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Source: "Preble County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers

Transcribed by a Friend of Free Genealogy

Gasper Township

This cemetery is located along the east line of Section 30, Township 7, Range 2. Entrance to the cemetery is on Paint Creek Road and about 1/8th mile from the junction of this road with Longman Road. The cemetery is located up on top of a hill and is visible from both roads. It is fenced and well cared for. It is also known by the name of BAPTIST Cemetery - Inscriptions were taken in October 1967 by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers.

*This may not be a complete listing*

McDONALD, Henry C. d. 8-28-1864 ae 40-4-11
McDONALD, Margaret w/o Hugh McDonald d. 4-20-1863 ae 80-8-8

(2 large stones appear to have been used as head stones - one has initials "J.M." The other is shaled)

KINCAID, Children of John & Mary:
KINCAID, Stephen d. 3-6-1834 ae 9-3-28
KINCAID, Westley d. 5-10-1634 ae 6-11-11 (ss)
KINCAID, Elizabeth w/o Samuel d. 9-3-1844 in the 26 year of her age (Note: This stone is ready to slide down hill)

(foot stone) - E.K.

MADDOCK, Uesley 3/0 Um. & S. d. 11-22-1868 ae 20-11-16
MADDOCK, Allen s/o W. & S. d. 9-30-1856 ae 14-?-26
--- (broken stone) d. 10-15-187? ae 19-9-23 (Note: May be a Maddock stone as it is the same type stone as that of Wesley and Allen)

(foot stone) - M.K.

HUFFMAN, Armstead d. 4-5-1857 ae 71-8-1-6 ,
HUFFMAN, Overton d. 8-27-1846 in the 35 year of his age
HUFFMAN, Nancy w/o A. Huffman d. Feb.?, 1834 (or) 1854 (broken) ae 46-3-12

POTTS, Nathan d. 9-15-1845 a 66y & 20d
KINDEL, George s/o B. & C. d. 4-1-1855 ae 6 years
H.,..;...?, Ann d.?-?-1842 ae 20 years, 3 (or) 2 months, 5 days (Shaled)

PRICE, Martha L. d/o Abraham & Sarah d. 9-4-1854 ae 1-4-6
PRICE, John Henry s/o Abraham & Sarah d. 11-4-1849 ae 5-5-8
PRICE, David d. 11-3-1854 ae 77-2-8 (Note: War of 1812, Preble Co. Recorder's)
PRICE, Elizabeth w/o David d. 5-20-1860 ae 77-7-12

BAKER, Charlotte w/o J. C. 1835-1910 ae 74-10-8

McCORKLE, Mrs. Rachel b. 8-23-1853 d. 4-4-1901

POYNER, Jesse M. d. 6-1-1896 ae 88-7-7 (ss as Emily S.)
POYNER, Emily S. d. 12-10-1890 ae 75-10-10
POYNER, George W. fell in defense of freedom in Tenn. 12-15-1862 ae 18-6-23 (Note: Civil War, Preble County Recorders office has as Benj.)
POYNER, Benjamin H. d. 6-15-1844 ae 23 days twin brother, and s/o J.M. & E.S.
POYNER, Sons of J.M. & E.S.: Levi d. 9-?-1852 ae 2 months (broken) ss as Peter
POYNER, Peter d. 9-6-1855 ae 7 days (broken)
POYNER, Daughters of J.M. & E.S.: (rest of stone is gone)

DAILY,.....? d/o Joseph W. & Celia d. 9-12-1860 ae 1-1-13 (broken) [NOTE:  this may be
Roanna Daily]
HAMMON, Sophia (Note: This is the only inscription on small stone)
REED, Corpl. J. W., Co. E 156th Ohio Inft. (Note: Civil War-Preble Co. Rec. Of.)
FLORA, Nancy d/o J. & M. d. 8-4-1860 ae 34-1-16
PETERS, Elizabeth d/o John & Elizabeth d. 12-4-1861 ae 30 years
WILSON, Henry b. 6-9-1812 d. 1-6-1888 Mary A. b. 3-4-1822 d. 6-22-1894
WILSON, Esther b. 9-4-1840 d. 9-14-1873 (ss) Presented by F. Wilson
JONES, John W., Co. E. 156 Ohio Inf. (Note: Civil War-Preble Co. Recorder's Of.)
PETERS, Jacob d. 6-2-1862 ae 24-11-26; Susannah d. 7-1-1853 a. 39-3-9
BROKER; Daniel d. 5-20-1862 ae 80-6-10
PETERS Jacob d. 11-1-1858 ae 61-9-25 (Note: War of 1812, Preble Co. Rec of)
BROWER, Sarah w/o Daniel d. 10-2-187? (broken)
GOSSETT. . .(?) d. 11-10-1853 ae 58y 5m (broken)
PETERS, Elizabeth w/o John, born Franklin Co, Va. 4-24-1793 died 10-2-1676
PETERS, John born Franklin Co., Va. 9-11-1789. Emigrated to Preble Co., Ohio Nov, 1822. Died 3-12-1869
GOODWIN, Hannah w/o W. R. d. 10-15-1847 ae 30 years
GOSSETT, Catharine w/o Daniel d. 3-8-1843 ae 87y & 22d
GOOWIN, Inf. d/o W. B. & Paulina - 5-28-1849 -
VALE, Juley Ann b. 1835 d. 7-14-1837 ae 11y & 11m
HUDELSON, Daniel b. 1-19-1831 d. 3-21-1855
KINDAID, Mary A. w/o Samuel d. 5-21-1864 ae 64 years
WOOD, Laura (Note: No other inscription on this small stone)

PENCE, William Allen s/o Wm. H. & Malinda d.4- 6-1845 ae 3 months
PENCE, Nancy w/o Wm. H . d. 5-29-1862 ae 48-3-13

REED, Samuel, Sr. d. 10-4-1879 ae 81 years
REED, Maria w/o S. Reed d. 9-21-1882 ae 82 year.
PENCE, Malinda w/o Wm. H. d. 2-24-1848 ae 36y & 1d

KINCAID, Francis M. s/o Finley & Margaret d. 9-20-1860 ae 3-10-29

This cemetery was also known as KINCAID GRAVEYARD.
Preble County, Ohio - Deed Records - Volume 55, page 509:-
"Joseph Ganger to Trustees Gasper Twp. - Mar. 17, 1865 - $1.00 -
part of NE 1/4: SE1/4 Section 3D, Township 7, Range 2 - 'for the use of a Public
Burial Ground' - Morgan Huffman, J. M. Poyner and Bufford Lewellin, Trustees
Kincaid Graveyard - Signed: Joseph Ganger and Sarah (mark) Ganger, wife."

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