Preble County, Ohio
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Harris Cemetery

Source: "Preble County, Ohio Ceme tery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers

Transcribed by K.T.

Also known as DIXON TOWNSHIP Cemetery, BURSON Cemetery and HUFFMAN Cemetery.
This cemetery is located in the northwest quarter of Section 11, Township 7, Range 1 - on the south side of the Dixon Road, east of Wyatt Road (County Road 26). Cemetery can be seen from road, may be reached by crossing a field. It is fenced, but completely overgrown. The majority of the monuments are no longer upright, many were covered with two to three inches of dirt.

Inscriptions were taken in October, 1967 by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers.

*This may not be a complete listing*

(footstone) - J.L.H.

(Pieces of a thick crumbled stone)

(footstone) - M.Mc.W.

McWHINNEY, Mary w/o LeRoy McWhinney, d. 8-3-1849 ae 25-1-14 (broken)

(broken stone, all that is readable) d. Oct...... a. .. in the.

EMERSON, Francis s/o W. C, & Eleanor d. 6-4-1850 ae. 3-5-27

TAYLOR, John d. 1-16-1848 ae 48-4-5

MEADOR, John d. 9-22-1851 ae 16-6-11

(footstone) - J.M.

(crumbled (large type stone, can not be moved with crow-bar)

(broken stone) d. 3-14-18?? ae 88-4-9 Her numerous off spring all possessed of natural faculties on the day of her demise, numbered 215. (Note: Appears to be same type stone as that of John Larsh)

LARSH, John d. 7-10th A.D.-1840 ae 54y & 6m (Note: War of 1812-Preble County Recorde r's Office)

(exceptionally large footstone) - J.L.

BROWER, Michael d. 5-12-1853 ae. 29y- (broken)

MAY, Elsah w/o David May, d. 10-21-1859 ae 66y & 6m

HART, Mary w/o Thomas Hart d. 8-25-1848 ae 61-5-14

(crumbled stone)......departed...............27d

TRUAX, John d. 11-27-1840 ae 63-3-2 (Note: War of 1812, Preble County Recorder's Office - listed as John Truax, Sr.)

ATWOOD, Eliza, d. 9-30th-1835 ae 24-4-2.
(crumbled stone with fair size footstone, nothing readable on either one)

BURSO(N), Levi, d. 6-27-1845 ae 61-11-2

BURSON, Benjamin d. 10-12th-1838 ae. 44-9-8

(footstone) - B.B.

DALLAS, Mary w/o Wm. Dallas d. 10-1-1835 ae 38 years (Note:Large monument, down on ground, possibly something on other side)

WOOOWARD, Mary d. 9-23rd-1826 ae 26 years

KELLY, Nathan R. d. 7-20-1849 ae. 41-7-20

MORRIS, Sophia d. 5-5th-1845 ae 70 years

MORRIS, Sophia w/o David Morris b. 3-7-1777 d. 5-5-1845

MORRIS, Richard born In Stratford, Warwickshire, England 3-1-1773 d. 1-27-1855 (Note: War of 1812, Preble County Recorder's Office)

MORRIS, R. Steven s/o Richard & Sophia Morris d. 7-24-1851 ae 36-8-10

RA..?, Ann w/o Wm. (G.) Ra......? (Note; Hand engraved, no dates have ever been engraved)

(2 crumbled stones with crumbled footstones)

HARRIS, Thomas d. 6-18-1852 ae 25 years

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