Perry County, Ohio
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Asbury Cemetery 393440N 0820703W aka Asbury Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
Beach Grove Cemetery      
Bethel Cemetery 394842N 0823543W  
Bethel Cemetery 394009N 0820337W  
Bethel Cemetery 394939N 0821044W  
Bethel Cemetery 393908N 0821926W  
Brehm Cemetery 394516N 0821810W  
Bristol Cemetery 394008N 0821344W  
Chapel Hill Cemetery 393728N 0820314W  
Combs Family Cemetery 394638N 0822343W  
Conn Church Cemetery 393335N 0820712W  
Corning Catholic Cemetery 393608N 0820536W  
Crists Cemetery 395042N 0822457W  
Crooksville Cemetery 394618N 0820619W  
Dew Cemetery 393327N 0820350W  
Dugan Cemetery 393414N 0820958W  
Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery 393728N 0822114W  
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 394827N 0821807W  
Fairview Cemetery 393859N 0822035W  
First Baptist Church Cemetery 393937N 0820658W  
First Methodist Church Cemetery 394243N 0821231W  
Fowler Cemetery 394042N 0820728W  
Friendship Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 393939N 0821853W  
Goodhope Lutheran Cemetery 395430N 0821746W  
Green Lawn Memory Cemetery 394601N 0821456W  
Harmony Cemetery 393759N 0822234W  
Harring Cemetery 394105N 0820248W  
Harvey Cemetery 394406N 0822147W  
Hazelton Cemetery      
Highland Cemetery 395252N 0821923W  
Holcomb Cemetery 394203N 0820250W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 394815N 0821743W  
Hopewell Baptist Cemetery 394931N 0821503W  
Hopewell Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 395151N 0821709W  
Iliff Cemetery 394432N 0820557W  
Ironpoint Cemetery 393736N 0821210W  
Kemper Family Cemetery 395354N 0822427W  
Lutheran Cemetery 394830N 0821818W  
Lutheran Reformed Cemetery 395343N 0822530W  
Maplewood Cemetery 394224N 0821253W  
McCaslin Family Cemetery 394358N 0820513W  
McLuney Cemetery 394525N 0820918W  
Millertown Methodist Cemetery 393549N 0820607W  
Monroe Cemetery 393544N 0820711W  
Monroe Cemetery 393655N 0820452W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 393650N 0820442W  
Mount Horeb Cemetery 394709N 0820806W  
Mount Perry Cemetery 395253N 0821315W  
Mount Zion United Brethren In Christ Cemetery 394417N 0821923W  
New Lebanon Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 394351N 0821800W  
New Reading Cemetery 394838N 0822116W  
New Saint Josephs Priory Cemetery 394647N 0821639W  
New Salem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 395107N 0822812W  
New Straitsville Joint Cemetery 393458N 0821443W  
Nixon - Dannison Cemetery      
Oakfield Cemetery      
Old Baptist Church Cemetery 394242N 0821226W  
Old Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 395353N 0822507W  
Old Presbyterian Cemetery 395357N 0821237W  
Old Saint Josephs Priory Cemetery 394639N 0821639W  
Old Zion United Brethren Cemetery 394405N 0821938W  
Olivet Cemetery 395123N 0822125W  
Otterbein Cemetery 394619N 0822148W  
Owens Cemetery 394851N 0820652W  
Payne Cemetery 393342N 0821529W  
Pisgah Cemetery 394517N 0822300W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 394012N 0820503W  
Presbyterian Cemetery 393929N 0820712W  
Ream Cemetery 394707N 0821949W  
Regular Baptist Cemetery 395319N 0822657W  
Rehobeth Cemetery 394422N 0821140W  
Rendville Cemetery 393724N 0820526W  
Ridge Cemetery 394818N 0822256W  
Roseville Cemetery 394831N 0820432W  
Saint Aloysius Cemetery 394301N 0821349W  
Saint Augustine Cemetery 393511N 0821431W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 393832N 0821634W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 394226N 0821731W  
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery 395227N 0821930W  
Schofield Eversole Cemetery      
Shawnee Cemetery 393648N 0821330W  
Shick Cemetery 394329N 0820539W  
Somerset Methodist Cemetery 394846N 0821753W  
South Fork Cemetery 394009N 0820937W  
Springer Cemetery 393624N 0820926W  
Stuart Cemetery 393402N 0820501W  
Teal Cemetery 394309N 0820659W  
Tinker Cemetery 393433N 0820246W  
Unity Cemetery 394732N 0821405W  
Vansickle Cemetery 394341N 0821435W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 394803N 0821258W  
Whiptown Cemetery 393837N 0820947W  
Zion Cemetery 395019N 0821328W  
Zion Cemetery 394039N 0820212W  
Zion Reformed Cemetery 395120N 0822335W  



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