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Crime News

*Listed in loose alpha order by the name of the accused, or when no criminal is named, by the name of the victim*

A fine bay horse, belonging to Wm.
Adams, residing one and a half miles south of New Lexington, was stolen from his stable Tuesday night of last week. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio - May 29, 1880]

On Saturday, Zack
Brown, lately arrested in this county, at his home near New Straitsville, on a charge of counterfeiting, was sent to jail by United States Commissioner Hooper, at Cincinnati, in default of $1500 bail to await trial. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio; Jan. 22, 1880]

At New Straitsville, early Thursday morning last, some person effected an entrance to the store of J. L. West and took a gold watch and chain and about $50 in money. On Friday last, one H. H.
Coakley was arrested on suspicion, and a search of his premises resulted in finding all the missing property. At his preliminary examination he was bound over to court in the sum of $500. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio - May 29, 1880]

Hoops, judging from his name, couldn't reasonably be expected to deal on the squared, he is in jail at New Lexington, at all events, in default of $500 to answer a charge of passing counterfeit money. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio, Jan. 15, 1880]

Inman, of Shawnee, who lately completed a term in the Hamilton Co. jail under a conviction of passing counterfeit money, was re-arrested on his return home under an indictment for cutting with intent to kill and is in jail at New Lexington. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio - May 29, 1880]

Smalley, recently arrested in Washington county, charged with participation in the murder and robbery of an old man named Jacob Boughman at Roseville, in August, 1864, is fifty-three years old, and while a resident of this county bore a bad name. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio - May 29, 1880]

John D.
Smith was arrested at New Straitsville on Monday, charged with house-breaking and assault. He waived examination, and was bound over to Court. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio - Jan. 29, 1880]

At Congo, where the largest coal mine in Ohio is located, the miners got into a fight in the company's store, and Charles Smith was fatally shot by Warren
Smith. [American Nonconformist, 27 Dec 1894 - Sub. by Shauna Williams]

Teal, who is doing a grocery and saloon business at Rendville, says the New Lexington Tribune, had his store broken open Friday night while he was absent and his liquors, to the amount of about two hundred dollars, was turned off through the faucets. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio, Jan. 15, 1880]

Somerset, Ohio, Feb. 22: During the court of common pleas for this county, this week, Elizabeth
Thompson, a colored woman, who has been confined, was tried for horse stealing. She was convicted of the crime and sentenced to hard labor in the Penitentiary for the term of three years. We believe this is the first conviction of a female, for a similar offence in this state. Perry Record [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, April 2, 1828 - Sub. by Nancy Piper]

Tinker, the noted horse thief, who has retired from business and settled down in his old age on a 40 acre lot in this county, claims to have stolen 400 horses, and served in the penitentiaries of eight different States. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio - Jan. 29, 1880]

A New Straitsville correspondent under date of the 9th inst., says: Quite a sensation has been produced here by the daughter of one of our prominent citizens, Mr. John Wiles, having a warrant served for the arrest of her brother-in-law, one T. B.
Tom, a married man, charging him with being the father of her unborn babe. The girl, who is only about fifteen years old, is quite well developed for her age, and hitherto has borne a good reputation. Tom denies the allegation, and will stand a trial. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio, Jan. 15, 1880]

The officers say that the recent counterfeiting at Shawnee was confined, as far as has yet transpired, to the manufacture of dollars, half-dollars, quarters, dimes and nickels. It is believed that Joseph
Truman, of Shawnee, the first man arrested, "give away" his confederates, and thus enabled the Sheriff and assistants to make so good a haul. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio; Jan. 22, 1880]

The Somerset Press says that Henry
Zartman, the man charged with burning the building on the King farm, is an aged man, and has heretofore borne the reputation of being an honest, peaceable man. [THE ATHENS MESSENGER, Athens, Ohio, Jan. 15, 1880]



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