Preble County, Ohio
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Riesinger Funeral Home
Records and Ledgers


1334 W. Third Street
Dayton, Ohio.
The Funeral Director was Carl Riesinger

The Riesinger Funeral Home Records and Ledgers cover the years 1902-1947;
however the funeral home remained in business until 1974
Copies of the original ledgers can be found at Wright State University Archives

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Last Name

First Name

Birth and Death Dates

Additional Information

Studybaker Eliah b. Jan 6. 1843 Ohio,
d. Dayton Mar. 22 1925
father unknown, mother Rachel Mills. Buried Lewisburg.
Shiverdecker Nora b. Ohio Oct 25, 1888 Preble Co. OH,
died Dayton April 14, 1925.
d/o Kelly Hewitt b. Shelby Co., OH and Ida Estabrook
Buried Willowview. Charge to Fred Shiverdecker.
Leatherman Rachel A. b. Euphemia OH, May 29, 1855
died Dayton Aug. 12, 1925 of bronchial pneumonia.
D/o William Oblinger b. Ohio and Mary Winters? (Witters). Buried Ellerton. Charge to Earl Leatherman.
Sweeny Caroline b. Preble Co. June 25, 1849
d. Dayton Nov. 7, 1925.
d/o Eli Lock and Katherine Hess, b. Germany. Buried Lewisburg. Charles to William I. Sweeny.
Sams Harry b. May 2, 1923 Ohio,
died January 1, 1926 Dayton,
d/o Walter, b. Ohio and Goldie Nation b. IN.
Buried Eaton.
Smith Myrtle Irene b. Dayton Jan 21, 1925,
died near Dayton Feb. 12, 1926.
d/o Earl Smith, b. Lewisburg and Pearl Erbaugh, b. Dayton buried Ft. McKinley.
Tisch Louis A. b. Germantown May 20, 1868,
d. Dayton February 26, 1926, heart,
s/o Charles T. Tisch, b. Germany and Minnie Brandt, b. Germany. Buried Gratis.
Nation Ezra b. Eaton May 12, 1854,
d. Dayton March 4, 1926, cancer.
S/o Joseph, b. Eaton and Mellie Monosmith, b. Eaton. Buried Mound Hill .
Anderson Doris Anetta b. Dayton July 9, 1926,
d. Dayton July 19, 1926.
d/o Raymond, b. Xenia, OH and Fern Richards, b. Lewisburg. Buried Lewisburg.
Brinley Minnie May b. Dayton July 24, 1926
d. Dayton July 24, 1926
d/o Porter Brinley b., Eldorado and Goldie Fulkerth, b. Dayton. Buried Memorial Park, Dayton.
Coleman infant of Arthur Coleman b. Ohio and Julia Arnold b. Ohio. B. October 6, 1926 in Dayton
d. Dayton October 7, 1926.
Buried Gratis.
Lewis Elizabeth Jane b. Dayton October 24, 1926,
d. Dayton October 25, 1926.
d/o Sherman Lewis b. Ohio and Maud Nancy, b. Hillsboro, OH. Buried Lewisburg. Charge to Sherman Lewis of Farmersville.
Overpeck Franklin b. West Elkton October 5, --, age 79 years,
d. Dayton March 21, 1927.
S/o J. M. Overpeck, b. West Elkton and Lucy Gifford, b. Ohio. Buried New Paris. Private Co. H, 54th Reg. Ohio Inf. Reference, Perry Overpeck.
Riegel Cora b. Lewisburg Marsh 22, age 43.years.
d. Dayton April 18, 1927, widow.
Parents unknown. Buried Lewisburg.
Wise Russell Leonard b. Dayton April 21, 1927,
d. Dayton April 27, 1947.
S/o Russell Wise, b. Eaton and Helen Stites, b. Dayton.
Buried Arlington.
Hatcher infant of Ernest & Grace b. Dayton June 3, 1927
d. Dayton June 3, 1927.
Ch/o Ernest Hatcher, b. Miltontown, KY and Grace B. McGee b. Ohio. Buried Gratis.
Smith William M. b. Preble April 24, 1848,
d. Dayton June 11, 1927.
S/o Jacob Smith b. Darke Co. and Julia Swisher, b. Ohio.
Buried Woodland. Charge to Anna Smith.
Niswonger Holly J. b. West Sonora November 18, 1881,
d. Montgomery Co., June 16, 1927. Cancer.
S/o James B. Niswonger, b. Ohio and Bell Boner b. Ohio. Buried Woodland. Married.
Johnson Elizabeth W. b. Dayton June 17, 1927
d. Dayton June 20, 1927.
D/o Lester Johnson, b. Ohio and Selpha Kenworthy, b. Lewisburg. Buried Lewisburg.
Hardin William Grant b. October 115, 1872 Preble Co.,
d. Dayton July 8, 1927.
S/o George Hardin b. Piermont (Pyrmont), Ohio and Sarah Cridler, b. Lancaster, Penn. Married. Buried Memorial Park. Charge to Mrs. Adelind Hardin.
Norris Eliza Nov. 12, 1909  
Banta Orpha M. Dec. 22, 1909  
Lockwood Squire T. Feb. 20, 1910  
Lockwood Willshire May 5, 1910  
Wysong Harriet Aug. 20, 1911  
Ozias Leonidas Jan. 30, 1912  
Glander Mrs. J. H. buried Jan. 2, 1926 d-Mrs. Charles Bann? Nyack, N.Y.
Ewry Henry Freeman   heirs all children of first wife: Jessie Curtiss, Barbara Miller, Clara Ratliff all of Dayton, James E, Ewry of Cherryville,Kansas and Bewnjam Ewry of Owosso, Minn.
Buried David cemetery. Widow is 3rd wife, Anna lived near Camden in Aug. 1931. Left widow and 5 children. Killed Aug. 16, 1931.
Allen Harry   embalmed by Reisinger Aug. 22, 1934.
Filbert Gloria buried Mound Hill March 14, 1937. of Dayton w/o Oliver C., 77 years,

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