Preble County, Ohio
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Winholt Cemetery

aka Gard Cemetery

Preble County, Ohio

Source: "Preble County, Ohio Ceme tery Inscriptions", 1969
by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers
Transcribed by K.T.


Also known as the GARD Cemetery.
Located in the southeast quarter of Section 26, Township 7, Range 1; on the west side of the Camden-Sugar Valley Read. This cemetery is fenced, many weeds, but not completely overgrown. One corner of this cemetery does not have any monuments and there appear to be no graves.
Inscriptions taken October, 1967 by Mrs. Don Short and Mrs. Dale Bowers.

*May Not Be A Complete Listing*

ss = "same stone", ae = "aged"

CRAIG, Mary E. Potts, 1856-1892
CRAIG, Allen, b. 12-3-1853; d. 3-24-1900 (ss as Mary Olive)
CRAIG, Mary Olive, d/o A. & M.B.; b. 7-30-1900 d. 8-15-1900
POTTS, Henry, 1823-1896
POTTS, Sophia E., 1837-1916
McDONALD, Rebecca A, 1866-1900... .. "Mother"
WRIGHT, Margrette, w/o E. F., d. 10-4-1885 ae 26-4-16
WRIGHT, Rachel, w/o Sam J., d. 11-2-1878 a 38-3-4
McDONALD, H(a)nna M., w/o John, d. 3-17-1881 ae 49-7-28
McDONALD, John, d. 5-7-1867 ae 30-9-8
JONES, Georgia L., d/o Elias & Anna, d. 9-19-1867 ae -?
JONES, Ina, d/o W. W. & R. J., d. 9-17-1864 ae 1-2-14
JONES, Nelson, 1811-1857
JONES, Margaret, his wife, 1819-1900 (ss. .. .. .. large mon. .. ..not standing)
HEWITT, Sidney, 1829-1910, his wife Charlotte A. MYLER, 1830-1906 "Mother and Father"(ss)
HEWITT, Olive G., d/o S. & C. Hewitt, d. 1-2-1881 ae 16-8-1
HEWITT, Florence, d/o S. & C., d. 12-17-1887 ae 16-6-12
FISHER, Mary, 1855-1891
FISHER, Elizabeth, 1863-1892
FISHER, Frankie, 1891-1891 (ss)
RHEA, Clara Bell, d/o ?&?, d. 3-29-187? ae 1-8-9
RHEA, Harmonious, s/o J. & ?, d. 2-14-187? ae 2-1-4
GARD, Mary S., w/o Levi, 1805-1864
GARD, Francis M., s/o L. & M.S., 1838-1912 (ss as Mary S.)
WRIGHT, Jane w/o Samuel d. 12-20-1850 ae 71-8-14
WRIGHT, Samuel, d. 11-18-1847 in the 90 year of his age
WRIGHT, Mary E. ......?(broken stone)
WRIGHT, William P., s/o Robert & Catharine, d. 9-19-1843 ae 7m 10d
GARD, William L, s/o C.L. & Julia A. , d. 8-30-1851 ae 4-9-W
GARD, George, s/o C.L. & Julia A., d.9-4-1851 ae 7m, 10d
GARD, Benjamin, s/o O.L. & Julia, d. (unreadable)
SUTTON, George, d. 1-7-1861 ae 76-1-22
SUTTON, Hannah, w/o George, d. 2-21-1862 ae 77-9-1
ELLIOTT, Nancy, w/o John P., d. 8-25-1865 ae 23-7-29
GARD, Talitha, d/o L.J. & Nancy, d. 1-7-1885 ae 38y & 27d
GARD, John, s/o L.J. & Nancy, member of C. H. 93rd Reg. O.V.I, died in his country's service at Nashville, Tenn. 11-9-1862 ae 23-2-13 (Civ. W. Emb.)
GARD, Samuel, s/o L.J. & Nancy, died at Atchison, Kan. 11-21-1869, ae 35y & 20d

(Note: The following inscriptions are on the ss)
GARD, Little John b 2-3-1802; d 2-26-1881
GARD, Nancy, w/o L. J. b. 7-24-1807; d. 4-2-1864
GARD, Samuel & Jane WRIGHT, Father & Mother-in-law (no dates)
GARD, Simeon & Anna Gard, Father and Mother (no dates)
Children of L.J. & M.:
[GARD] Amanda, b. 2-12-1832
[GARD] Simeon, b 4-20-1833
[GARD] Samuel, b. 10-31-1834 d. 11-21-1869
[GARD] Nancy, b. 5-11-1836
[GARD] John, b. 8-26-1859 d. 11-9-1862
[GARD] Hannah, b. 9-7-1841
[GARD] Assenath A., b. 6-1-1829
[GARD] Sarah J., b. 2-28-1830
[GARD] Talitha M., b. 12-10-1847
[GARD] Mary E., b. 3-21-1845
[GARD] James, b. 5-23-1843
(Note: End of Gard Family Monument inscriptions)

GARD, Simeon, d. 3-11-1856 ae 78-9-18
GARD, Anna, w/o Simeon, d. 10-26-185? ae 74-6-11
GARD, Inf., s/o N. G. & E.; d. 10-8-1833
GARD, Margaret, d/o Nathaniel G. & Elizabeth, d. 3-10-1838 ae 3m & 13d
HART, Wm. P., s/o Charles D. & Amanda, d. 11-18-1830 ae 4m & 27d
DECKER, Johnathan, 1835-1903
DECKER, Rachel A., 1840-1900 (same stone as Johnathan, large monument, no longer standing)
PHILLIPS, William A., s/o D.H. & S.E., d. 3-23-1876 ae 3-10-23
WRIGHT, Thomas ,d. 3-2-1882 ae 81-5-12 (Note: Large stone, no longer standing, possibly an inscription on side that is down)
SIMONSON, Jesse E., s/o J, D. & N. A., d. 9-11-1873 ae 2-2-7
SIMONSON, Jesse, b. 2-5-1800 d. 6-14-1881 (ss as Mary R.)
SIMONSON, Mary R., w/o Jesse, d. 3-31-1878 ae 76-10-14
SIMONSON, Martha L., b. 1-26-l836; d. 2-8-1895 (broken & crumbled stone)
REED, Myrtle WHITE, d/o P. & M. Reed.... 1886-1907
BUTTON, Allie, w/o George. d. 3-18-1891 ae 87y & 9m
McDIVITT, Elizabeth, w/o Phillip. d. 3-28-1853 ae 64 years
HART, Earl R., s/o D. & M. E., d. 6-28-1887 ae 4m 27d
HART, Leroy, s/o Dunham & Mary E.. b. 12-27-1880 d. 12-30-1880 ae 3 days
WILEY, Elmer E., s/o Isaac A. & Mary E.. d. 3-21-1874 ae 3-6-22
HART, Coradell, d/o T. J. & M. E.. d. 9-30-1865 ae 11m & 6d
HART, Silas, d. 11-23-1869 ae 59-9-25 ' 1
HART, Hannah, w/o Silas Hart. d. 11-1-1890 ae 75-10-29
BEALL, Rebecca, w/o Wm. T. Beall. d. 1-10-1870 ae 80y & 5m
BEALL, Jandora, d/o William & Jincy. d. 6-23-1875 ae 7m & l1d
BELL, Harry F., s/o W. T. & Nancy.d. 7-13-1879 ae 3m & 18d
BELL, Nancy, w/o W. T. Beall. d. 6-13-1887 ae 51-11-2
BEAL, William T., 1837-1908
LEWELLEN, Mary Ann, d/o John L. & Charity., d. Mar. (or May?) 1852?.. (broken)
LEWELLEN, Martha Jane, d/o John L. & Charity, d. 2-17-1856, ae 26-11-17
CONGER, Catharine, w/o Josiah. b. 1-1788; d. 3-3-1870
CONGER, Josiah, d. 11-9-1846 ae 65-3-12
PARKS, Samuel, 1772-1846 (War of 1812)
PARKS, Charity, 1776-1855 (ss as Samuel)
RUNYON, Martha Y., w/o Isaac Runyon. d. 3-27-1878 ae 67y & 11d
RUNYON, Isaac. d. 6-19-1868 ae 57-4-11(Crumbled stone)
RUNYON, Nancy. w/o Barefoot Runyon. d. 10-9-1862 ae 95y & 6m
RUNYON, Barefoot. d. 3-20-1844 ae 76-9-14
DOTY, Isaac, b. 10-12-1838; d. 12-24-1888 Co. 893 OVI (Civil War)
DOTY, Sarah K... 9-18-1832 (Note: No other inscription)
CONGER, Mary L., d/o John M. & Louisa. d. 7-16-1870 ae l1-1-21
CONGER, Inf. of John M. & Louisa. d. 12-18-1873 ae 1m
WILBER, Harrison B., 1892-1901
WILBER, Estella L., d/o W. D. & M. H.. d. 3-26-1879 ae 14y
GAUGER, Sarah KINCAID, 1810-1886, "MOTHER"

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