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Taken up by Mary
Atkinson of Twin township, Preble county, a bay mare and a bay yearling colt. The mare is supposed to be six years old, about fifteen hands high, she has a star in her forehead, a snip on her nose and her left hind foot white, she is a natural pacer. The colt has a small star in its forehead, and its right hind foot is white, it is a natural trotter. No brands perceivable on either. The two were appraised to fifty-five dollars by Samuel Huston and Samuel Pearee.
May 18, 1815
A true copy from my estray book. Jesse Swisher, J.P.
[Monday, June 12, 1815, Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up by Exum
Bond, of Sommers township Preble County, A Black Horse, about 14 hands 3 inches high, with a star in his forehead, one hind foot white, no brands perceivable, a natural trotter, supposed to be six years old; appraised to fifty dollars by Robert Pattinger and Joshua Davis. A true copy from my stray book.
John C. Irvin, J.P. April 7
[Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH), Monday, May 16, 1814 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Judge W. J. Gilmore, Democratic candidate for Supreme Bench, has been on the Common Pleas Bench for twelve years, and has decided 6,000 cases in Butler and Preble Counties. The Supreme Court, in all that time has never reversed but one of his decisions. That’s a pretty record for a Judge – Cincinnati Enquirer, Saturday.
The reason that the Supreme Court has never reversed but one of his decisions is, that none of them ever got there. Most of them were reversed in the District Court, and remanded. At a term of the District Court, held not long ago, over half of his decisions reviewed were reversed, as the record will show. Hamilton Telegraph.
[The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland Co., OH), October 8, 1874, - PT - Tr by FOFG]

Among the gratifying results in Ohio, we have recorded none with more pleasure than the election of our old friend, Abner Haines, formerly of Wayne co., Indiana, but now a citizen of Eaton, Preble county, Ohio, as District Judge, from the district composed of the counties of Butler, Preble and Darke. We are gratified at the success of our old friend, and we are particularly gratified at the defeat of that political apostate, Elijah Vance, who, says the Cincinnati Enquirer, "began his apostacy from principles while in the Constitutional Convention, and closed it in the late campaign by bolting entirely from his party and joining the whigs of Butler, Darke and Preble, to obtain the Judgeship for that Judicial District. He is defeated in all the three counties; In his own by 553; in Darke by 260; in Preble by 143, making the majority for Mr. Haines, his Democratic competitors, 956. This ia a wise disposal of a dishonest and unprincipled trickster. Thus perish all traitors!" — Indiana State Sentinel [Wednesday, October 29, 1851, "Daily Ohio Statesman" (Columbus, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the estate of Samuel Hawkins, deceased, late of Preble county are requested to make payment immediately; and those having any demands against said estate are requested to bring them forward, duly authenticated, within one year from this date.
Eaton, Dec. 10, 1814.
[Saturday, December 17, 1814;"Ohio Republican" (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

State of Ohio, Preble County. Court of Common Pleas, April term 181?
LANGSTON having filed his petition for a partition of the lands of Matthew Mashburn deceased ; and it appearing to the Court that William Mashburn, Jacob Mashburn, Richard Mashburn and Jethro Mashburn, heirs of said Matthew Mashburn dec'd, are not residents of this State: therefore, it is ordered that notice of the pendency of said petition, be published in the Ohio Republican for six weeks; that the said heirs may appear at the ensuing December term, and then show cause why the said petition should not be granted.
ALEX. C. LANIER, Clerk, P. C. Sept. 8.
[Monday, September 26, 1814 Paper: "Ohio Republican" (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up by John
McGriff of Twin township, Preble county, A Dark Brown Colt, Suppose to be two years old this spring, no brands perceivable, appraised to six dollars by Patrick McGriff and Jesse Thatcher
Feb 15th, 1815.
I certify the above to be a correct copy from my estray book.
Jesse Swisher, J.P.
[Monday, February 27, 1815, Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up by Patrick
McGriff of Twin township Preble county, two sorrel mares, both supposed to be ten years old, both have bald faces and their hind feet white, the one had a collar on, the other other had two white spots on her belly and was heavy with colt. Appraised to thirty-five dollars each, by Thomas McGriff and Thomas Phillips.
April 27, 1815
A true copy. Jesse Swisher, J.P.
[Monday, June 12, 1815, Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up by John
Mikle of Lanier township, Preble county - A Bay Horse. Six years old next spring, thirteen and an half hands high, shod before, crooked hind legs, both hind feet white, a star and snip, some saddle marks, no brands perceivable. Appraised to 22 dollars and 50 cents by George Morninstar and John Harter. Dec 6, 1814. A true copy. Peter Van Arsdal, J.P.
[Monday, January 2, 1815; "Ohio Republican" (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up by George
Myers, Twin township, Preble county. A Sorrel Mare, rising four years old, fourteen and a half hands high, with a star in her forehead, some white on the right hind foot, no brands perceivable, wears a large Bell, appraised to twenty five dollars by John Tully and John Ellis.
Thomas Nesbit, J.P. Jan 3.
[Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH), February 22, 1814 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up by Dennis
Pattenger, of Somers township, Preble county
Two Sorrel Horses.
One about nine years old, with a blaze face, about 15 hands high, a small bell tied on with a tug, appraised to thirty five dollars. The other three years old, has a blaze face, both fore feet white, some what lame in his hind parts; appraised to 10 dollars by Charles Wilkinson and Robert Pattenger.
John C. Irwin, J, P. Aug. 19.
[Monday, September 26, 1814 Paper: "Ohio Republican" (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

EATON -- Joseph W.
Thompson, recently employed as a telegraph operator at the Pan Handle depot, in this place, was arrested this afternoon on a warrant sworn out by Miss L. Miller before Stanley Foos, charging him with purjury. Thompson gave a deposition before Jonas Foster, a notary public, today in a case wherein Miss Miller is plaintiff and Isaac K. Neal is defendant, that is now pending in the court of common pleas in this county, Miss Miller having brought suit against Neal for the sum of $5,000 for breach of promise. ["Hamilton Daily Republican" (Hamilton, Ohio) Wednesday, 10 May 1893; MZ - Transcribed by FoFG]

Taken up by Joseph
Thomson of Summers Township Preble County
A Brown Bay Horse, fourteen hands high, some white on his left hind foot, a small star in his forehead, no brands perceivable, shod all round, trots and paces, supposed to be twelve years old, appraised to ten dollars by Benjamin Bishop and John Bishop. Certified by me, John C. Irvin J.P. January 15, 1814
[Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH), February 22, 1814 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Taken up By Abraham Wimer, living in Preble county, Gratis township, a dark Chesnut sorrel mare mixed with a few white hairs, a little white on the inside of the right foot, had a shoe on the left hind foot, supposed to be nearly fifteen hands high, seven or eight years old. Appraised to forty-five dollars by Nicholas Gift and Martin Sayler. May 13, 1815.
A true copy.
[Monday, June 12, 1815, Ohio Republican (Dayton, OH) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Drunkenness on the bench received two sad illustrations in this State last week.
Judge Wylie, of the Common Pleas Court, in Columbus, was so much under the influence of liquor Thursday during a murder trial that he made a terrible exhibition of himself. The members of the Preble County bar met Dec. 7, and requested Judge Gilmore, of the Common Pleas Court to resign. He has neglected his business by going on protracted sprees, and been taken from houses of ill repute several times. Marietta Register. [The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland Co., OH), December 20, 1882, page 8, - PT - Tr by FOFG]

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