E - Haskell F. Proctor, private.

Second Ohio volunteers.
Co. I - Paul Neumiller.

Seventh Ohio volunteers.
Co. A - Privates Theodore Burt, John Baudle, Carlos Burroughs, Myron Whaley, Richard Waldson, Andrew Scoville, Corporal Frank Williams.

Co. B - Privates James McCabe, George W. Williams, Samuel Boyl; George Robinson, waiter John Rafferty.

Co. C - Sergeants E. R. Stiles, W. W. Parmenter, E. W. Morey; Corporal I. F. Mack; privates William Biggs, F. Bodle (Bodie?); J. M. Burns, H. D. Claghorn, E. T. Curtis, J. M. Finch, A. Hubbell, A. M. Halbert, S. B. Kingsbury, E. C. Newton, J. S. Noble, A. Osborn, A. Parker, E. C. Root, W. H. Scott, D. H. Thompson, L. V. Tuttle, Leroy Warren, W. W. Wheeler, E. R. Smith, Harry Wood, Fife Major; S. T. Gill, Fifer; Horace Hunton, Drummer.

Co. D - Privates Charles Carroll, Benj. Jenkins, A. Dodge; N. K. Hubbard, Corporal; privates J. A. Rubicon, John Shelby, John Smith, A. E. Smith, P. H. Smith.

Co. E - Privates, James Butler, R. W. Blakesley, L. M. Blakesley, W. F. Bartlett, John Barks, Wm. Cherry, Geo. Downing, John Haun, John Sheltus, Geo. Sweet, Francis Stilwell, Wm. Gibbs, Zebet Fox; Sergeant Frank Wilcoxson.

Co. G - Corporal A. C. Logan; Privates Lemuel Bolls, Michal Hetlic.

Co. H - Corporal E. C. Palmer; Private J. N. Mohler.

Co. I - Privates James Johnson, D. H. Johnson, Charles Basine, James Snider, Fredy Larkins, Nicholas Fredenburg, G. W. V. Thompson, Morgan Lewellyn,

Co. K - Sergeant Adolph Kohlman; Privates Henry Ackerman, Simeon Beihl, Englebert Tendy, Gostav Gruevwold, Charles Haskell, Thobias Hatfeg, John Miller, Christian Detniger, Solomon Reney, John Schmidt, Charles Stahl, Julius Wolf, Ant. Gitzeman; Servant, Adam Schwartz.

Wounded, at Hospital No. 2.
Co. C - Lucius Tuttle, R. W. Blakely.

Twelfth Ohio volunteers.
Co. G - James Stewart.

Thirteenth Ohio volunteers.
Co. H - J. Tram.
Co. F - G. B. Shaffer.

Twenty - Third Ohio volunteers.
Co. C - Rueben Thomas, private.

Edward Taylor, Cincinnati ; _________ Rheilmann, not stated.

[Source: "The New York Times"; Published September 25, 1861, Transcribed by Helen Coughlin]

Deserter Shot
On Friday last, private John H. Thompson, of Com. C, 1st Ohio cavalry, who was found guilty by court-martial of desertion from his company, going over to Mosby's notorious gang, and frequently depredating, either with the enemy or alone, on the persons and property of Union men in the vicinity of Chain Bridge and other places, was publicly executed on the grounds adjacent to the Sickles' barracks, near Alexandria. The execution was attended with the usual martial ceremonies, and was witnessed by a large concourse of citizens. ["The Soldiers' Journal", May 04, 1864, (Rendevous of Distribution, Va.)]


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