Preble County, Ohio
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Ailes Cemetery

aka Asay Cemetery

Preble County, Ohio
Israel Township

Source: "Preble County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers
Transcribed by K.T.

This cemetery is also known as Asay Cemetery. It is located in the northwest corner of the northeast quarter of Section 2, Township 6, Range 1. The cemetery is situated in a clump of trees a short distance from the road and can be reached by going through a pasture field. The cemetery is fenced, but the fence is down in several places and cattle have been grazing among the tombstones, resulting in many which are no longer standing, with many broken in several pieces.

Inscriptions were taken in July 1968 by Mrs. Don Short.

Preble County, Ohio - Deed Records - Volume 35, page 546
WILLIAM AILES and Ruth his wife to TRUSTEES GRAVEYARD - March 6, 1844 - l/5th acre part of NW corner NE1/4 Section 2, Township 6, Range 1 - $12. - "Exclusively as a burying ground" - John C. Deem, Jesse Simensen, Wm. W. Williams, Wm. Ailes, Henry Alexander, Abram G. Lanning, trustees in trust of the M. E. Church.


*May Not Be A Complete Listing*

WILLIAMS, Wm. W. died Aug. 8, 1871 ae 66 ys. 8m 6d
WILLIAMS, Elisabeth S. w/o Wm. W. Williams (no date ever engraved) ss Wm. W.

DEEM, Sarah w/o Rev, J. C. Deem and d/o Wm. & Ruth AILES, d. Nov. 28, 1862 being 61 Yrs, 11 mo., & 12 ds. old (Note: Off base & in 2 pieces)

(Foot stone) S.D.

[---] (died) June 18, 18_ aged 49 Yrs, 9 mo, 19 da, (Broken-top gone)
[---](died) Dec.___ aged 80 yrs., 9 mo., & 25ds. (Broken-top gone)

AILES, William died Feb. 21, 1851 aged 75y, 2m, & 11d
(Foot stone) R.A.

BORRADAILE, Anne E., d/o A. A. & S., d. Dec. 5, 1847 ae 11 mo. & 10 ds

(Foot stone) S.B.

BORRADAILE, Susannah, w/o Arthur A., d. 9-30-1849 ae 30 yrs 11 mo. &_ (Broken)

(Foot stone) W.W.W.

ASAY, In memory of John Asay who departed this life May 10, 1859 aged 31-2-29

(foot stone) J.G.

BORRADAILE, Susannah d/o A. A. & S., d. Aug. 18, 1851 ae 1 year ___(Broken)

[---] 1842 ae 29 years 6 mos & 17 days (Broken-top gone)

AILES, William -- In memory of William D. E. Ailes who departed this life Feb. 17, 1846 aged 32 yrs. 7m & 9d

(foot-stone) R. W.

AILES, Ann B., d/o of Wm. & Ruth d. July 23, 1833 aged 26y & 2m

CONNER, Amos Ailes, s/o Jas. & Elizabeth died May 7, 1832 AE. 10 years

[---] day _____ 4 months & 16 days (Broken-top gone)

(foot stone) A.A.C.

ASAY, Mary E. 1849-1930

FRY, Catharine wife of Cornelius Fry, died Sept. 11, 1865 aged 75y, 8m & 7d
FRY, Cornelius died Oct. 21, 1850 aged 57y & 21d

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