Preble County, Ohio
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Tillman-Hunt Cemetery

Harrison Township
Preble County, Ohio

Source: "Preble County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers
Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team, V. Bryan


*This is probably NOT a complete list of all burials*


The location of this cemetery is in the center of Section 7, Township 7, Range 3.
It can only be reached by crossing field and pasture land. It is fenced on two sides and is overgrown by ivy, etc.
Inscriptions taken in 1965 by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers.

Preble County, Ohio Deed Records:
JACOB LOY to Jacob Arnold, Lorammi Ashley and Jonathan Baker, trustees - Dec. 24, 1831 - $10 - 1 acre SE ¼ Section 3, Township 7, Range 3 - Signed: Jacob Loy and Pheba (mark) Loy - Volume, 14, page 48.

JOHN TILMAN to Jonathan Baker, Jacob Baker and Laommi Ashley, trustees - June 25, 1831 - $10 - one-half acre NE corner of SW¼ Section 3, Township 7, Range 3 - Signed: John Tilman and Nancy (mark) Tilman, wife - Vol. 14, page 50.

JACOB LOY, SR. and Phebe his wife to James Hunt - Jan. 23, 1854 - SE ¼ Sect ion 3, Township 7, Range 3 - "164 acres except ½ acre of northwest corne r which was deeded by said Jacob Loy, Sr. for a graveyard" - Volume 42, Page 222.

Hunt, James, d. 3-9-1896 ae 78y 5m 6d

Hunt, Elizabeth, w/o of James Hunt, d. 7-26-1892 ae 69y 9m 24d

Karr, James, d. May 4th, 1846 ae 65y 8m 9d

W____, (Note: possibly Wood(s)), ___n, d. _-5-1870 ae 3y 4m 8d

(Note: Stone with only thing readable _____ 1850)

Perrine, Sarah Ann, d/o W. H. & Mary, d. ____ (Note: Broken)

Hunt, Infant of G. W. & R. (Note: no dates or age has ever been inscribed)

G. W., 1845 - 1902

(Note: Stone with initials)  N. D. G.

Johnson, Harriet N., d/o S. Johnson, d. 10-15-1857 ae 23y 1m 11d

(Note: Stone with initials)   H. D.

Long, John K., d. 5-6-1854 ae 27y 4m 17d

Eichelberger, La_____, s/o Frederick & Julia A., d. 9-2-1854 ae 8m 6d

Eichelberger, Jacob E., s/o of Frederick & Julia A., d. 8-20-1844 ae 9d

Eichelberger, Enos W., s/o Frederick & Julia A., d. 7-3-1848 ae 4m 10d

Green, In memory of Isaac who died Aug. 28th, 1836 aged 75 years

Burk, William T., d. 8-28-1873 ae ____ (Note: Broken)

Burk, Elizabeth, w/o William T. Burk, d. 4-10-1876 ae 72y 2m 24d

Burk, William A., b. 3-31-1848, d. 9-5-1885 ae 37y 5m 6d

Tilman, In memory of Noah died Aug. 13, 1839 aged 1yr 2m

(Note: Stone with initials)   M. W. L.

Tilman, Thisby, w/o J. Tilman, d. 4-7-1844 ae 26y 10m 19d

Tilman, In memory of Eliza Tilman, died Nov. 4, 1845 aged 29y 11m 5d

Baker, In memory of Susanna, died Apr. 16, 1847, aged 35 yrs

Tilman, Infant s/o J. & M., died March 1855

Ashley, Baker, d. 9-9-1838 ae 30 years

Bird, In memory of Sarah, died Apr. 27th, 1839 aged 24 yrs 3 mo 5 ds

Tilman, John W., s/o Joshua & Maria, d. 8-4-1844 ae 24d

Tilman, Nancy, d/o of Joshua & Maria, born May 25 and died 26, 1845

Tilman, Sarah August, d/o Joshua & Maria, d. 9-15-1850 ae 3y 8m 24d

Levi P. Tilman, d. 6-9-1853 ae 2m 9d

Joshua Tilman, Co. H, 93 Reg. OVI, b. 12-31-1824, d. 7-5-1909 ae 84y 6m 4 d ss C. M.

C. M. Eastabrook, w/o J. Tilman, b. 11-23-1822, d. 7-11-1905 ae 82y 8m 8d - Mother

(Note: Joshua on ss)  

Poffenbarger, Elizabeth C., w/o John H., d/o J. & M. Tilman, d. 12-12-1883 ae 19y 10m 8d

(Note: Infant ss)

Poffenbarger Infant, s/o of J. H. & E. C., d. 11-25-1893

Tilman, Francis M, s/o M. (?) & C. E., d. 9-14-1854 ae 2m 14d

Baker, Agusta (?), d/o Mary Baker, d. 10-9-1856 ae 3y 2m 17d

Tillman (?), Victoria, d/o of A. & S., d. 5-24-1857 ae 8m

Tilman, Anderson, d. 3-6-1896 ae 68y 2m 27d (Note: ss as Susan)

Tilman, Susan, w/o A. Tilman, d. 4-7-1900 ae 66y 8m 21d

Rice, Barbara, w/o of M. Rice, d. 12-18-1865 ae 87y 1m 20d

Rice, Martin, d. 10-24-1849 ae 70y 4m 6d

Tilman, Nancy w/o of John Tilman, Sen., d. 9-1-1868 ae 72y 8m 21d

Tilman, John Sr., d. 2-21-1850 ae 66y10m 17d

Ely, John, d. 10-8-1840 ae 40y 1m 29d

Derumble, William H., s/o S. & S., d. 12-25-1842 ae 5m 6d

Derumble, Samuel, d. 11-11-1842 ae 31y 7m 21d

Werts, Sylvester D., s/o D. B. & S., d. 4-20, 1859 ae 9m 4d

Cox, Mary, w/o Wm. Cox, d. 7-13-1859 ae 31 yr 10m 17d

(Note: Foot stone)   P. A. D.

(Note: Broken stone all that is readable is ae. 11m 15d)

Long, Catherine, d. 5-25-1842 ae 41y 6m 18d

Drinkwater, Mary, w/o of Henry, d. 5-22-1840 ae 60 years

Long, Jacob B., d. May 8th, 1848 ae 49y 10m 8d

Perrine, David D., s/o W. H. & Mary, d. 9-18-1847 ae 5y 6m 15d

Pfander, Charles, d. 7-26-1853 ae 63y 7m 20d

M'Mullen, Stephen, d. 3-9-1850 ae 31y 11m 23d

M'Mullen, Phebe, w/o of Stephen M'Mullen, d. 3-30-1850 ae 31y 8m 27d


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