Preble County, Ohio
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Fire at Eaton, O.
Eaton, O., August 25 -- About 4 o'clock yesterday morning, fire was discovered in the stove store of Lake & Co., the building, with the entire stock, was burned; also a new frame dwelling on the north. The flames then spread south to a large three-story brick building, owned by the Odd Fellows and occupied by the First National Bank, the Postoffice and the Eaton Register office. The building was entirely destroyed, and a large printing press belonging to the Register was burned.
The Doty House on the east was badly damaged by water and fire. About six o'clock our mayor telegraphed to Richmond for help, and they sent us an engine and a company of men. Had it not been for the help from Richmond the fire would have been much worse. The loss will be about $15,000 or $20,000, which is mostly covered by insurance. The fire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary. All the money, bonds and books of the bank were saved, and they will open for business this morning in Van Ausdale's store.
[Monday, August 25, 1873 , Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) KT- Sub by FoFG]

Eaton, O., Aug. 28.
Last evening at West Alexandria, a small town about eight miles from this place, the Twin Valley House was discovered to be on fire, and but for the timely help of the citizens, who, with buckets, succeeded in putting out the flames, the whole house would have been consumed. The loss is comparatively small. It is supposed to be the work of an incendiary.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 29 Aug. 1874) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

West Alexandria, O., July 23. -- A barn belonging to John Shaw, three miles south of here, containing thirty cases of tobacco, several hundred bushels of grain, and a large amount of hay, was totally destroyed by fire last night. Cause unknown. Loss $2,000. No Insurance.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Wednesday, 24 July 1878) MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

West Alexandria, O., Aug. 12. -- A fire last night at midnight totally destroyed Benjamin Craven's barn and tobacco shed, together with a lot of hay, grain, and agricultural implements. Loss $1,200. Un-insured. Supposed to be an incendiary.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Tuesday, 13 Aug. 1878) MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

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