Preble County, Ohio
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Marriage Announcements

MARRIED, On the 27th inst., at the Reichel House, in Eaton, by Rev. T. S. Cowden, Mr. William A. Bachelor, of Hartwell, Hamilton County, and Miss Rosa Aloways, of Camden, Preble County, Ohio. [
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Monday, 1 Nov. 1813) - MZ - Transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED, Dec. 31st, Mr. Samuel H. Bennett and Miss Carnelia Howe, all of Preble county.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Friday, 8 Jan. 1869) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED. In Eaton, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. T. S. Guthrie, Mr. Leo Blackford to Miss Eliza Larsh, all of Eaton, Ohio.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Friday, 9 Apr. 1869) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

MARRIED. March 4, at the parsonage, West Alexandria, O., by the Rev. H. M. Herman, Mr. J. Wise Bowman, of Manchester, O., and Miss Laura A. Geghart, of Miamisburg, O.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 14 Mar. 1874) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

MARRIED, Sept. 23d, at the residence of the bride’s father, Rev. J. W. Overpeck, near Greenbush, by Rev. N. Hornaday, Mr. Geo. W. Christman to Miss Belle Overpeck, all of Preble county, O.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Friday, 1 Oct. 1869) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED, At the residence of the bride’s parents (Mr. Brazillian Horner), near West Elkton, Ohio, February 21, 1878, by the Rev. E. Burdsail, Mr. Joseph B. Cownover, of Butler County, and Miss Elnore Horner, of Preble County, Ohio.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Monday, 25 Feb. 1878) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED: In Eaton, on the 20th inst., by Rev. L. M. Pounds, Capr. John W. Cramer, of Buffalo, to Miss Maria L. Cotier, of the former place.
[Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Friday, 30 Sept. 1859; ) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

MARRIED, December 22, 1870, Jas. Findley Elliott, Esq., Prosecuting Attorney of Kokomo, Ind., to Miss Sallie Conarrow, of West Elkton, Preble county, Ohio.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Wednesday, 4 Jan. 1871) transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED. October 10, 1876, by the Rev. Dr. J. M. Worrall, Mr. Thomas Fulton to Jennie J. Fulton, of Eaton, Ohio.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Tuesday, 24 Oct. 1876) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

Married: On Thursday, the 24th. ult. in Preble county, Mr. James GARDNER, of this village, to Miss Elizabeth MARTIN, of the former county.  
[Source:  Village Register Newspaper, (West Union, OH) Tues. 6 Dec. 1825 Vol., III #128 pg. 3 - Sub. by Martha Richards]

MARRIED, In Eaton, Dec. 3d, Mr. Harvey Kilson and Mrs. Mary E. Agner, both of Preble county, Ohio.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Friday, 11 Dec. 1868) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED. On the 20th inst., at the residence of Wm. Deem, Mr. John Lincoln to Miss Isabella Deem, all of Preble county.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 29 Jan. 1870) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

MARRIED, On the 14th ult., Pelser Liperoke to the amiable Miss Mariann Ikenburg, both of Preble county.
[Source: Ohio Republican (Monday, 1 Nov. 1813) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED. On the 1st inst., at the residence of Jesse Stubbs, near West Elkton, Preble county, O., by the Rev. F. Hypes, Mr. John A. Mendenhall, of Richmond, Ind., to Miss Julia A. Stubbs.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 4 Dec. 1869) - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

MARRIED. December 6th, 1863, at the residence of the bride's father, in Eaton, Ohio, by Rev. Wm. Lawrence, Miss Mary E. Sperry and Mr. Frank M. Searles. No cards.
[Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Thursday, 14 Jan. 1864; - MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

WEST ALEXANDRIA, O., September 4. - Professor O. Shepherd, of Newark, Ohio, was married to Miss Alice Gale, of this place, at 7:30 this morning. The party stated immediately for a sojourn in the East.
[Source: Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Wednesday, 5 Sept. 1877)- MZ - Tr. By FoFG]

MARRIED, On the 6th inst., at the residence of the bride’s parents, near Camden, Preble county, by the Rev. J. V. R. Miller, of Richmond, Mr. George H. Tittle, of Cincinnati, to Miss Frank Marsh, daughter of Hon. Felix Marsh. [
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 29 Jan. 1870) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

MARRIED, On November 1, 1877, at residence of bride’s father, Wm. Leas, Esq., by Rev. A. Hamilton, Mr. Charles Recker to Miss Lizzie Leas, all of West Sonora, Preble County, O.
[Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Monday, 5 Nov. 1877) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

On the 21st of December, 1869, Mr. James W. Richards, of Monroe township, to Miss Nancy Huffman, of Gasper township, Preble county, Ohio. [
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Saturday, 29 Jan. 1870) - MZ - transcribed by FoFG]

Twice Married in a Day -- A few days ago there was a gay and festive wedding party at the house of Mr. J., who lives in Indiana, near the line of Preble county, Ohio; indeed, the house is in the Hoosier State, while the garden which supplies its occupants with sass, and the orchard from which they draw their fruit and cider are in Ohio. The occasion which we allude to was the marriage of Miss Mary J. to a favorite son of old Preble, and as the event was largely attended, and the preparations for the entertainment of the gay and festive throng were so ample and admirable, nothing was wanting to render it one of the most splended and satisfactory ever witnessed in all that country. The ceremony concluded, congratulations offered, and the banquet ended, the young people who contribute to make such occasions immensely lively, were in the midst of their mirthful demonstrations, when the minister who had tied the silken knot, bethought him of the statutes touching marriages, and he concluded that the license, which was procured in Ohio, wasn't after all, authority for marrying a couple in Indiana, and he created a sensation by communicating his doubts to the young people who were indulging in a dream that they were "indissolubly united", and astonished the party of young folks who were mkaing mery over the event. A council was held, and it was at length decided that, to make a sure thing, and leave no room for u? pleasant doubts, the party would repair to the orchard, which was known to be in the State of Ohio, and the marriage ceremony should be repeated. This strategic movement was executed at once and in good order, and the nervous bride and groom standing there in the "beautiful snow," in that fruitful orchard, flanked on all sides by a crowd of shivering witnesses, were again pronounced husband and wife. That marriage ought to be divorce-proof. -- Dayton Jour. [Goshen Times - Thursday, April 29, 1869, Goshen, Indiana]

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