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Molasses Fruit - Cake
(Source: 1880 newspaper)

2 cupfuls each of molasses and butter

2 eggs

1 cupful milk

1 teaspoonful each of soda and essence of lemon

two nutnegs

and flour enough to make a stiff batter

Beat well, and add currants, chopped raisins and citron

Bake quick. To prevent the raisins from falling in the cake, beat them with eggs

Red Cabbage
(Source: 1880 newspaper)

Cut a firm head of red cabbage in shreds; lay it in a saucepan, 

with the following ingredients:

One gill (1/2 cup) of vinegar

one teaspoonful each of ground cloves, salt

half a salt-spoonful pepper

two ounces butter

two ounces sugar

stew it gently until tender, about 1 hour, shaking the pan

to prevent burning

Fried Apples
(Source: 1880 newspaper)

When nicely prepared, make a very agreeable accompaniment to the

morning meal. The following is a good way of cooking them:

Juicy, thin-skinned, and not very sour apples are best.

Slice them, leaving the skin on, and put them to fry

in some suitable dish in which you have a little melted butter, Add a

very little water as often as proves necessary to keep from scorching. Stir them quite often,

 and when nearly done add a pinch of  salt and a teaspoonful of sugar and a half 

teaspoonful of cinnamon.


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