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Census Records

1830 - Roll 142 - Bk. 1


1840 - Roll 422 - Bk. 1


1850 - Roll 723 - Bk. 1

Jennings Twp   Blanchard   Blanchard Twp.
Perry Twp   Greensburg   Greensburg Twp.
    Jennings   Jackson Twp.
    Liberty   Jennings Twp.
    Monroe (Names only so far)   Liberty Twp.
    Ottawa (Names only so far)   Monterey Twp.
    Perry (Names only so far)   Ottawa Twp.
    Pleasant (Names only so far)   Perry Twp.
    Richland (Names only so far)   Pleasant Twp.
    Riley (Names only so far)   Riley Twp.
    Union (Names only so far)   Sugar Creek Twp.
        Union Twp.
    1840 Census of Pensioners   Van Buren Twp.

1860 - Roll 1027 - Bk. 1


1870 - Roll 1260 - Bk. 1


1880 - Roll 1060 - Bk. 1

Blanchard Twp.   Belmore   Belmore
Gilboa Blanchard Twp.   Blanchard Twp.   Blanchard
Greensburgh   Gilboa   Columbus Grove
Jackson Twp.   Greensburg   Gilboa
Jennings Twp.   Jackson Twp.   Greensburg
Kalida   Jennings Twp.   Jackson
Leipsic Liberty Twp.   Kalida   Kalida
Liberty Twp.   Liberty Twp.   Kieferville; Palmer
Monroe Twp.   Monroe Twp.   Leipsic
Monterey Twp.   Monterey Twp.   Liberty
Ottawa Twp.   Ottawa Twp.   Monroe
Palmer Twp.   Ottawa Twp.   Monterey
Perry Twp.   Palmer Twp.   Ottawa
Pleasant Twp.   Perry Twp.   Ottoville; Monterey
Riley Twp.   Pleasant Twp.   Palmer
Sugar Creek Twp.   Riley Twp.   Perry
Union Twp.   Sugar Creek Twp.   Putnam Co. Infirmary; Blanchard
Van Buren Twp.   Union Twp.   Sisters of the Precious Blood; Ottawa
    Van Buren Twp.   Union
        Van Buren
        West Leipsic
        Fort Jennings
        Sugar Creek

1900 - Roll 1315 - Bk. 2


1910 - Roll 1225 - Bk. 2


1920 - Roll 1429 - Bk. 2

Blanchard   Blanchard Twp.   Blanchard
Greensburg   Greensburg Twp.   Greensburg
Jackson Twp.   Jackson Twp.   Jackson
Jennings   Jennings Twp.   Jennings
Liberty Twp.   Liberty Twp.   Liberty
Monroe Twp.   Monroe Twp.   Monroe
Monterey Twp.   Monterey Twp.   Monterey
Ottawa Twp.   Ottawa Twp.   Ottawa
Palmer Twp.   Palmer Twp.   Palmer
Leipsic   Perry Twp.   Perry
Perry Twp.   Pleasant Twp.   Pleasant
Pleasant Twp.   Riley Twp.   Riley
Riley   Sugar Creek Twp.   Sugar Creek
Sugar Creek Twp.   Union Twp.   Union
Union Twp.   Van Buren Twp.   Sugar Creek
Van Buren Twp.        

1930 - Roll 1865 - Bk. 2


 1940 -




1855 Residents - 1856 Tax List

Blanchard Twp.        
Columbus Grove        
Fort Jennings        
Greensburg Twp.        
Jackson Twp.        
Jennings Twp.        
Liberty Twp.        
Miller City        
Monroe Twp.        
Monterey Twp.        
Ottawa Twp.        
Palmer Twp.        
Perry Twp.        
Pleasant Twp.        
Putnam Co. Infirmary        
Putnam Co. Jail        
Riley Twp.        
Sugar Creek Twp.        
Union Twp.        
Van Buren Twp.        
West Leipsic        


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