Paulding County, Ohio
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Abbott Cemetery      
Ankney Cemetery 411106N 0843126W  
Ankney Farm Cemetery      
Apostolic Christian Cemetery 410436N 0843432W  
Auglaize Chapel Cemetery 410253N 0842318W  
Banks Cemetery 411210N 0844212W  
Banks Cemetery 411108N 0844542W  
Barbier Plot Cemetery      
Barton Plot Cemetery      
Bethel Cemetery      
Blakeslee Cemetery 410744N 0842559W  
Blue Creek Cemetery 410217N 0843638W  
Blue Creek Cemetery 410256N 0843550W  
Boutwell Cemetery 410158N 0842251W  
Bowholtz Cemetery 410627N 0842814W  
Carlton Cemetery 410149N 0842258W  
Church of God Cemetery      
Clark Cemetery 411428N 0844505W  
Coffelt Cemetery      
Cooper Cemetery 410722N 0843720W  
County Home Cemetery 410901N 0843315W  
Dealey Cemetery 410014N 0844320W  
Dotterer Cemetery 411022N 0842741W  
Dotterer Cemetery      
Eaton Cemetery 411425N 0843442W  
Finan Cemetery      
Forder Cemetery 411324N 0844008W  
Fought Cemetery 410044N 0842303W  
Ft. Brown Plot Cemetery      
Gordon Cemetery 411355N 0843836W  
Harrell Cemetery      
Hash Cemetery      
Hedges Cemetery 410533N 0843110W  
Hertel Cemetery 410326N 0842339W  
Hosterman Cemetery      
Ice Cemetery 411114N 0842033W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 411357N 0843526W  
Junction Cemetery 411116N 0842732W  
Kingery Cemetery 410650N 0842439W  
Kinzer Cemetery 411206N 0843018W  
Klein Cemetery 411214N 0842617W  
Landis Plot Cemetery      
Lehman Cemetery 410347N 0844439W  
Linch Plot Cemetery      
Little Auglaize Cemetery      
Live Oak Cemetery 410832N 0843429W  
Ludwig Plot Cemetery      
Maumee Cemetery 411120N 0844328W  
Mellinger Cemetery 410211N 0842331W  
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 411326N 0844008W  
Middle Creek Zion Baptist Cemetery 4103400N 08441800W  
Middle Creek Cemetery 4100500N 08445100W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 410313N 0842730W  
Myers Plot Cemetery      
Oak Grove Cemetery 410349N 0842047W  
Oakwood Cemetery 410559N 0842251W  
Paulding Memorial Cemetery 410950N 0843407W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 410902N 0843221W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 410340N 0843412W  
Potter Cemetery      
Prairie Chapel Cemetery 410600N 0842145W  
Renollet Cemetery 411244N 0843000W  
Riverside Cemetery 411059N 0844415W  
Rochester Cemetery 411353N 0843529W  
Saint Johns Catholic Cemetery 410408N 0844356W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 411116N 0842738W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 410652N 0843747W  
Shellenbarger Cemetery      
Sherman Cemetery 410805N 0842536W  
Slough Cemetery 411214N 0844252W  
Snellenbarger Cemetery 410537N 0844139W  
Township Cemetery 411153N 0843220W  
Upthegrove Cemetery 410953N 0843127W  
Wilson Cemetery 410307N 0842419W  
Wiltsie Cemetery 410522N 0844234W  
Young Cemetery 410044N 0842308W  


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