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Lewis Alling
Died--- at Twinsburg, Portage County , Ohio , on the 5th ult. of the typhus fever, Mr. Lewis Alling; and nine hours after, his wife, Mrs. Nancy Alling both formerly of New-Haven. [Sentinel and Witness, Oct 15, 1823]

Isaac Blair
Died---at Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio, August 9th, Isaac Blair, aged 73 years. The deceased emigrated from Blanfield, Mass, In the winter of 1805-6, and settled in the heavy forests of Northern' Ohio, where he continued in live up to the time of his death. From a small beginning he accumulated a considerable property. - His home was always noted for its hospitality, and kindness. - He never prosecuted or defended a suit at law ; nor do the inhabitants of the village in which he lived retain the recollection of any differences with him. He enjoyed his reason to the last, and, though he suffered intensely the last few days of his life, he continued to speak, when addressed, with his usual cheerfulness and without any expession of complaint. - Evenly and peacefully, as he lived, has the old pioneer, the kind neighbor and the upright and honest man "passed away." [Plain Dealer, Aug 16, 1858]

Daniel Bliss

Died--- Nov. 2th, Franklin Mills, Portage Co., Ohio, Mr. Daniel Bliss, aged 67 years. [Plain Dealer, Dec 2, 1857]

Henry Brown

Died--- at Boston, Portage county, Ohio, on Sunday evening, the 17th of September, Mr. Henry Brown, in the 101th year of his age. Mr. B settled in Boston about the year 1800, at which time the whole surrounding country was a dense wilderness with here and there a solitary white inhabitant. Mr. B took a very active part in the war of the Revolution, was at the famous battle of Bunker Hill and several other principal engagements during the struggle for freedom. [Daily National Intelligencer, Oct 7, 1837]

Beriah Chittenden

Died--- at Middlebury, Portage co., Ohio, Mr. Beriah Chittenden, formerly of New Haven, aged 76. [Middlesex Gazette, Jul 25, 1827]

Dillingham Clark
Died--- at Windham, Portage co, Ohio, Oct. 26, Dillingham Clark, aged 90. a native of Cape Cod, and formerly a resident of Becket, Mass. [Sun, Nov 13, 1856]

Eunice DeWolf

At Ravenna, Ohio, Aug 15, Mrs. Eunice, aged 66, wife of Dr. Joseph DeWolf. [Sun, Sep 1, 1859]

Capt. Davis Ely
At Ravenna, Ohio, Oct 23d, Capt. Davis Ely, formerly of West Springfield, Mass, aged 89. [Boston Evening Transcript, Nov 6, 1844]

Esther Fenn
Died--- in Tallmadge, Portage co., Ohio, on the 16th inst. Mrs. Esther Fenn, aged 32, wife of Mr. F. F. Fenn, late of Orange, Conn.
in Stow, Portage co., Ohio, Mr. Albert G. Stow, son of Joshua Stow, Esq. of Middletown. [Connecticut Herald, Mar 31, 1829]

Mary Folger
Folger, Mrs. Mary, Ravenna, O., June 28, ae. 80. Mrs. F., formerly Mary Joy, was born on the Island of Nantucket, Mass., Jan. 24, 1778, and was married to Mayhew Folger in 1798, who was also a native of N. He was at that time engaged in the merchant service upon the ocean, but in 1810 concluded to try his fortune on shore, and removed to Chester Co., Pa., and in 1813 to Ohio, at that time the frontier state. The war of 1812 was conducted on the lakes and on land with frightful cruelty, and the trials of pioneer life were severe. In August, 1812, Capt. F., with his family, arrived at Kendall, expecting immediately to see the settlements overrun by the British and Indians; but a kind Providence ordered otherwise. By the victory of Com. Perry over the British fleet on Lake Erie, the aspect of things was entirely changed. Of the early settlers of Kendall, but three are believed to be living in the neighborhood. In 1828, Capt. F. removed to Massillon, where, on the 1st of Sept. of that year, he died. Mrs. F. was emphatically one of the excellent of this earth, even and cheerful, benevolent in heart, shedding around her a genial and pleasing influence. Five children survive her. [Source: "Annual Obit uary Notices of Eminent Persons who have died in the United States for 1858" by Hon. Nathan Crosby; John P. Jewett and Co., pub. 1859.]

James M. Jewett
Jewett, James M., Aurora, Portage Co., O., Dec. 9, ae. 70. He was the fifth generation from the original settlers of the name, consisting of two brothers and a nephew, who emigrated to this country in 1638, (from England,) and settled in Rowley, Mass. From this family all of the name in this country, acquainted with their origin, can trace their descent. A singular circumstance in connection with this family is the fact that the original homestead yet remains in the family, and has been occupied by those who have filled the office of deacon in the Congregational church for over 200 years. A clock brought from England 18 years after the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, still does duty in the old family mansion. [Source: "Annual Obituary Notices of Eminent Per sons who have died in the United States for 1858" by Hon. Nathan Crosby; John P. Je wett and Co., pub. 1859.]

Hon Joseph Lewis
At Palmyra , Ohio, Oct 11, Hon Joseph Lewis, 63, late one of the Associate Judges of the Common Pleas of Portage co. [Boston Evening Transcript, Nov 6, 1844]

A. S. Lynn
Ravenna, June 12 - A. S. Lynn, former sealer of weights and measures is dead here. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 13, 1919 - Sub by FoFG]

Thomas P. Maryatt
Class of 1871 - THOMAS PURINTON MARYATT. LL.B., Union Coll. Law, Chicago, 1888. B. 17 Feb., 1844, Charlestown, O. Lawyer. Judge Probate, Idaho. D. 2 Oct., 1903, Weiser, Idaho. [Source: "Dartmouth College Necrology, 1903-1904, Hanover, N.H. Tr. by K. Mohler]

David More (Moore)
My Great Grandfather, David More and his wife, Rachel Sein and their family came to Ravenna,Portage Co, OH in1802. He was the first blacksmith in Ravenna. He enlisted as a private in the War of 1812 under Capt. Campbell and died of the cold plague while home on sick leave. He was buried in the first graveyard in Ravenna, donated by Benjamin Tappan. The remains were later removed to the Maple Grove Cemetery. [Submitted by Irene Gleason]

Isaac Pierce
DIED - New Hudson, Portage Co., on the 11th inst., of disease of the heart, Isaac Pierce. He was 70 years of age. His decline was very gradual, and his desire to go to the spirit land very strong. His interest in the Anti-Slavery cause abided with him until his last breath. His last words were on the atrocious proposition to restore the African slave trade. - Ohio A. S. & Bugle [Liberator, Apr 2, 1858]

Dr. John Potter
Died--- at Tallmadge, Portage Co., Ohio, Dec. 17th., Dr. John Potter, late of Wolcott, Conn. [Times and Weekly Advertiser, Sep 21, 1829]

Charles Ragan
Died, In the town of [Eliram ?], Portage county, Ohio, of dropsy, on the morning of the 9th ult., Charles Ragan, aged 61 years, formerly and long a resident of Turin, Lewis county.  The first death in a family of eight children for [5?]7 years – a sing ular instance of longevity. (The Lewis County Republican (Martinsburgh, NY) – Mar 9, 1853); JD, Sub by FoFG]

Samuel Sanford
At Mantua, Portage Co., Ohio, Sept. 27, Samuel Sanford, died, aged 92 years. Mr. Sanford was born at Old Milford, Connecticut; resided there with his parents until the
10th of April, 1776; on that day he entered the service in the United States Army in the war of the Revolution. He was in the army with General Washington. About the close of the Revolution, Samuel Sanford, then Samuel Sanford, Jr., with his father, moved to Plymouth , Connecticut; in 1817 ho moved to Mantua, Portage Co., Ohio , where he had resided forty-one years. He leaves a wife with with whom he had lived sixty- four years, and several children, grand children and great grand children, many of whom reside in Portage County --- Ravenna Dem.
The deceased was the uncle of Gen. A. S. Sanford, of this city, and has a large circle of friends and relatives in this part of the country to mourn his loss. [Plain Dealer, Oct 20, 1858]

Mary Scoville
In Freedom, Ohio, on the 3d of October, 1857, Mrs. Mary Scoville, consort of Harrison Scoville, from congestion of the lungs.  Aged 55 years. The deceased was formerl y of Turin [The Lewis County Banner (Lowville, NY) – Wednesday, January 13, 1858]

Hiram Scofield
Died, On the 3d of March, inst., at Freedom, Ohio, Hiram Scofield, formerly of Turin, Lewis Co., aged 60.  (The Lewis County Banner (Lowville, NY) – Thursday, March 31, 1859)

Betsey Sears
Died--- at Randolph, Portage Co., Ohio, Feb. 2d, Mrs. Betsey Sears, 60, formerly of this town. [Sentinel and Witness, Mar 16, 1825]

John Smith
Milton - Mrs. Alfred Detchon was in Ravenna last week with her daughter Mrs John Smith, whose husband was suffering from lockjaw. His death occurred Friday, Oct 16. [The Mahoning Dispatch Friday October 23, 1908 - BZ - Sub by FoFG]

Col. Asa Staniff
Died-- at Franklin Mills, Portage Co., Ohio, on the 24th ult. very suddenly, Col. Asa Staniff, aged 78 years, father of Mrs. S. C. Ward, of Urbana. [Sandusky Register, Nov 1, 1851]

William Whitmore
In Stow, Portage to. Ohio , William Whitmore, Esq. formerly of Middletown, in this State, and son-in-law of the late Mr. Jacob Ogden, of this city, aged 56. [Connecticut Herald, Oct 30, 1827]

Moses and Aaron Wilcox
Died in Twinsburg, Portage county, Ohio, on the 21st of September, Moses and Aaron Wilcox, aged about 50 years.
They, as we are informed, were twin brothers, born in Connecticut; they were married on the same day, their wives being sisters. They hoped to have experienced religion on the same day and attached themselves to the same church. One the same day, they engaged in mercantile business together at Middletown and failed together. From thence they removed and settled themselves together in this State at a place which from them derived the name of Twinsburg. They were taken sick on the same day and were buried in the same grave and have left to their bereaved children the same rich inheritance of an unsullied moral and Christian character.
The singular identity which pervades the character of these men and the events of their lives, manifested itself no less in their persons. During their youth and middle age, so nearly did they resemble each other as the challenge the most discriminating eye to distinguish them. Employed in the early part of their lives, in the neighborhood of each other as school teachers, they were wont occasionally to change schools, and always without detection, on the part of the scholars, of the change. What reader of this, as he passes through Twinsburg, will not think of the Twins? - Cleaveland Herald. Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), October 24, 1827 - NP - Sub by FoFG

DIED - In Twinsburg, Portage co. Ohio, on the 21st inst. Moses and Aaron Wilcox, aged about 50. They, as we are informed, were twin brothers, born in Connecticut on the same day, they were married on the same day, their wives being sisters; they hoped to have experienced religion on the same day, and attached themselves to the same church, and on the same day they engaged in mercantile business together, at Middletown, and failed together: from thence they removed and settled themselves together in this State, at a place which from them derived the name of Twinsburg; they were taken sick on the same day, continued sick the same length of time; they died the same day, and were buried in the same grave, and have left to their bereaved children the same rich inheritance of an unsullied moral and christian character. Cleveland Herald. [Torch Light, Oct 25, 1827]

Grant Fitch Williams
DEATHS. --At Kent, Ohio, Jan. 19th, Grant Fitch Williams, aged 10 years. [Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, January 26, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

William F. Woodhouse
Died--- at Talmadge, Portage Co., Ohio, Mr. William F. Woodhouse, aged 26, a native of Wethersfield, Conn. [Middlesex Gazette, Nov 5, 1828]


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