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Various Sources: Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly transcribed by Vicki Bryan; Ross County, Ohio, Marriages 1876-1900 transcribed by Carla Mascara and from records submitted by researchers

Date of Marriage

Groom - Bride

Performed By

Other Information

Feb 1 1806 Alexander, James and Polly Hatton by J. Gardner, JP  
Jun 20 1805 Anderson, Wm. and Lidia Hopkins by David Shelby, JP  
22 Apr 1894 Arledge, Alfred and Elizabeth Neice (or Niece)    
29-Nov- 1900 Arledge, Chancy Edward and Grace Reid    
29 Nov 1894 Arledge, Emmanuel and Margaret E. Frey    
25 Nov 1886 Arledge, Francis M. and Melitta J. Garrett    
17 Mar 1896 Arledge, George and Emma Ginther    
17-Jun- 1900 Arledge, George and Molly Temple    
12 Nov 1893 Arledge, Guy and Annie Ginther    
01 Nov 1892 Arledge, Henry William and Mary R. Scott    
29 Nov 1883 Arledge, Herchel and Lavina Barnhart    
27 Apr 1877 Arledge, John Wesley and Sarah Jane Ellis    
18-Apr- 1900 Arledge, Luther and Anna Florence Smith    
28-Sep- 1900 Armbrecht, William and Clara Litterst    
11 Dec 1895 Armbrust, David and Martha Hibbens    
09 Jun 1897 Armbruster, William and Mary A. Koebel    
05 Apr 1877 Armsey, B B and Kate Bontz    
21 Jul 1882 Armsey, B B and Mary Caldwell    
28 Jul 1888 Armsey, George H. and Bertha B. Landrum    
08 May 1881 Armsey, James O. and Minnie E. Philips    
17 Apr 1895 Armstrong, Arthur Clay and Ethel Maud Sweptson    
4-Apr- 1900 Armstrong, Charles L. and Bertha Watson    
21 Oct 1886 Armstrong, Ellsworth and Katie Bechler    
13 Jun 1883 Armstrong, Ellsworth and Rosa Brachhold    
13 Jun 1897 Armstrong, Ferdinand and Carrie F. Bollinger    
26 Jan 1895 Armstrong, George and Ella Countryman    
10 Jun 1897 Armstrong, George and Ollie Southers    
25 May 1880 Armstrong, Harry L. and Martha Mace    
27-Sep- 1900 Armstrong, O Benner and Elsie G. Combs    
25 Nov 1899 Armstrong, Samuel and Sarah L. Costlow    
24 Dec 1883 Armstrong, Stephen and Catherine Joslin    
19 Nov 1890 Armstrong, Thomas and Mary Dallas    
9-Jul 1900 Armstrong, Thomas and Sarah Francis    
07 Sep 1890 Armstrong, W. Edward and Myrtle B. Cork    
24 Aug 1893 Armstrong, William and Lillie Campbell    
05 Jan 1895 Arnett, Frank and Maggie E. (Mrs.) Grover    
22 Oct 1889 Arnett, Frank and Mattie Bailey    
26-Dec 1900 Arnett, William and Ella Wiliams    
09 Jul 1898 Arnold, Henry and Etta Randall    
16 Feb 1893 Arnold, Oren and May Titus    
28 Oct 1896 Arnott, Orlando and Blanche Elizabeth Dwyer    
01 Nov 1893 Arnott, William and Anna J. Lavery    
Jun 18 1804 Arrahood, Eva and Martin Boots by J. Gardner, JP  
29 Oct 1891 Arrick, John E. and Rella Downing    
05 Mar 1893 Arrington, Clinton and Lida Melson (or Nelson)    
19 Apr 1889 Artis, Bishop and Nelley Murphey    
12 Aug 1890 Artis, Briton (or Britton) and Mrs. Anna Wheeley    
24 Jul 1890 Artis, Theodore and Francis J. White    
April 12 1804 Bates, Emer and Mary Greentree by Noble Crawford rec. June 18.
14 Oct 1908 Bennett, Alfred and Mertice Waits   READ DETAILS
March 8 1804 Benson, Rojin and Jane Joab by Thos. Scott, JP rec May 25.
May 5 1805 Blazier, Phineas and Mary ___ ? by Samuel Edwards  
Oct 23 1823 Blue, James and Matilda Kirk   [Submittedby Ken Blue]
May 29 1818 Blue, Joseph and Susannah Kirk   [Submittedby Ken Blue]
June 23 1803 Bolton, James and Nancy Cox by E Langham, JP; rec June 27
June 18 1804 Boots, Martin and Eva Arrahood by J. Gardner , JP  
July 7 1803 Boyd, Jonathan and Elizabeth Heart by Wm Davis, JP  
February 22 1804 Brown, Andrew and Jane Gallaspie by John Hoddy, JP rec. April 15.
___1806 Burgon, Wm and Catherine ____ ? by John Robins  
August 14 1804 Cambridge, James and Sally Nickins by J. Gardner, JP  
September 12 1803 Chovey, Andrew and Elizabeth Redding by John Hoddy, JP; rec November 28
April 21 1803 Clark, John and Prudence Hody by Wm Robinson, JP rec June 19
September 4 1804 Cobler, David and Ann Freeman by Wm. Davis, JP  
August 30 1804 Cochran, James and Rachel Kerr by W. Bobinson.  
December 22 1803 Comer, John and Sarah Barber by John Odle, JP  
July 5 1804 Comer, Wm. and Nancy Barbee, both of Jefferson Tp. by J. Gardner.  
June 19 1804 Coone, Adam and Hannah Marquis by Geo. Williams.  
January 12 1804 Cowgle, Alexander and Mary Crow by Isaac Dawson rec. March 6.
Jan 30 1806 Crabb, Jeremiah and Annahelea Anderson by Peter Jackson, JP  
March 24 1804 Crabb, Reuben and Polly Clevanger by Isaac Cook, JP  
October 13 1803 Crook, Joseph and Susanna Geblur by Samuel Evans; rec October 13
January 31 1804 Crouch, Joseph and Margaret McCall by Abm. Miller.  
April 14 1803 Davis, Benjamin and Patty Reding by Wm Robinson, JP rec June 19
June 5 1804 Delay, Jonathan and Deborah Hollinshead by Isaac Dawson.  
May 17 1803 Devore, Josias and Catharine Whetstone by Jos Gardner, JP  
March 29 1804 Dunlap, Robert and Rebecca Taylor by Noble Crawford rec. June 18.
April 13 1804 Eator, Jacob and Nancy Sollers by John Hoddy, JP rec April 15.
June 14 1930 Eby, Byron Frederick and Ruth Vivian Richardson   READ DETAILS
September 24 1804 England, John and Anna Burk by J. Gardner, JP  
April 3 1804 Foster, Jacob and Sarah Clark by Wm. Davis.  
July 2 1803 Franklin, James and Rebecca Carpenter by J Gardner, JP  
February 29 1804 Freeland, Lake and Ruth Thompson by John Hoddy, JP rec. April 15.
September 22 1803 Gaskins, James and Mary McCallum by Wm Davis, JP  
September 27 1804 Glaze, Richard and Nancy Vansickle by Geo. Williams, JP  
November 28 1803 Graves, Elexander and Rebecca Comer by John Odle, JP  
February 27 1804 Green, William and Hannah Anderson by Thomas Scott, JP, Scioto Tp.  
Feb 27 1804 Green, William and Hannah Anderson by Thomas Scott, JP Scioto Tp.  
July 19 1804 Grimes, Thomas and Elonor Mount, both of Pe Pe Tp. by John Johnson rec. August 2.
January 5 1804 Harbert, Richard and Calrew (?) Vandurn by Samíl Edwards, JP rec March 13.
August 7 1804 Heath, John and Nancy Tomlin by Wm. Davis, JP  
December 22 1803 Hile, Henry and Eva Nickins by J Gardner, JP rec December 26
January 12 1804 Hiss, James and Sally Hill by John Johnson, JP, Pope Tp. rec. January 14.
December 29 1803 Howard, Lewis and Marian Burns McGlauglin by Geo Williams, JP  
October 6 1803 Howard, Loyd and Sarah Bodkin by J Gardner, JP  
September 8 1804 Hubbard, Jacob and Elizabeth Stackhouse by Thos. Scott.  
(No date 1804) Hubbard, Titus and Eliz. Greenwood by Wm. Rolison.  
April 7 1803 Huff, Joseph and Hanna Finley by Samuel Evans rec October 14
May 10 1804 Jamison, George and Jean Lavezby by W. Robinson, JP rec. May 25.
March 22 1804 Kelly, Andrew and Ann Cating by Jonn Odle, JP  
December 6 1804 Kerr, John and Sally Chenoweth by Arthur Chenoweth, JP rec. January 2, 1805
April 15 1804 Kilgore, James and Anna Holton by Noble Crawford rec. June 18.
January 16 1804 Lockard, Wm. and Mary Doll by J. Gardner, JP rec. January 23.
July 15 1803 Long, Robert and Catharine Gowens by Thos Scott, JP of Scioto Tp rec Oct 4
July 15 1804 Long, Robert and Katharine Gowens by Thomas Scott, JP, Scioto Tp.  
April 19 1804 Lowning, Francis and Elizabeth Foster by Wm. Davis, Esq.  
July 28 1803 Malone, Hartley and Margrate Johnson by J Gardner, JP  
May 24 1804 Mathews, John and Sarah McKinney by Thos. Scott, JP rec. May 25.
March 22 1804 McConnell, Wm. and Susanna Pancake by Geo. Williams, JP  
February 9 1804 McDougral, James and Elinor Brittian by Wm. Creighton.  
June 1 1803 McGill, Hugh and Sarah Eakins by Oliver Ross rec June 30
August 29 1804 McGuire, Robert and Priscilla Clark by J. Gardner, JP  
June 7 1804 McGuire, Thomas and Nancy McGuire by Thos. Scott, JP  
August 22 1803 McKee, John and Jane Alexander by J Gardner, JP  
August 24 1804 Miller, John and Betsy Cailer by Abm. Miller.  
June 14 1804 Miller, Robert and Fanny Mooney by Abm. Miller.  
March 24 1803 Minor, Philip and Elizabeth Richard by James Dunlap, JP; rec August 19
January 17 1804 Montgomery, William and Mary Crouch by Abm. Miller.  
August 28 1804 Mountain, James and Rebecca Campbell, of New Market Tp. by John Davidson rec September 4.
August 24 1804 Murphy, Wm. and Debary Flouron by Geo. Vinsanhaler.  
January 25 1804 Niblack, Wm. and Sidney Clark by Wm. Creighton rec. February 6.
February 12 1804 Norton, Moses and Polly White Cotton by John Johnston, JP, Pope Tp. rec February 24 1803.
August 30 1804 Noteman, Andrew and Betsay McCune by W. Robinson.  
January 22 1804 Obrian, John and Polly Foster by Wm. Davis, JP  
July 19 1804 Page, John and Margrett Emmery by Isaac Cook, JP rec. July 24.
October 18 1803 Parcuson, Geo and Rebecca Ross by James Evans  
August 2 1803 Parker, William and Elizabeth Davis by Wm Davis, JP  
August 21 1804 Peerce, Thomas and Betsy Francis by J. Gardner, JP  
November 17 1803? Phillips, James and Mary Harr by Thomas Scott, JP, Scioto Tp.  
June 2 1803 Richardson, Samuel and Mary Comer by Jos Gardner, JP  
March 16 1804 Roberts, Daniel and Rebecca Hinton by Abm. Miller.  
May 5 1804 Roger, John and Catharine Valentine by Samíl Edwards.  
November 11 1803? Roult, James and Abigail Willet by Thomas Scott, JP, Scioto Tp.  
April 7 1803 Rudie, William and Rachel Cox by Felix Renick  
December 2 1804 Shephard, James and Francis Daily by John Hoddy, JP  
July 19 1803 Shepherd, David and Elizabeth Botz by JG Macan  
March 15 1804 Shickley, Michael and Sally Sollers by Isaac Cook, JP  
August 21 1804 Smith, Arra and Rebecca Crouch by Abm. Miller.  
April 5 1804 Staggs, Wm. and Betsy Clawson by William Robinson.  
June 2 1803 Stockey, Abraham and Eva Bush by Jos Gardner, JP  
March 31 1803 Strouss, Mich'l and Mary Walker by Oliver Ross; rec June 30
Feb 13 1804 Sull, Thomas and Nancy Abel by Samuel Smith  
May 8 1803 Templin, Salmon and Agnes Wilson by Wm Robinson, JP rec June 19
October 13 1803 Thomas, John and Catherine Putnam by J Gardner, JP  
October 20 1803 Tiffin, Joseph and Nancy Wood by J Gardner, JP  
February 2 1804 Tinlow, William and Jean Rody by Samíl Edwards, JP rec. March 13.
March 22 1804 Vance, Wm. of Belmont Co., and Mary Kirk, of Scioto Tp. by William Creighton rec. March 23.
July 20 1803 Washburn, James and Elizabeth Countriman by Wm Davis, JP  
January 24 1804 Webster, James Brice and Millia Dawson by Abm. Miller.  
January 12 1804 Westfall, Cornelius and Sarah Rumson by John Odle, JP (Below there is this entry: ďMr. John McDougal: Sir Please have the above certificates recorded in your office. John Odle, Esq.Ē)
January 22 1804 Whetzell, Daniel and Martha Smith by Abm. Miller.  
July 12 1804 Whitney, Thomas and Marea Emmery by Isaac Cook, JP rec. July 24.
July 19 1804 Wilfong, David and Susan Chaply by Abm. Miller.  
September 26 1804 William, Elias and Chrislar Countriman by Wm. Davis, JP  


No. 191 in the matter of Byron Frederick Eby and Ruth Vivian Richardson. The undersigned respectfully make application for a marriage license for said parties, and upon both state: that said Byron Frederick Eby was 25 years of age on the 11 date of December 1929 his of residence is Chillicothe, Ohio his occupation is clerk his father's name is Edwin Eby his mother's maiden name was Mabel Valentine that he was not previously married and that he has no wife living. That neither of said parties is an habitual drunkard, epileptic, imbecile or insane, and is not under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug. Said parties are not nearer of kin than second cousins, and there is no legal impediment to their marriage.
The Honorable Judge of the Probate Court of said county: That said Ruth Vivian Richardson was 22 years of age on the 22 day of January 1930 her residence is Chillicothe, Ross county, Ohio her place of birth is Elizabeth, Pennsylvania her occupation is cashier, her father's name is Reese Roy Richardson her mother's maiden name was Ruby Ora Wilson that she was not previously married and is not a widow or divorced woman, her married name been_x__.
It is expected that Rev. E.K. Johnson is to solemnize the marriage of said parties. Sworn to before me and signed in my presence, this 12th date of June 1930. Consent of Byron Eby, Ruth Richardson.
Probate Court, Ross County, Ohio. Marriage license was this day granted to Byron Eby and Ruth Vivian Richardson. Signed by Elijah Cutright Probate Judge.
I do hereby certify, that on the 14 day of June 1930, I solemnized the marriage of Mr. Bryon F. Eby with Miss Ruth Vivian Richardson. Filed and recorded June 17, 1930 Elijah Cutright Jr. Probate Judge.

No. 259
Mr. Alfred Bennett and Miss Mertice Waits
His age 26 years October 20, 1907
Residence Yellow Bud, Ohio
Place of birth Yellow Bud, Ohio
Occupation Farmer
Father's name Thomas Bennett
Mother's maiden name Lydia Fellowbamm
Her age 19 years October 8, 1908
Residence Chillicothe, Ohio
Place of birth Ross County, Ohio
Occupation housekeeper
Father's name John Waits
Mother's maiden name Sarah Conrad
Name of person expected to solemnize marriage Rev. Hawk
Said parties are not nearer of kin than second cousins and there is no legal impediment to their marriage. That neither of said parties is a habitual drunkard, epileptic, imbecile or insane, or under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug while making application for license.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 14th day of October, 1908. H.C. Claypool, probate judge. License is granted this 14th day of October 1908.
I do hereby certify, that on the 14th day of October, 1908, I solemnized the marriage of Mr. Alfred Bennett with Miss Mertice Waits. Signed A.J. Hawk, Minister of the Gospel. Filed and recorded November 8, 1908. H.C. Claypool.


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