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Miscellaneous News

Fellow Citizens, Of the Counties of Miami and Preble
The time has nearly arrived when you will have to ellect a person to represent you in the Senate. Having resigned the appointment of Commissioner in the county of Preble, I have thought proper to offer myself as a candidate to fill the important trust of a Senate for the counties aforesaid. Should I be so fortunate as to obtain a majority of the suffrages of any fellow citizens, rest assured that I will exert the utmost of my abilities to fill that important station with honor to myself and satisfaction to my constituents.
Eaton, Sept. 5, 1814.
[Monday, September 26, 1814 Paper: "Ohio Republican" (Dayton, OH) Vol II Issue: 70 Page: 4]

Hon. C.L. Vallandigham visited Eaton, Ohio a few days ago, to transact some business. As soon as it became generally known that he was in the little town, a rumor became prevalent that he was there for the purpose of making a speech. It happens that the people of Eaton are very much opposed to Mr. Vallandigham personally, and the idea of his making a speech in their midst so exasperated a lot of the young men of the place, that at early candle-light they visited the place where he was stopping, and made a loud call for his appearance. Understanding the trouble was in store for him, Mr. Vallandigham made a hasty exit from the house, and pursued his retreat through fields and over fences in the direciton of the depot, running at the top of his speed, followed by an angry and excited mob of boys and young men, one of whom struck him a severe blow, and knocked him to the ground, while he was getting on the train.
[Thursday, November 23, 1865, "Hartford Daily Courant" (Hartford, CT) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

The Sale of the Bankersí and Merchantsí wires, claimed by the American Rapid, extending from Steubenville to the State line in Preble County, from Freeport to the State line of Indiana and from Eaton to Cincinnati, was held the other day. The wires were bought by Ed. Stokes, of New York for $65,350. The appraised value was $93,000.
[The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland Co., OH), September 23, 1885, page 2, transcribed by FOFG]

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