Preble County, Ohio
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Henry Young Cemetery

Private Cemetery on Henry Young Farm, ¾ mile NW of Gratis, Ohio on State Route 122
(Eaton-Gratis Road) on hill north of Aukerman Road, west side of road.

Catalogued by Mrs. Jay W. Minnich July 15, 1959

Submitted by K.T.

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Other Information

Wood Amos Aug 10, 1828 age 3y 5m 5d
Young Elizabeth Mar 22, 1838 age 81y 5m 17 d
wife of Henry Young
Young Elizabeth Nov 18, 1879 age 79y 10m 26d
Young Henry Dec 21, 1854 age 79y 11m 5d
Young Henry May 16, 1833 age 2y 3m 27d
son of J & M Young
Horner   Nov 24, 1834 son of C (Horner) & Sally Young
age 6m 12d
Young Infant son of G? & C Young Sept 27, 1816 age 2d
Young Joshua Sept 11 son of J & M Young
age 1y 11m

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