Preble County, Ohio
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Frame Cemetery

Jackson Township
Preble County, Ohio

Source: "Preble County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers
Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team, V. Bryan


*This is probably NOT a complete list of all burials*

Frame Cemetery is located in the southwest quarter of Section 25, Township 8, Range 1. It is on the south side of the Washington-Jackson Road, one-half mile east of the Gettysburg-Oxford Road. Cemetery can be reached by crossing portion of a field. It is enclosed by fence and is well cared for. It is no longer active. Inscriptions taken in October, 1967 by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers.
The land on which this cemetery is located was owned by John Frame until his death. By a series of quit claim deeds his heirs sold this land to William Frame, also an heir. Apparently up until this time the cemetery was considered a private family cemetery, as no mention was made of it until the time of the following deed:

Preble County, Ohio - Deed Records, Volume 70, page 66
WILLIAM FRAME to Trustees of Jackson Twp. - June 9, 1877 - 180 square poles part of NW¼ Section 25, Township 8, Range 1 - "to be used as a public burying ground . . . reser ve a lot twelve by twenty feet near northwest corner of the old burying ground" - Sig ned: William Frame and Margaret Frame, wife.


Snodgrass, Mary, w/o Joseph, d. 6-27-1872 ae 83-6-21

Snodgrass, Joseph, d. 8-8-1849 ae 60-10-16

Snodgrass, Philip W. A., s/o Preston & Mary, d. 10-3-1 841 ae 1-1-1

Snodgrass, John W., s/o H. B. & Elizabeth, d. 10-24-1 829 ae 6m & 2d

Frame, _____ (?), (s/o or d/o ?) Wm. & Margaret, d. 9-16-1859 ae 2-3-13

Hornbaker, Sarah J., d/o B. & E., d. 4-6-1841 ae 1-6-13

Hornbaker, Leah, d. 11-22-1851 in the 83 year of her age

Frame, ____ (?), (s/o or d/o?) L. (?) & M. J., d. 12-8-1860 ae 17-10-27 (broken)

Frame, Martha J., w/o Levi Frame, d. 2-5-1843 ae 20-1-27

Frame, Samuel, d. 8-29-1847 ae 68-7-15

Frame, Infant, d/o John & Polly, d. 7-16-1816 (date is plain)

Frame, John, d. 9-28-1828 ae 44-7-8

Snodgrass, Benjamin, d. 4-26-1820 ae 59-1-7

Snodgrass, Nancy, w/o Benjamin Snodgrass, d. 8-14-1840 ae 77-1-11 (broken)

Frame, Leah Ann, d/o John & Polley (?), d. 10-26-1824 ae (11)m & 26d (broken)

Snodgrass, H. B., d. 4-19-1837 ae 32-7-11

Tomlison (?), Infant, s/o Thomas & Rachel, d. Feb. 1826

Snodgrass, Andrew Harvy, s/o Harvy & Elizabeth, d. 10-9-1850 ae 13-9-6

Tomlinson (?), Silas, d. 10-6-1840 ae 19-11-2 (broken)

Tomlinson (?), Rachel, w/o Thomas Tomlinson, d. 3-10-1838 ae 43-3-6

Munger, Emma Jane, d/o J. E. & M. J., d. 4-27-1847 ae 1-6-24

Tomlinson, Henry, d. 3-11-1834 ae 28y & 1m

Tomlinson, Zakock, d. 7-28-1841 ae 74-4-18

Hardy, Malinda, d/o Benjamin & Rachel, d. ?-?-1859 ae 19-8-11 (broken)

Lanier, James, s/o of ? & ? Lanier, d. 10-20 (or 26)-1 847 ae (Note: unreadable, rough white stone which has weathered)

Lanier, Isham, d. 1-27-1825 ae 66-3-5

Lanier, Catharine, d. 11-7-1844 ae 77-6-16

Lanier, Drusinda, d. 7-6-1827 ae 18y & 10m

(Foot stone) - L. ?. (broken)

Billinger, Ginerva, d/o Wm. & Sarah A., d. 2-4-1852 se 1m & 29d [sic]

(Note: two thick old-type crumbled stones, nothing readable)

Frame, Rosanna, d/o Silas & Polly, d. 10-7-1833 a e 2 years

Frame, Silas, d. 10-2-1864 ae 63-7-21

(Note: Crumbled large stone, nothing readable)

Hiliman, Sarah L., wife of John H., d. 8-14-1855 ae 21-10-23

Lanier, Nancy, w/o Sampson Lanier, d. 9-21-1847 ae 45-6-13

Lanier, Kezia, d/o Sampson & Nancy, d. 11-8-1841 ae 13 years

Wintz, Henry, d. 10-27-1833 ae 16-6-10

(Note: crumbled thick stone, nothing readable) [sic]

Williams, Wm, Minister of the Gospel, d. 2-19-1841 in the 89th year of his age  (Note: Revolutionary War and War of 1812, Preble County Record ers' Office)

Williams, Robert, d. 7-5th-1844 ae 4y & 11m

Williams, Marthaann, d. 9-23rd-1846 ae 32-7-23

Van Trump, Samuel, d. 8-22-1859 ae 28-4-4

Williams, Catharine, w/o John R., d. 4-15-1863 ae 72y & 5m

Williams, John R., d. 4-22-1863 ae (Note: stone broken & age gone)

Miley, Henry, d. 6-21-1868 ae 69-10-6  (Note: S mall crumbled stone similar to a foot stone, but in the position of a head stone. Next to this is a small field stone marker)

Ormsby, Pauline, 1822-1897

Lanier, Lewis, d. 7-22-1883 ae 42y & 22d (Flag engra ved on tombstone - Civil War from Preble County Recorder's Office)

Lanier, Henry, d. 10-6-1879 ae 79-3-7   

Lanier, Lucinda H., d. 9-8-1870 ae 61-9-11 (ss)

McManus, John C., b. 3-12-1787, d. 12-29-1852 (War of 1812 - Preble Co. Rec. Office)

McManus, Catharine, w/o of J. C. McManus, b. June 1795, d. 3-14-1885

McManus, John G., s/o J. C. & Cathrine (?), b. 2-1-18 24, d. 2-11-1854

McManus, Samuel M., s/o J. C. & Cathrine, b. 7-25-18 20, d. 10-23-1855 (all ss)

Morrow, Levina, d/o H. & E., d. 3-10-1857 ae 5-7-20

Shann__ (?), Wilison (?), s/o J. . . (?) & Eliza, d. 3-18-???? ae 11 yr. (Note: Stone chipped away. 2 more stones like it but completely like it)

 Street, Charles, d. 7-1-1876 ae 80-11-8

Miller, John, 1794-1864

Miller, Hannah S., 1807-1897 (ss)

Cooper, Jonathan, s/o Wm. & Elizabeth, d. 4-7-1845 ae 11-9-23

_____, Elmina, w/o _____?, d. 9-24-1854 ae 20-5-19 (Note: broken)

Ammerman, Malchariot, w/o John, d. 6-30-1849 ae 25-2-26

Ammerman, James. W. S., s/o J. & M., d. 7-29-1849 ae 1-10-2

Ammerman, John, d. 6-22-1856 ae 79yr & &d [sic]

Ammerman, Rachel, w/o John, d. 7-19-1858 ae 70 years

Ammerman, Green, d. 8-23-1895 ae 82-3-29

Ammerman, Greenbery, s/o A. & E., d. 2-1-1841 ae 12y & 2m

Ammerman, Rachel, d/o A. & E., d. 6-29-1841 ae 4-7-15

Harris, Rosa Alice, d/o J. H. & F. E., d. 8-4-1874 ae 1m & 18d

Daily, Madison L., s/o J. C. & F. J., d. 3-6-1875 a e 3 days

Wintz, Sarah, w/o Henry Wintz, d. 9-28-1846 ae 49-7-18

Lanier, Henry (Note: rest of inscription gone)

Daily, Margaret, w/o David Daily, d. 11-25-1843 ae 42-11-14

Hilman, John H., d. 8-16-1855 ae (stone broken)

Hilman, Simeon, s/o of J. H. & S. L., d. 9-4-1855 ae 6 m & 14d

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