Preble County, Ohio
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New Paris, Ohio, had not had a liquor saloon for a long time, and the ladies of the village did not want one. But a few days since a venturesome person from Eaton opened one of these attractive establishments, whereupon the parties who considered themselves aggrieved devised a very gentle expedient for making the place too warm for him. On the opening of the saloon in the morning, half a dozen ladies with sewing and knitting called in and made themselves comfortable until dinner time, when their places were supplied by another half dozen who remained until closing time. This programme continued from day to day right along. The company was most charming, but it didn't pay; no gentleman would call for a drink in the presence of the ladies. At length the patience of the proprietor gave out, and he gave in, and with his traps and liquors returned to Eaton.
[Friday, April 10, 1868 "Elevator" (San Francisco, CA) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

The teamsters at the Michael stone quarry, are on a strike, delaying work somewhat, but they will soon have the work booming again.
["Hamilton Daily Republican" (Hamilton, Ohio) Wednesday, 10 May 1893; MZ - Transcribed by FoFG]

The ladies of the Mulheran O'Cain, W. R. C., are very much interested in the department convention that assembles in Hamilton next week, as they are all for Rev. Lota D. Crosley, for department chaplain. She was a resident of Eaton for several years, and they know whereof they speak, when they say she is an intelligent, cultured and true woman.
["Hamilton Daily Republican" (Hamilton, Ohio) Wednesday, 10 May 1893; MZ - Transcribed by FoFG]

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