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Fete Bride-Elect At Social Event Monday Evening
Miss Edna Bookwalter was honored with a pre-nuptial shower by her sister, Miss Jean Bookwalter, at their home on Glessner avenue last evening. Twelve guests were present for the affair, and during the evening, the group played games and contests. Score prizes were won by the Misses Alice Bookwalter, Dorothy Stephenson, and Harriett Bookwalter.
Later in the evening a luncheon was served at a table decorated with pink and white appointments. The center piece was a bridal party, leaving the church. At this time the bride-elect received a corsage of roses from the hostess.
Miss Bookwalter will become the bride of Marvin Stevens at 1 o'clock on the afternoon of Dec. 23 at the First Lutheran church.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) December 13, 1938 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Clever Reunion
The sixth annual reunion of the Clever family was held yesterday at North park, and 114 were present. John Clever, Bellville, was elected president; Jesse Spitler, Hart, Mich., vice president; Mrs. Leland Clever, city, secretary; Miss Glenna Clever, Grand Rapids, Mich., assistant secretary; Carl Spitler, Hart, Mich., treasurer; Miss Daisy Holmes, Hart, Mich., historian, and Miss Bessie Clever, Butler, necrologist. Among those present from out of the state were, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hoover, Piercetoh, Ind; Glen Switzer, North Manchester, Ind.; Mrs Clayton Switzer, Mentone, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. H. Spitler, Hart, Mich., and Jesse Spitler, Hart, Mich. The next reunion will be held at Nashville, Mich. The Clever family are old time residents of southern Richland county, but many emigrated to Michigan and Indiana a number of years ago.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) September 3, 1921 - Sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Descendants of John Anthony Clever, who came to America in 1783 locating in Pennsylvania, held their tenth annual reunion yesterday at South park with 125 present. The pavilion was utilized during the time the picnic dinner was served and for the business session. Mrs. Leah Price, of Butler, historian of the Clever family related some interesting facts relative to the time that the Clevers came from Cumberland county, Pa., in 1834, and settled among the hills and woodland of Washington township near the Ebenezer church, and followed the various generations of the name down to the present time.
J. P. Strickler of North Manchester, Ind., talked along lines on the maternal side of the Clever family of which he was a member. The Stricklers also came from the Keystone state in the early days, locating in Worthington township. The grandfather, Conrad Strickler, was laid to rest in the Easterly cemetery north of Butler. A brief talk was given by LeRoy Baker, a banker of New London, and others, during the afternoon. Officers elected were, Peter Kunz, president of Hastings, Mich., where the next reunion will be held. Willis Clever, Hart, Mich., vice president, and Mrs. Wilda Endersley, of Nashville, Mich., secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Leah Price of Butler, was retained as historian. Michigan guests of the association were Mrs. E. A. Shisler and children, Mrs. Phronia Spitler and Willis Clever, of Hart; Mrs. Rose Lee and son Harry, Trustine, Mrs. Ida Halpin, Jackson, and Mrs. Louisa Ackett, Battle Creek, J. P. Strickler and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Will Ebbenhouse, North Manchester, Ind.
The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) August 21, 1925

The tenth annual reunion of the Clever family was held Thursday of last week. Following the picnic dinner a talk relating incidents of the Clever family were given by J. P. Strickler of North Manchester; New London and several recitations were given by the children which were all enjoyed. Officers for the coming year were as follows: Peter Kuntz of Hastings, Mich., president; Willis Clever of Hart, Mich., vice president; Mrs. Wilda Endersley, Nashville, Mich., secretary, Leah Price of Butler, historian. One hundred twenty-five were present. The reunion next year will be held at Nashville, Michigan.
Those in attendance from a distance were: Mrs. S. A. Shipner and two daughters, Mrs. Sophronia Spitler, Willis Clever, Hart, Mich; LeRoy Baker of New London, Mr. and Mrs. Will Ebbinghouse and Lulu Ebbinghouse of North Manchester, Ind.; Mrs. Ida Halpin of Jackson, Michigan and Mrs John Ackett, of Battle Creek, Michigan.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) August 28, 1925]

Eighty Attend Gathering Held at South Park on Thursday
The twelfth annual reunion of the Clever family held Thursday at South park was attended by 80 members of the family living in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
Recitations were given by Margery Gongwer, Evelyn Gongwer, and Dean Lemley. Historical sketches of the Clever family were given by Mrs. Leah Price of Butler and Walter Lemley.
The officers elected are the Rev. George Spitler president, Willis Clever vice president and Christian Shisler of Hart, Mich., secretary-treasurer. The next reunion will be held in Michigan. Mrs. Leah Price was selected to prepare the history of the Clever family. Those from other states who attended the reunion were Blanche and Ethel Clever of Shippensburg, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Nenninger of (illegible) Pa., Mrs. Frank Sager, Hart, Mich., Willis Clever, Hart, and the Rev. and Mrs. Spitler of Battle Creek, Mich. They will visit relatives in the southern part of the county. Mrs. Johnson of Battle Creek was also present.
The Rev. and Mrs. Strohll of Johnsville were guests at the reunion, the Rev. Mr. Strohll making a short talk. [
The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) September 2, 1927]

Observe 100 Anniversary of Clevers Settling in Ohio
The 19th annual Clever reunion was held Thursday at South park with 125 members of the family present. This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the settling of the Clevers in Ohio.
After the fine dinner, there was a program and a history was read of the Clevers and their migration to Ohio from Pennsylvania. John and Mary Clever, antecedants of all the Clevers who attended the reunion, were among the early settlers of Ohio, coming from Cumberland, Pa, in the fall of 1834.
The journey was made in an old fashioned covered wagon, in which there rode John Clever and his wife and five children--Leah, Anthony, Mariah, John and Joseph. The family settled on a farm six miles south of the little trading town of Mansfield. After landing in Ohio they were blessed with six more children, Jonah, Sarah, Henry, Conrad, Suzie and Danile. Four of the sons, Jonah, Henry, Conrad and Daniel served in the Civil war, and all returned home.
At one time the older Clever and his seven sons owned a section of Land and ran a sawmill. John, the patriarch of the family, died in 1864 and Mary, his wife, died in 1886. The family, through the first Grandmother Allen, are said to be descendants of William Penn. When the World war called for men, again there were four Clevers who answered the call. Paul Clever of Bellville being one of them. The 1935 Clever reunion is to held at South park, Mansfield, on the second Thursday of August, next year. [
The Mansfield News-Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) August 10, 1934]

Picnic Served at Clever Reunion
The 21st annual reunion of the Clever family was held Sunday, at South park, with 108 in attendance. After a picnic dinner at noon, a program of talks by Mr. Keefer, of Butler, a guest, and George Clever, of Fresno, Cal., was enjoyed. Officers elected during a business session are Fred Clever, president; Harry Clever, Vice president; Mrs. Lloyd Clever, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Russell Kochheiser, assistant secretary-treasurer.
Relatives from a distance present were Mr. and Mrs. George Clever, of Fresno, Cal., and Mrs. Rosa Lee and son, Wallace, of Cadillac, Mich.
[The Mansfield News-Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) August 17, 1936 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]

Miss Clever Complimented
A miscellaneous bridal shower was held last evening for Miss Doris Clever, bride-elect of George R. Schwier at the home of Mrs. Robert Yarman, 237 Elmwood Drive.
Associate hostesses were Mrs. H. W, Stockwell and Mrs. R. A. Whisler. Making a recipe book for the future bride was the diversion of the evening. Gifts were presented in a basket made to resemble a large corsage. Ribbons extended to each gift. The hostesses presented Miss Clever with an electric clock. The couple will exchange nuptial vows June 11 in an open church ceremony at St. John's Evangelical and Reformed church.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) June 4, 1950]
Miss Clever Honored
Miss Doris Clever, who will become the bride of George Richard Schwier, today, was feted with a miscellaneous shower recently at the home of Mrs. William Wilkins, Flemings Fall Rd.
The hostess was assisted by Mrs. Russell Vasilovic. Ten members were present. Luncheon was served from a table decorated with a double wedding ring cake. Guests spent the evening hemming tea towels.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) June 11, 1950 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

In Honor Of Anniversary.
In honor of their fifth wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Clever entertained at their home, 116 Hammond avenue, last evening. The following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. John Clever, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Clever, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Frye, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palm and daughter Leota, the Misses Hortense Shafer, Bessie Clever, Ruth Clever, Irene Frye and Walter Clever, Harold Clever, Karl Frye of Belleville, and the Misses Cristiana and Mildred Shisler of Independence. The evening was very pleasantly spent with music and games. Light refreshments were served after which Mr. and Mrs. Clever were presented with several pretty and useful gifts.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) August 26, 1915 - sub. by Ida Maack Recu]

Mrs. Clapper, Miss Lindbeck Entertain For Helen Clever
A shower in honor of Miss Helen Clever, bride-elect of Gerald Pollock, was given Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. James Clapper, 511 Woodward avenue. Miss Patricia Lindbeck was the associate hostess. A supper was served buffet style on the lawn. A table was centered with a cake with "Helen and Gerald" written on it. The guests were served at small tables centered with arrangements of garden flowers. Pink and white was the color scheme carried out. Sixteen members of the Charles Ritter company were the guests. After the supper the guests hemmed towels and finished a luncheon cloth and napkins for the honoree. Miss Clever and Mr. Pollock will exchange wedding vows July 18 in the First Presbyterian church in Lexington. Open church will be observed for the formal ceremony. Miss Clever and Mr. Pollock are both residents of Lexington.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) July 15, 1948]
Shower Fetes Miss Clever
Miss Helen Clever, bride-elect of Gerald Pollock, was honored recently with a shower given at the home of Misses Mary, Betty and Lois Pollock in Lexington. Fifteen guests were present for an evening of games and contests. Prizes were awarded to Miss Ruth Clever, Miss Dorothy Jones and Miss Vera Mae Ford. The honoree found her gifts, which were attached to pick and blue ribbons, when she discovered a pastel colored sprinkling can. At a late hour refreshments were served with appointments in a matching color scheme of pink and blue. Miss Clever and Mr. Pollock will exchange wedding vows tonight in the First Presbyterian church in Lexington. Open church will be observed for the formal ceremony at 7 p.m.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) July 18, 1948 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]

Lexington Couple Plan To Celebrate 50th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clever, of Lexington, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Wednesday, at a dinner and open house to be held at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Tracy Gongwer, 195 Maple street, this city. Mr. and Mrs. Will Andrews, of Bellville, who served as bridesmaid and best man at Mr. and Mrs. Clever's wedding 50 years ago, will be guests for the dinner. The open house in the afternoon will be for relatives and friends of the couple.
The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Clever was solemnized Jan. 31, 1884, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Frye, near Bellville. They spent the greater part of their married life on a farm south of Lexington, and for the past 18 years have resided in Lexington.
Mr. and Mrs. Clever are the parents of four children living, Mrs. Gongwer, of this city, H. O. Clever, of near Lexington, Ralph Clever, of Bellville, and Vance Clever, of Ontario. There are 26 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
[The Mansfield News, January 29, 1934 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Shower Fetes Paula Clever: Twelve guests were present for the miscellaneous shower complimenting Miss Paula Clever, bride-elect of James Spitzer, Friday evening. The hostess was Miss Jean Robinson, 304 Hammond Ave. Among the guests present were Mrs. Catherine Clever, the mother of the bride-elect and the future bridegroom's mother, Mrs. James Spitzer.
The home was decorated with pink and white garden flowers and the dining-room table was centered with a pink and white sprinkling can decorated with streamers leading to the shower gifts.
Guests made a bride's book and presented it to Miss Clever. At a late hour dessert was served with pink and white appointments. Miss Clever and Mr. Spitzer will exchange nuptial vows July 23.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) July 18, 1950]

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Dick, who have resided in Shelby for 50 years, celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary Thursday.
[Mansfield News, Mansfield, Oh, Jan 5, 1900]

MISS DILL FETED AT MISCELLANY SHOWER -- Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, Mrs. Harold Hugo Associate Hostesses at Surprise Party for Bride-Elect of Lynn McCannon [McCammon] of Bucyrus.
Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, 354 Park avenue west, and her daughter, Mrs. Harold Hugo of Pittsburgh, Pa., were hostesses last evening at a surprise miscellaneous shower given in honor of Miss Betty Dill, bride-elect of Lynn McCannon [McCammon]. Miss Dill is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dill of Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McCannon [McCammon] of Bucyrus are the parents of Mr. McCannon [McCammon]. Both the prospective bride and groom are employed in the offices of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing company. Guests were business associates of the honoree. The bride-elect's mother was also a guest. Bridge was in session during the evening. Prizes for high scores were awarded to Mrs. Earl Lorentz and Miss Dill. Mrs. Lorentz presented her prize to the honoree. When luncheon was served a pink and white color scheme was used for the table appointments. An arrangement of roses and a three-tiered wedding cake with the inscription "Betty and Lynn" was used for the centerpiece. The hostesses presided at the table. Among the honoree's many gifts was a blanket, the gift of the hostesses. Although a definite date has not been set for the wedding, the couple plan to exchange nuptial vows some time during the month of October.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) September 25, 1943 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

The Dill family reunion was held Sunday Aug. 21, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lawrence, East of town. At the noon hour, two tables were set in the yard with choice food always acceptable on such occasions. After the dinner hour the crowd gathered together in the front yard for the election of officers. Mr. Ira Dill was made president; Mrs. Lessly Kerr of Mansfield secretary and J. F. Dill treasurer. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dill, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Paul, Miss Laura Paul and Virgil and Mury Paul of Detroit, Mrs. Phoebe Zeiger and son Clara and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Line and daughter Betty of Kent, Mrs. Susie Donar and Mr. and Mrs. Homar Barford of Springfield, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and children of Bucyrus, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dill and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dill of Galion, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dill and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Dill and daughter, Mertie, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McWilliams and children of Johnsville, Mr. and Mrs. Will Kerr and son of Mt. Gilead, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Yeager of Fort Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Kerr of Mansfield, Mrs. Paul Clemr, Mrs. Gay Snyder and children, Mrs. Will Stuhl and sons of Mansfield, Mrs. Mary Dill, Mr. and Mrs. Roe Sitess and son. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Moore and children of Bellville, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dill and Ida, Harold and Rhea Dill, Mrs. Harlan Mellott and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dill and children and Robert, Ruth and Margery Lawrence.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) August 27, 1926]

WED 50 YEARS - Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kochheiser, 185 Dickerson Ave., Belville, will observe their Golden Wedding Anniversary with their family this Sunday at their home. They are the parents of Mrs. Chester Mowry, Belville, RD 2; Paul Kochheiser, Lexington, RD 7, and Donald Kochheiser, 1358 Sharon Rd. The couple also has seven grandchildren. Mr. Kochheiser and the former Lula Woodruff were united in marriage by the Rev. A. C. Stull on Dec. 25, 1917, at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. Kochheiser, a retired farmer, is employed part time on the Black estate.
[Mansfield News-Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) December 15, 1967 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

MARRIED 60 YEARS TODAY - Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kochhesier [John Albert Kochheiser] of 17 Chestnut St., are quietly observing their 60th wedding anniversary today. Married on St. Valentine's Day, 1894, in Bellville, they have lived here for the past 35 years. Mrs. Kochheiser was Irene Spayde [Dora Irene Spayde] before her marriage. Shown with them are their great grandsons, Gary Kochheiser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kochheiser, 252 Sycamore St., and Terry Kochheiser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kochheiser, R D 1, Lexington.
[Mansfield News-Journal (Mansfield, OH) February 14, 1954 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Miss Katherine Koehl to Become Bride July 10 and Miss Helen Clever on July 18
Miss Katherine Koehl of Sycamore and Miss Helen Clever of Lexington were honored at an announcement party given Sunday afternoon by Mrs. Robert Snyder and Mrs. Lloyd Clever, sister and mother, respectively, of Miss Clever and Miss Koehl's fiance.
Small envelopes, concealed under a silver heart-shaped centerpiece, with ribbons leading to each placecard, contained jig-saw puzzles, which, when pieced together formed hearts revealing the wedding dates of the two couples.
Miss Koehl and George Clever of Lexington will be wed Saturday, July 10, at 10:30 a.m. in a closed service at the Evangelical Reformed church in Sycamore.
Miss Helen Clever and Gerald Pollock, both of Lexington, will be united in marriage Sunday, July 18, at 7 p.m. in an open church service at the First Presbyterian church in Lexington.
[Mansfield News Journal, July 4, 1948 - sub. by Ida Maack Recu]

Open House
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd S. Mehl, 1000 Olivesburg Rd., celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Sunday.
Their daughter, Mrs. Charles Clinage held an open house and family dinner in her house at 2512 Emma Lane from 2 to 4 p.m. The Mehls also have three sons. They are Robert of Ontario, Thomas of Galion and Floyd Jr., Mansfield. They have eight grandchildren.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) September 26, 1972]

Mehl Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd S. Mehl, 4936 Olivesburgh Rd., will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at a family dinner and open house today from 2 to 4 p.m. in the home of their daughter, Mrs. Charles Clinage, 2512 Emma Lane.
The Mehls also have three sons: Robert and Floyd Jr., of Mansfield, and Thomas, Galion.
Mehl and the former Martha Horner were married in the parsonage of the First Christian Church on Aug. 27, 1927. Mehl is a retired truck driver.
[News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) August 28, 1977 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

The Oberlin family reunion was held Tuesday at the home of Samuel Oberlin, about eight miles southeast of city. Over seventy-five of the connections were present and a splendid time was afforded. A sumptuous dinner was served at noon and the remainder of the day spent in a social way. W. K. Oberlin and family and W. E. Ford and family of West Fourth street , attended the reunion as did also Walter J. Oberlin and family.
[The Mansfield News ( Mansfield , Ohio ) August 27, 1902]

At the Home of Samuel Oberlin, Near Bellville, Aug. 26.
On Tuesday, Aug. 26, an Oberlin reunion was held at the pleasant country home of Samuel Oberlin, three miles northwest of Bellville. About seventy-five persons were in attendance, consisting of the following families: L. M. Garber and family, Bellville; Emma Oberlin and family, Bellville; George Krause and family, Bellville; Frank Saunner and wife, Bellville; Samuel Oberlin and family, Bellville; W. J. Oberlin and family, Mansfield; Charles Browning and wife, Mansfield; W. K. Oberlin and wife, Mansfield; Atwood Barr and family, Mansfield; W. E. Todd, wife and daughter Catherine, Mansfield; Mrs. Ella Ford, Mansfield; J. W. Taylor and family, Barnes; B. F. Oberlin and wife, Butler; John Crider and wife, Mansfield; John Oberlin, Stanwood, Mrs. Martin Narnes, Sacramento, Cal.; Jenner McBride and wife, Lexington; Wilhem Kiner and wife, Lexington; Levi McLaughlin and wife, Mansfield; John Gearhart and wife, Bellville; Mrs. Electa Smith and Mrs. Elizabeth McNeal, Barnes; Willis Jones and wife, Zanesville, and the Misses Anna Krause, of Ashland; Metta Wappner and Rose Bricker, Mansfield.
After a dinner such as is only known to prosperous farmers and especially those of the Oberlin women, the afternoon was given over to a general good time. Fine music was furnished by the Kiner orchestra of Lexington . Some of the boys and men who once wee young engaged in a game of ball, rivaling in brilliant plays that of many of the league clubs. After all the bats had been broken in this exhilarating pastime, the company was treated to some very pleasing literary selections, songs, etc., from some of the junior members; all of this interspersed with fruit, ice cream and fragrant Havanas .
The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Samuel Oberlin, secretary, W. K. Oberlin; executive committee, W. J. Oberlin, F. W. Taylor, W. E. Ford.
As the sun was sinking in the west, gilding the wooded hills with mellow light, one by one the happy participants in this joyous Occasion began to disperse in various directions, all voting the occasion one of rare enjoyment and all feeling happier for having had the privilege of meeting and renewing old friendships in social intercourse and song.

Oberlin and Allman Families Have Large Gatherings.
Three Hundred Members of the Oberlin Family Met Four Miles West of the City—The Allman Gathering was Held at the Home of Mrs. Mary Boughman, Near Navarre.
Tuesday, September 5, 1905 , was a notable day in the history of the Allman family. Fifty-three of its members gathered at the home of Mrs. Mary Boughman on the old Allman farm, two miles east of Navarre . This farm is historic on account of the pioneer meetings that were held there years ago.
Those present were John Allman, of Williams county; Harman Allman, of Steuben county, Ind. ; Mr. and Mrs. William Shoupe, of Conneaut; Mr. and Mrs. Luther Roby and Miss Elizabeth Allman, of Sherodsville; Mrs. Agbes Exline, of Canton; Mr. and Mrs. John L. Allman, of Canton; Grandma Elizabeth Allman, William H. Allman, his daughters, Edna and Eva, his sons Charlie and Frank, and nephew, Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Allman, of Massilon; Miss Lelia Shoupe, of East Greenville; Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Anderson, of Massillon; Mrs. Allen Haley and son Ward and daughter Jean, of Beach City; Mrs. Gust Myers and daughter Mabel, of Massillon; Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Klingel and daughter Jennie, of Beach City; Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Henning, of West Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Klingel, of Justus; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Allman, of Navarre; Mrs. J. B. Boughman and daughter Eva, of Justus; Mrs. Ed. Swihart and daughter Cora and son Harry, Mrs. Maria Miller and son James and daughter Clara, Mr. and Mrs. William Steinbach and son Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Allman and daughter Mary, Mr. and Mrs. George Steinbach and Mrs. Mary Boughman.
The day was spent in reminiscent talks and renewing of friendships until the noon hour. A sumptuous repast was spread under the branches of the trees. As the evening shade drew near the guests left for their homes.
The ages of those present ranged from a few months to eighty-seven years. Of one family four generations were present. Mrs. Elizabeth Allman was 86 years old recently and Mrs. Maria Miller was 87.
[The Independent (Massillon, Ohio) September 7, 1905]

Three hundred members of the Oberlin family gathered in their third annual reunion at the Tabernacle picnic grounds, four miles west of Massillon , Tuesday. Eighteen were present from Richland county and twenty from Wiliams county, in which places branches of the family have grown up second in number only to the numbers still residing in the western half of Stark county. Joseph Oberlin, the oldest of the connection and living two miles west of Massillon , was present, and during the afternoon gave a short talk. Arthur C. Oberlin took his place as presiding officer. After dinner the following programme was carried out:
Duet by Kent Yost, cornet, and Warren Erb, organ.
Address of welcome by E. A. Oberlin, of Cleveland , who acted in the place of Joseph Oberlin.
Response by W. K. Oberlin, of Mansfield .
Song by quartette, the Misses Oberlin and the Misses Steele.
“The Oberlin Fathers,” O. E. Oberlin, Beach City .
“The Oberlin Mothers,” Mrs. Susie Oberlin Ford.
“Mollie Stark and Her Offspring,” M. W. Oberlin, Massillon .
“The Oberlin Ladies,” William E. Ford, Mansfield.
Dr. Ira Stoner, of Hillsdale , Mich. , and J. J. Oberlin, of Mansfield , related interesting anecdotes.
The persons from Williams county asked that the next reunion be held with them and the invitation was accepted. O. F. Oberlin, of that county, was named president, and Theodore Oberlin secretary.
Dinner was eaten under the trees and a long table was constructed, which seated two hundred. The reunion was brought to a close late in the afternoon.
(submitted by Ida Maack Recu)

Decorations Prepared For the Home Coming of Louis Ott and His Bride.
A number of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Ott went last evening to the house on West First street where Mr. Ott and his bride will live and decorated it preparatory to the homecoming of the bride and groom, who are expected back from their trip tomorrow or Sunday. There are the usual placards conspicuously displayed, the old shoes, the white ribbons, the hearts, etc., with which the friends of newly married couples are accustomed to decorate the bridal bower. The exterior and interior of the dwelling have been very elaborately fixed up ready for the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Ott. 
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) October 17, 1902]

Over Half a Century Ago Mr. Ott Cast His Lot In Mansfield Where He Has Since Been Identified With Its Business and Official Life--Was Wedded at Galion With a Girl Born In Baden, Who Preceded Him From Germany By Eight Years.
In the home that has been theirs for forty-three years, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ott are quietly spending the day which marks the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. There is to be no formal celebration of the occasion, but on Sunday there is to be a dinner for the members of the family.
Peter Ott, who is one of the best known and most highly respected among the German-American citizens of Mansfield, has been a resident of this city for more than fifty years. He was born in Plankstadt, Baden, Germany, Dec. 14, 1834. As a boy of fourteen years he decided to learn the barber business and two years later, just as he was about to enter Heidelberg university to continue his studies, a letter received from an uncle in Albany, N. Y., in which the boy was advised to come to America. Little wonder that in young Peter, America loomed up (unreadable) despite the protests of his parents he decided to seek his fortune in the new world. Accordingly on April 1, 1851, he landed in New York and went directly to Albany, where he remained for a year and a half.
Then a letter from a friend in Sandusky brought him to that city, where he remained for six months, coming to Mansfield in 1852. Arrived here he immediately engaged a barber shop under what is now known as the old Wiler house.
The year 1856, marks an interesting incident in the life of Mr. Ott. In Germany there is a law making military service compulsory among the young men of the country. The fact that Mr. Ott had been for several years a resident of another country did not excuse him from this service and word reached him that his name had been published among those who must appear at a certain time to go into the army. Absence at the appointed time subjected the delinquent to fine and imprisonment and the fine stood as a lien against the property of the parents.
In order to arrange for a substitute it was necessary for Mr. Ott to be on the ground and upon receiving word from Germany he immediately set out for his old home in Baden.
Good fortune seemed to be on the side of the young man for it chanced that he arrived at his home on the very day on which the Duke of Baden was married, in honor of which event fines were remitted in all cases such as that of Mr. Ott and a pardon was granted, freeing them from the danger of imprisonment. The duke who granted his pardon died only last fall.
Mr. Ott, after having arranged for a substitute to serve for him in the German army, visited among his relatives until the following spring, when he returned to America. Friends in Galion induced him to locate there and he opened a barber ship in that place.
The business of barbering, as it is carried on in Germany and as it was practiced fifty years ago by the subject of this sketch, was quite different from that of the local tonsorial artist of the present time and had something of surgery and dentistry mixed up with it. The barber did the bleeding, the cupping and the tooth-extracting in those days as well as the shaving and the hair-cutting.
But with all of these duties Mr. Ott was not too busy to make the acquittance of an attractive German girl, also from Baden, scarcely two hundred miles from his own Plankstadt.
And so it came about that on Jan. 24, 1858, Peter Ott, was united in marriage to Miss Fredrica Bleily, in Galion.
Mrs. Ott was born in Krotzinger, Baden, Germany, June 2, 1839, and came to America with her parents in 1843, her fourth birthday anniversary having occurred while she was on the ocean bound for the country which was to be her home.
Her parents settled immediately in Galion and in the course of time she met the energetic young barber who had but recently opened a shop there, and, as the fairy story says, they lived happily ever afterward.
Soon after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Ott moved to Findlay, where they remained for a year, after which they decided to come to Mansfield and Mr. Ott again opened a shop here which he continued to operate until 1872, when he entered into a partnership with John B. Netscher in the wholesale cider and vinegar business.
After having been associated in this partnership for three years, Mr. Ott embarked in the same line of business for himself and continued therein for 31 years or until about two years ago, when he retired from active business.
Mr. Ott's business ability and strict integrity became so generally recognized during the years he has spent in Mansfield that for eleven years he served in the city council. He was also a member of the first board of elections in the city.
For twenty years he has been florist for the B. & O. railroad company, looking after the keeping up of the flower beds around the stations on the several divisions of the road. He still holds this position.
In 1854 Mr. Ott was initiated into the mysteries of Odd Fellowship in Richland lodge, No. 161 and in 1873 served a year as district deputy, in 1865 he became a member of Mansfield lodge of Masons.
Forty-three years ago Mr. Ott purchased the home at No. 60 North Diamond street, where they still reside.
In view of the fact that two golden wedding anniversaries have come within this single week in Mansfield, it might not be out of place to here mention several rather peculiar coincidences in connection with the subjects of this sketch and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hildreth of Bartley avenue, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Monday.
The Ott home was purchased from the father of Thomas Hildreth and at that time Mr. and Mrs. Hildreth lived just across the alley to the north of that property. Mr. Ott and Mr Hildreth were born during the same year and Mrs. Ott and Mrs. Hildreth were born during the same year.
Of the seven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Ott, five are living, they being Mrs. Walda Dehof, of Hollister, Cal., Mrs. Laura Massa, of this city, Mrs. Josephine Herman, of Port Huron, Mich., Mrs. Rosalia Butler, of Elizabeth, N. J., who at present is visiting here, and Louis A. Ott, the well known local jeweler.
Mr. Ott has two sisters living in Germany and he visited in his native land in 1866 and again in 1905, when he and Mrs. Ott spent about three months abroad.
The life of Mr. Ott has been a busy one, such a one as well earns the quiet contentment which he and his estimable wife are now privileged to enjoy.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) January 24, 1908 - Sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Club Members Honor President: Miss Ruth Rust, president of the ET club, was honored last evening with a linen shower at the home of Mrs. Leo Saltzgaber, 547 Maple St. Fourteen members of the organization and two guests, Mrs. Harold Lewis and Mrs. Lora Brink, were in attendance.
The diversion of the evening was hemming linen tea towels which were presented to the honoree. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Louise Adams and Miss Mary Beilstein, who in turn presented them to Miss Rust.
Refreshments were served at a late hour from a table appointed in pink and white. Streamers extended from the chandelier to the centerpiece which was a miniature bride, bridesmaid and flower girl. Mrs. John Vrbanac and Mrs. Saltzgaber presided at the table. Miss Rust will be wed to Adam Lahmers of New Philadelphia Saturday. On May 9 Mrs. Fred Mansfield, Wood St., will entertain for a regular session.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) April 26, 1950 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]

LEXINGTON COUPLE, WED 66 YEARS, CELEBRATING: Mr. and Mrs. John Schindler Receive Congratulations of Relatives, Friends in Honor of Event. Sixty-six years ago today, Mr. and Mrs. John Schindler, of Lexington, were married in Washington township Richland county. Last evening and today a number of friends and relatives called at their home to help celebrate the occasion. Still in fair health, the venerable couple recalled experiences of Jan. 17, 1867, when they were married. Mr. Schindler was born in Germany and started for America with his parents at the age of three months. Mrs. Schindler, formerly Miss Louise Strater, was born in Washington township. They made their home in Troy township for many years and Mr. Schindler served the township as a trustee. She suffered a stroke three years ago, but has been in fair health recently. Mr. Schindler, until a year ago, was active in the garden at his home. A daughter, Mrs. Nettie Wirick, resides with them. Two sons have died. There are 14 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Schindler are members of the Congregational church and until recent years were active in church affairs. The story of their wedding anniversary was broadcast over a Cleveland radio station this morning. Mr. Schindler was 86 years of age Jan. 5 and his wife will be 86 on May 25.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) January 17, 1933 - Sub by Ida Maack Recu]

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: A very delightful birthday celebration in the form of a complete surprise was held Sunday in honor of Henry Spayde as his home near Little Washington, 62 relatives being in attendance. An elaborate chicken dinner including a birthday cake was served at noon, the day being spent in visiting. Music was furnished throughout the day by a Shelby orchestra. Mrs. Sanford Spayde and son, Howard, daughter Golda and granddaughter, Lola Jane; Mr. and Mrs. Vance Spayde and family; George Lee, Eddie Wells, George Crall, James and McLain Rosenburg, all of Shelby; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Spayde and daughters, Phyllis, Winogene, Rae Greta and Mary Elise of Bellville, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pearce and granddaughter of Wakeman, Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt and daughter, Nina, and sons, Charles and John, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Hugo Schulz and wife of Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McFarland and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Donough and family and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spayde and family enjoyed the celebration.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) June 25, 1926 - sub. by Ida Maack Recu]
Spayde Home Scene of Royal Birthday Party Wednesday
Celebrating the birthday anniversary of H. L. Spayde at their beautiful suburban home, south of the city, a complete and delightfully planned surprise was given him by Mrs. Spayde and their daughters, Mrs. John Ramsey, Mrs. Wayne McFarland and Mrs. Doyle Donough and their daughters-in-law, Mrs. Samuel S. Spayde and Mrs. Charles Spayde, sixty-five guests having availed themselves of the hospitality of the hostesses. The hospitality of the Spayde home is proverbial and upon this occasion new laurels were won by Mr. and Mrs. Spayde and their children. It was also the occasion of the birthdays of Mrs. Samuel S. Spayde and Mrs. John Ramsey. The Shelby orchestra favored the guests with a fine program of music both popular and classical, contributing no little to the pleasure of the occasion. The organization is composed of Mrs. Howard Spayde, violinist and leader; Miss Goldie Spayde, pianist; Vance Spayde, drums; Eddie Wells, banjo; George Crall, saxophone; James Roseberry, trombone; McLain Roseberry, cornet. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Spayde and daughter, Phyllis were also contributors to the music of the day playing many popular and old time melodies. Tables ladened with all the delicacies of culinary art, for which Mrs. Spayde is noted were arranged upon the lawn, overlooking the beautiful rose hedge, the orchard of trees, bearing ripening cherries, the fields of promising harvest, making it a scene not soon to be forgotten. The guests were seated at the tables, including mothers, fathers and children, there being among them five children of Mr. and Mrs. Spayde and twelve grandchildren. Guests from a distance included: M. and Mrs. Clarence Pierce and granddaughter, Kathleen McCready, of Wakeman; Mrs. John Brandt, daughter, Nina and sons, Charles and John, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; George Lea, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Schultz, Leola Jane Spayde and Mrs. Sanford Spayde, of Shelby; Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Spayde and daughters, Phyllis, Winogene, Rae Greta and Mary Elise, of Bellville; Mrs. Elizabeth Coul and son, Ralph. Many fine gifts were presented to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Spayde and Mrs. John Ramsey.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) June 24, 1926 - sub. by Ida Maack Recu]
A very delightful birthday celebration in the form of a complete surprise was held Sunday in honor of Henry Spayde as his home near Little Washington, 62 relatives being in attendance. An elaborate chicken dinner including a birthday cake was served at noon, the day being spent in visiting. Music was furnished throughout the day by a Shelby orchestra. Mrs. Sanford Spayde and son, Howard, daughter Golda and granddaughter, Lola Jane; Mr. and Mrs. Vance Spayde and family; George Lee, Eddie Wells, George Crall, James and McLain Rosenburg, all of Shelby; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Spayde and daughters, Phyllis, Winogene, Rae Greta and Mary Elise of Bellville, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pearce and granddaughter of Wakeman, Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt and daughter, Nina, and sons, Charles and John, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Hugo Schulz and wife of Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McFarland and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Donough and family and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spayde and family enjoyed the celebration. [
The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) June 25, 1926 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Mrs. Rollin Spayde, the former Lucille Moxley, who recently announced her marriage was honored last evening, the occasion being her first wedding anniversary. Hostess for the party was Mrs. Henry Inscore, 413 1/2 Henry street. The eight guests in attendance presented the bride with a shower of personal gifts. Bridge was the diversion with score prizes being won by Mrs. Spayde and Miss Marjorie Miles, who presented her gift to the honoree. The hostess also gave Mrs. Spayde a gift. At a late hour refreshments were served at small tables attractive with dainty bouquets of sweetpeas. Appointments were in the pastel shades. Mrs. Spayde will be entertained on July 15 at Staiger Tea room, Glessner avenue when Mrs. W. C. Linn and Mrs. R. J. Croskey are hostesses to a group of friends.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) July 7, 1943]

Mrs. Rollin Spayde, nee Lucille Moxley, was entertained at a miscellaneous shower Thursday night at the Staiger Tea room by Mrs. R. J. Croskey and Mrs. W. C. Linn. Bridge was in session at four tables. High score prizes were won by Miss Margaret McFadden and Mrs. Henry Inscore, who presented them to the honoree. When luncheon was served at a late hour, guests were seated at small tables centered with small bouquets of sweet peas. Mrs. Spayde received a gift of linen from the guests. The hostesses presented her with a gift of pottery. The next in the series of parties being given for Mrs. Spayde will be a picnic at North Lake park Tuesday night July 20. Hostesses at that event will be Miss Mary Thompson, Mrs. Al Schaller and Miss Roxy Seeburger.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) July 16, 1943 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]

MONTH OF AUGUST USHERS IN MANY PICNICS AND REUNIONS: The largest reunion held yesterday in point of numbers was the Spayde reunion of North park. Members of the family from Richland, Knox and Cuyahoga counties were present, making an assembly of 159, an increase of 20 over the attendance last year.
The Spaydes of Richland county are the descendants of Henry Spayde, who located in Jefferson township in the early days of the county, and a farm east of Bellville was the home of a large number of the family until they grew up. From the large family of the elder Spayde, has sprung several generations of the name, and after arriving abroad--until their descendants number several hundred people, located in many parts of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
H. L. Spayde of Mansfield was elected president of the association, and G. E. Spayde, Bellville, secretary and treasurer. Among those present from out of the county were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor, Canton; Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spayde and children, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Johnston and Mrs. Bina Mishey, Cleveland, Mrs. Charles McGinley, Mt. Vernon, and others from Bellville, Lexington and Butler.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) August 6, 1922 - submitted by Ida Maack Recu]

Birthday Gathering For Old Soldier.
A pleasant home gathering of the children and friends of Johnson Taylor was held Sunday, the affair having been planned as a celebration of Mr. Taylor's eightieth birthday anniversary. The members of Dick Morris Post Relief corps of Galion and the children and other guests present presented the host with a number of lovely gifts. Mr. Taylor enlisted in Company E, Third O. V. I. Sept. 3, 1861, and served in the Army of the Cumberland three years and one month, mustered out at Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 3, 1864. The guests present included Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Taylor and son Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Norton Taylor and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Verne Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Taylor, Mr.and Mrs. Jay Logan, Mrs. Frances Knell and son, Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Conley, Howard Logan and Sherman Bookwalter.
The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) March 5, 1923 - Sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Galion, March 3 - Johnson Taylor of Mansfield road residing in Sandusky township, Richland county, east of Galion, Civil war veteran, and oldest member of Dick Morris Post, G. A. R., this city, will celebrate his 90th birthday anniversary Saturday.
Mr. Taylor was born on a farm about one-half mile east of the Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield, and when he was a little past 18 years, in the year 1861, he became a volunteer in Company E, Third Ohio Cavalry, joining at Monroeville. He recalls vividly the scenes of battle at Perryville, Stone River, Chicamauga, Mission Ridge, and others.
He tells a story of how the Yankees captured a confederate "train" taking money and supplies to the army, and how he found himself with $65,000, in Confederate new money. He used $110 of this money to buy a pipe and tobacco. Later, he lost the money when his horse crossed a river.
He was mustered out of service at Columbia, Tenn., and received honorable discharge Oct. 10, 1854 at Columbus. Mr. Taylor came back to Ohio and married Eleanor M. Cole who resided on an adjoining farm east of Mansfield. He was employed on the old Erie railroad for four years, and in 1872 bought the present farm where he had lived since.
Mr. Taylor attended high school at Mansfield until the Civil war broke out. Since he has lived in Sandusky township he has served 10 years as township clerk, and 12 years as justice of the peace. In 1908 he took part in the G. A. R. encampment at Toledo. He recalls the depression when Cleveland was president and oats sold for 12c per bushel.
Mr. Taylor's four children are: Norton Taylor of near Galion; Dick Taylor of Grove avenue this city; Lisle Taylor of near Galion; and Clyde Taylor who resides on the homestead with his father. There are five grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Mrs. Taylor, his wife, died Dec. 12, 1926.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) March 3, 1933 - Sub by Ida Maack Recu]

Johnson Taylor, Who Survived Bullet Fire in War Days Has Birthday Today.
GALION-Having survived the Civil war after being shot at many times, and coming out of the war with only a bullet hole in his arm, Johnson Taylor is today quietly celebrating his 94th birthday anniversary. Several members of Scarbrough post, the American Legion, plan to call upon him tonight at his home, a farm in Sandusky township, Richland county, five miles east of Galion.
In Good Health.
Although his eyesight and hearing have been impaired during the past year, his health is good and he is able to get about his home. Taylor has lived at his present home site since 1872. He is the oldest member of Dick Morris post, G. A. R., of Galion. His Civil war activities included southern engagements, and he is able to recall vividly scenes of battle at Perrysville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge and other places. He served under a number of well-known generals including Sherman and Rosecrans.
He was born on a farm one-half mile east of the Ohio state reformatory at Mansfield. He became a volunteer in Company E, Third Ohio Cavalry, at Monroeville, at the age of 18 years, in 1861. His enlistment ran out just before Sherman made his famous march to the sea. After the war he became engaged in railroading and farming. His marriage was to Eleanor Cole of Mansfield who died in 1926. Of the five children born to this union, four sons now living are Norton Taylor of the Galion-Mansfield road, LaVerne Taylor of Galion; Lisle Taylor of the home community, and Clyde Taylor, who makes his home with his father. There are five grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) March 4, 1937 - sub by Ida Maack Recu)

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Wirick were pleasantly surprised Saturday evening at their home in Lexington by a party of relatives and friends, in honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. They were given many useful presents and a fine luncheon was served. The guests in departing late in the evening, wished them many happy returns of the day. Those in the party were, Mr. and Mrs. William Schindler and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Schindler, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Schindler and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Wirick and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wirick of Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clever and son, Mr. and Mrs. John Shellabarger, Howard and Roscoe Wirick.
[The Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) August 12, 1912]

Married Aug. 10, 1887, just 50 years ago today, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin E. Wirick observed their golden wedding anniversary Sunday at their home here. Their five children, 23 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and several other relatives were present for the celebration which included a buffet style dinner at noon. Married in Mansfield by Rev. Wiles, Mr. and Mrs. Wirick have lived most of their lives in Richland county. Both are in good health. Before her marriage Mrs. Wirick was Miss Nettie Schindler of Lexington. The children are John, Charles, Howard and Ross Wirick and Mrs. H. O. Clever.
[Mansfield News Journal (Mansfield, Ohio) August 10, 1937 - sub by Ida Maack Recu]


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