Pickaway County, Ohio
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A R Duvall Cemetery 394441N 0825525W  
Alkire Cemetery 394339N 0831438W  
Alkire Cemetery 393354N 0830722W  
Arron Kellar Farm Cemetery 393611N 0831414W  
Arthur Dunlap Farm Cemetery 393704N 0830835W  
Ashville Cemetery 394254N 0825637W  
Beckett Cemetery 394636N 0830329W  
Bethany Cemetery 393838N 0825152W  
Bowsher Cemetery 393845N 0825752W  
Caldwell Farm Cemetery 394514N 0830101W  
Cedar Grove Cemetery 393127N 0831403W  
Chester Peters Cemetery 394058N 0825009W  
Chipman Cemetery 393408N 0830039W  
Christian Cemetery 393513N 0830712W  
Conklin Cemetery 394633N 0825133W  
Curt Knisley Farm Cemetery 393857N 0831006W  
Darbyville Cemetery 394130N 0830647W  
Dry Run Cemetery 394005N 0825413W  
Dungan Farm Cemetery 393059N 0830217W  
East Union Cemetery 394234N 0825014W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 393212N 0825521W  
Emerson Cemetery 393159N 0825724W  
Emmitt Chapel Cemetery 393052N 0825816W  
Florence Cemetery 394004N 0830558W  
Forest Cemetery 393655N 0825638W  
Fryback Cemetery 393231N 0825826W  
Grant Campbell Farm Cemetery 393235N 0831223W  
Greenland Cemetery 394157N 0831135W  
Gulick Cemetery 394339N 0830722W  
Hanson Cemetery 393305N 0830614W  
Harrison Township Cemetery 394239N 0825927W  
Hebron Church Cemetery 393732N 0831129W  
Herrenstine Cemetery 393913N 0830216W  
High Street Cemetery 393610N 0825624W  
Hinton Farm Cemetery 393650N 0831028W  
Hoover Hill Cemetery 394235N 0825514W  
Hulse Farm Cemetery 393716N 0830117W  
Imler Cemetery 393101N 0824852W  
Infirmary Cemetery 393706N 0825203W  
Jackson Township Cemetery 393903N 0830033W  
James Borrer Farm Cemetery 394507N 0830056W  
Johnson Cemetery 393526N 0830627W  
Lewis Farm Cemetery 393525N 0831047W  
Lewis Farm Cemetery 393904N 0831409W  
Ludwig Cemetery 393421N 0825514W  
Lutheran Cemetery 393953N 0825144W  
Marcy Cemetery 394517N 0824941W  
McKinley Cemetery 394243N 0830758W  
Meade Cemetery 393015N 0825235W  
Methodist Cemetery 393514N 0830706W  
Monnett Cemetery 392834N 0824747W  
Morris United Brethren Cemetery 393351N 0825331W  
Mount Herman Cemetery 394204N 0825517W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 393401N 0830405W  
New Holland Cemetery 393334N 0831542W  
New Holland Cemetery 393335N 0831542W  
Orient Feeble Minded Institute Cemetery 394748N 0830916W  
Paul Peters Farm Cemetery 394742N 0825920W  
Peck Farm Cemetery 393104N 0830617W  
Pleasant Cemetery 394422N 0831504W  
Pontious Chapel Cemetery 393603N 0825336W  
Prairieview Cemetery 392901N 0824958W  
Presbyterian Cemetery 394539N 0830302W  
Reber Hill Cemetery 394101N 0825326W  
Renick Cemetery 393925N 0830359W  
Rice and Black Cemetery 393235N 0825152W  
Rife Farm Cemetery 393721N 0825826W  
Ritter Cemetery 394027N 0825105W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 393705N 0825639W  
Saint Pauls Evangelical Cemetery 393533N 0825219W  
Shelby Farm Cemetery 393308N 0825351W  
Shilo Cemetery 393930N 0831051W  
Shortridge Farm Cemetery 393723N 0825847W  
Smith Farm Cemetery 393054N 0830615W  
Springlawn Cemetery 393503N 0830732W  
Stout Cemetery 393727N 0825038W  
Stumpf Cemetery 392949N 0824524W  
Tanquary Cemetery 393208N 0831206W  
Tarbill Cemetery 393212N 0831022W  
Tarlton Cemetery 393318N 0824626W  
Thomas Cemetery 393751N 0831229W  
Wagner Farm Cemetery 393904N 0825203W  
Westfall Cemetery 393337N 0825959W  
Yates Cemetery 393259N 0830656W  
Young Farm Cemetery 393042N 0825735W  
Zion Cemetery 393643N 0825208W  


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