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Senior Play, "Lucky Break," Scores Hit on Initial Night
Exceedingly clever lines and a lively well coached cast, added more laurels for Circleville High School, in their senior play, "A Lucky Break" Thursday night. The performance proceeded from start to finish, without a single break for the lack of conversation or cues. The thoroughness of the direction was most responsible for the well spoken parts, where were
"A Lucky Break," a well known comedy was chosen no doubt for its clever lines and simple setting. The stage was for the tree acts, was the samethat of the lobby of a small hotel in a little town. The real looking side walls, and the stairway, back center, were especially good. The furniture was used through courtesy of Mason Etos, furniture store. Every character was splendid in his part, and there were a number of new faces among the cast, but they were all so good, that the audience wasted no time rustling their programs to find out who they were.
Among the ladies, Margaret Rooney as Martha Mullet, tired proprietor of Hotel Mullet, spoke and acted as if she had been nothing else, but, for her entire life. Her lines where spoken in a voice ideal for the part. Grace Bower as her daughter, was cast in perfect role as the beautiful and obedient daughter.
Betty May as Ermine, the servant girl, makes her entrance through a side door, coming backwards on her hands and knees pulling along a large kettle of water with one hand and wielding a scrub brush with the other. That entry was typical of her part throughout the show. Every time she had anything to say the audience shouted with laughter. She had one of the funniest parts in the cast, and it was surprisingly well done. Bob Pickens, in the male lead, looked quite handsome, grown up and very prosperous. Apparently no role is too long for this young man, and he carried his part with ease and fine stage presence. He was the hero of the story in the part of a kind hearted millionaire of about 40 years of age. And he and Grace Bower just naturally drift into a delightful love scene as the final curtains are drawn.
Now there was a boy, named Herman Compton, who may be a senator or at least president one day, and Herman carried a rather difficult part, with flying colors, Thursday night. He was the orig-Carpenter, well-dressed and was attractive, had small opportunity to display their talents. However, anal personality kid salesman, with his leaning toward phrenology, and his cemetery called "Idle Hours," Paul Kirwin as the small town financier, who was out-smarted on the cemetery deal, had his same funny stage manner that always pleases.
Leona Bowman and her daughter Odessa Elsea, acted with fine interpretation of their parts as the match-making mother, and the unwilling daughter. Leona's voice was very good, and Odessa seemed to be getting keen enjoyment out of her love affair with Carl Goeller. He was handsome too, as her sweetheart, and carried himself well on stage.
Eleanor Snyder and Dudley, they lighted up the stage with their personalities whenever they came on. Frank Marion is becoming quite handsome, and is another home town actor who actually appears to have been on the stage all his life. There never was a forced line or an awkward motion from these high school actors.
Frances Metzger as a bothersome boarder, caused plenty of trouble, and started everyone on the jump when she ordered something for her room, but something usually happened before she got what she wanted. Ruth Landenberger and Garnet Van Buskirk were the surprise packages for the evening. Their dancing lessons really should have been given for everyone to see. Garnet, seriously, has a beautiful speaking voice.
Leo White and Kenneth Ulm as a chauffeur and valet looked like real future actors.
To George Colville and Harry Butler goes the credit, for the scenery. The music was furnished by the high school orchestra, directed by Mr. Zanglein. Eleanor Snyder sang a solo, "Romona" between the second and third acts for which the audience demanded an encore. Margaret Rooney and Bob Pickens both received beautiful flowers, with a presentation speech by Kenneth Ulm.

"A Lucky Break" Cast
Martha Mullet, Proprietor of Hotel Mullet?? ..Margaret Rooney
Nora Mullet, her daughter?? ..Grace Bower
Elmine Ludine Smith, a servant?? ..Elizabeth May
Benny Ketcham, a super salesman?? .. Herman Compton
Abner Ketcham, his uncle??..Paul Kirvan
Mrs. Barrett, a guest?? ..Leona Bowman
Claudia, her daughter?? ..Odessa Elsea
Tommy Lansing, a painter?? ..Charles Goeller
Charles Martin, general manager for Bruce? .. Frank Marion
Jura Charante, a French dancing teacher?? ..Eleanor Snyder
Var Charante, her brother?? ..Dudley Carpenter
Bella Mae Watt?? ..Frances Metzger
Alchiba Spinster?? ..Ruth Landenberger
Alphecca Spinster??. ..Garnet Van Buskirk
Spivins, a busman?? ..Leo White
Watkins, a chauffeur?? ..Kenneth Ulm
Technicians ??
Scenery ?? .. Geo. Colville, Harry Butler.
The play will be repeated Friday night at the same time.
[Circleville Herald, June 1, 1928, Submitted by Carla Mascara]


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