Preble County, Ohio
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We understand that George Wikle intends about the first of May, to remove to West Alexandria, Preble county, Ohio. He has purchased property in that village where he expects to continue the sale of dry goods. He will carry with him our best wishes for his health and prosperity.
[Connersville Examiner, 7 Apr 1869, KT - Sub by FoFG]

Mrs. Dr. Garner is visiting friends at West Elkton, Preble County, Ohio.
[The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland County, Ohio), July 12, 1882, p 8, - PT - Tr. by FOFG]

G.W. Daugherty, of Eaton, was here today.
[Hamilton Daily Democrat 25 Feb 1890 - KT - sub by FoFG]

September 11, 1937

[Hamilton Daily News Journal, September 11, 1937, Page 10 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

May 10, 1893

["Hamilton Daily Republican" (Hamilton, Ohio) Wednesday, 10 May 1893; MZ - Transcribed by FoFG]


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