Preble County, Ohio
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Brower Cemetery

Lanier Township
Preble County, Ohio

Source: "Preble County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers
Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team


*This is probably NOT a complete list of all burials*

Also known as the GERMAN BAPTIST CEMETERY. It is located in the southwest corner of the northwest quarter of Section 25, Township 5, Range 3. The cemetery is situated in a clump of trees on a small rise in the corner of a field which is passed on the west by the Enterprise Road and on the south by the Carlton Road. Most of the tombstones are no longer upright and are lying scattered throughout the clump of trees. The cemetery is not enclosed by fence and is not cared for. Inscriptions were taken in November 1968 by Mrs. Jay Minnich and Mrs. Don Short.

Preble County, Ohio - Deed Records

JOHN BROWER to German Baptist Church - Sept. 22, 1838 - $15 - 120 poles part of SW¼ NW¼ Section 25, Township 5, Range 3. - "fifte en dollars paid by members of the German Baptist Church over which said Brower now presides as Bishop" - Signed: John Brower and Rebecca (mark) Brower, Volume 35, page 354.

HENRY SHIVELY to Trustees Dunkard Church - Dec. 28, 1858 - 1 acre part of SW¼ Section 25, Township 5, Range 3 - Jacob Eikenbery and Henry Brubaker, Trustees of Dunkard Church - Signed: Henry Shively and Mary Shively, wife - Volume 47, page 625.

TRUSTEES GERMAN BAPTIST CHURCH to Franklin Fudge - July 13, 1874 - $237 - SW corner NW¼ Section 25, Township 5, Range 3 - 1 acre and 46 rods - "German Baptist Church of Lower Twin Creek District on the 25th day of May 187 4 at a meeting of said church instructed, authorized and empowered the trustees of said church to sell and dispose of the following premises of said church and secured the proceeds of said sale in other property for the use of said church" - Signed: H enry Brubaker, Joseph Brubaker and Henry Flory, trustees - Volume 98, page 132.

Brower, John, died April 27, 1863 aged 80y 4m 8d. He was a minister and bishop of the German Baptist Church

Holderman, Hester, w/o Christian, d. June 12, 1874 aged 91y 4m 2d

Miller, Stephen, d. Jan. 13, 1851 aged 75y 10m 5d

Wirts, Sarah, w/o Adam Wirts, d. Jan. 27, 1854 aged 33y 11m 22d

Wise, Elizabeth, w/o Jacob Wise, d. Sept. 25, 1855 aged 34y 8m 18d

Wise, Sarah Ann, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, d. May 22, 1851 aged 9m

Yost, Harvey, s/o of J. & M., died Nov. 14, 185_ (Note: brok en) aged 1 day

Miller, Christena, w/o Cornelius, d. May 12, 1849 aged 25y 11m 3 d

(Footstone)  C. M.

Karn, Sarah, born July 25, 1838, died Aug. 22, 1839

Baker, Clarance (?), s/o B. F. & M., died Aug. 15, 1851 aged 3m 21d

Yost, An infant dau. of John & Mary, died Dec. 21, 1854

Holdeman (?), Rebecca, died Feb. 11, 1855 aged 2y 11m 1d

Petry, D. (Note: No other inscription, hand engraved)

Holderman, Huldah, d/o Lewis & Elizabeth, d. Nov. 3, 1861 a ged 23y 3m 27d

Aybell, D. (Note: no other inscription, hand engraved)

Holderman, Lewis, s/o John & E., died June 2, 1841 aged 2y 3m 7d

Holderman, Dinnah, d/o L. (?) & E., died Aug. 19, 1841 aged 10m 8d

(Note: crumbed stone)

Shively, John, s/o Henry & Mary, d. Sept. __, 184_  (N ote: broken)

Yost, Mahala, d/o of J. & H., died July 15, 18__ aged 3m 4d

Misher, Catharine, w/o David, d. Oct. 3, 1851 aged 35y & 10m

(Footstone)   C. H.

_______ (?), Susanah, w/o _____ (Note: rest of stone is gone)

Browe(r), Israel, died May 4, 186_  (Note: broken)

Miller, Howard Kester, s/o D. S.& D. J., d. Mar. 6, 1872 a ged 5y 10m 14d

Eikenbery, Dinnah, died Feb. 12, 1855 age 49y 6m 11d

Mishler, David, died Oct. 5, 1852 aged 10 y's 11 mo. & 12 ds.

Eby, Christian, died Dec. 10, 1859 aged 81 yrs. 11 mos. 12 ds.

Eby, Susannah, w/o Christian Eby, died May 11, 1866 aged 85 yrs. 1 mo. and 1 day

(Note: Eby stones are enclosed by black decorative iron fence)


E. S.

H. H.

H. K. M.

H. Y.

C. B.


J. E.

J. B.

E. W.

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