Ottawa County, Ohio
Genealogy and History
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Allen Cemetery 413449N 0832349W  
Catawba Island Cemetery 413325N 0825025W  
Christy Chapel Cemetery 413031N 0825310W  
Clay Township Cemetery 413033N 0831907W  
Clemons Cemetery 413228N 0824318W  
Confederate Stockade Cemetery 413001N 0824348W  
Crown Hill Cemetery 413837N 0825006W  
Dewelle Cemetery 413025N 0825123W  
Elliston Cemetery 413234N 0831625W  
K'burg Cemetery 413332N 0825047W  
Lacarpe Cemetery 413213N 0830204W  
Lakeview Cemetery 413039N 0825704W  
Limestone Cemetery 413333N 0831301W  
Lockwood Cemetery 413237N 0824859W  
Locust Point Cemetery 413545N 0830621W  
Maple Leaf Cemetery 413757N 0825013W  
Middle Bass Island Cemetery 414052N 0824842W  
North Bass Island Cemetery 414303N 0824904W  
Rice Cemetery 412900N 0831714W  
Riverview Cemetery 413035N 0825736W  
Roose Cemetery 412940N 0830737W  
Rusha Cemetery 412929N 0830720W  
Russian Cemetery 413201N 0824414W  
Sackett Cemetery 413149N 0824714W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 413513N 0830953W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 413204N 0824418W  
Saint Marys Byzantine Catholic Cemetery 413228N 0824321W  
Saint Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery 413127N 0824818W  
Shook Cemetery 413117N 0825233W  
Union Cemetery 415064N 0831572W aka Oak Harbor cemetery
Union Cemetery 413023N 0830926W  
Veterans Memorial Cemetery 412848N 0831732W  
Williston Cemetery 413636N 0832023W  
Wolcott Cemetery 413104N 0824425W  


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