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Court News


BROWN: Alice G. Brown vs Elbert J. Brown - divorce filed [Mansfield News, Mansfield, OH, Jan 2, 1900]
PIPER: Ada Piper vs Freman Piper - divorce filed [Mansfield News, Mansfield, OH, Jan 2, 1900]
SORQUIST: Petition Filed. Julia A. Sorquist, Butler, vs. Robert Sorquist, Champaign, Ill., on grounds of neglect and absence. Plaintiff asks custody of two children. Married Sept. 12, 1958, Butler [News Journal (Mansfield, OH), July 1, 1972]
STYERT: Alice Styert vs. William Styert - divorce filed. Married Sept 29, 1881 one child - grounds extreme cruelty [The Evening News, Jan 5 (1891?)]
WIRTH: Carrie Wirth vs. Edward Wirth - divorce filed. Married Oct 5, 1881 one child - grounds are drunkeness and extreme cruelty - [The Evening News, Jan 5 (1891?)]


In probate court Thursday, Hester
Freehafer, of Worthington township, was declared an imbecile. Hester Freehafer is possessed of a house and a lot in Butler of the probable walue of $900 with annual rentals of $75. W. W. Scott, of Butler, will be appointed guardian of her person and property. [Mansfield News, Jan 3, 1908 - Sub by L. Dietz]

This morning M. J. O'Brien swore out a warrant for the arrest of his father-in-law, Jacob
Arnold, an old man and resident of Cass township on the charge of lunnacy. An inquest was held before Judge Bricker in probate court and judge Bricker decided that the accused was not insane and released him. This afternoon Mr. Arnold appeared at the police station and swore out a peace warrant for his son-in-law Mr. M. J. O'Brien, alleging that he fears his son-in-law will kill him. The case will likely be heard before the mayor some time this afternoon. [Mansfield News, Jan. 2, 1908 - Sub. by Linda Dietz]

Verdict of Insanity

Marshal Hunter, of Shelby, brought Mrs. Alvira
Sopher to the county jail on the charge of insanity. The woman has been residing in Shelby, her husband's name being Edward Sopher. The woman was very violent and was adjudged insane by Judge Brinkerhoff. The plaintiff was taken to the Toledo hospital for the insane this afternoon, as it was desirable to get her into the institution as soon as possible. [Mansfield News, Mansfield, Oh, Jan 4, 1900]

At an inquest of lunacy held late yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Emma Seward was adjudged insane and application was made for her removal to the Toledo asylum. She is at the county infirmary and is in a precarious condition. Her malady is indeed a sad one as it was induced principally by the death of her husband about two years ago. [The Evening News, Jan 13 (1891?)]

Undecided Administrator - He Holds Money Belonging To An Estate And Two Parties Claim It - Asks Court To Make An Order

W. H. Gifford, administrator of the estate of James H. Palm, deceased, has begin a proceeding in common pleas court against Blake Palm and Mary E. Palm.
The plaintiff says that on Oct. 8, 1909, he was appointed administrator of the estate of James H. Palm, deceased, by the Richland county probate court and is now the acting administrator.
The plaintiff says that there is a balance remaining in his hands of $93.74 and that he can not safely proceed to pay the same out on account of conflicting claims of Blake Palm and Mary E. Palm, the defendants. Of this amount $65 is claimed by Blake Palm as due him for money advanced to pay the funeral expenses and it is alleged that the sum is claimed by Mary E. Palm as due her on her year's allowance, there not being sufficient funds with which to pay both of the claims.
Wherefore the plaintiff prays that the defendants be compelled to set up their claims or interests in the estate if they have any or be forever barred. The plaintiff prays for the judgment and direction of the court as to which of these defendants he shall pay the money.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) November 2, 1910 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Estate Value Set
: An inventory filed in probate court yesterday listed the estate of Louis A. Ott, late of Mansfield at $35, 341.
Mr. Ott, a well-known jeweler and optometrist, died Sept. 11. He had been in business here for 50 years and had been active in civic affairs. His widow, Mrs. Rose Ott, was appointed executrix of the estate. Stocks and securities make up the major part of the estate and are valued at $19, 491. The inventory placed a $10,000 valuation on real estate, $3, 050 in rights and credits consisting primarily of bank accounts, and $2,800 in personal goods and chattel.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) October 6, 1948 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]


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