Preble County, Ohio
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The new Methodist Episcopal Church, Sugar Valley, Preble county, Ohio, will be dedicated December 29th. Dr. Reid, of the Western Christian Advocate, will preach the dedicatory sermon.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 28 Dec. 1867) - MZ - Tr. by FoFG]

West Alexandria, O., August 15. - The Rev. H. M. Herman, for twenty years pastor of the Reformed Church at this place, preached his farewell sermon to the largest congregation ever assembled in this city, yesterday. Mr. Herman came to this place from Lancaster, Pa., and during his sojourn here has made more true friends than any other man in the community. He resigned to take charge of the Reformed Church in Miamisburg.
[Source: Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Tuesday, 16 Aug. 1881) - MZ - Tr. by FoFG]

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