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: Julius Brengartner was granted a divorce from his wife Mamie this morning by Judge Reed. The plainiff alleged gross neglect of duty and showed by witnesses that his wife had been unfaithful. Mrs. Brengartner made no fight, but asked that she might be allowed to visit the children. The court granted the request marking the condition that the father be present at the time the visits are made. The testimony was quite sensational and several prominent witnesses appeared on the stand to testify as to the good character of the plainiff. [Sandusky Daily Star, July 5. 1902 - Sub by L. Dietz]

HOLLISTER -- Louisa Hollister has filed a petition for divorce in the common pleas court in which she alleges that she was wedded to her husband, Edwin Hollister in the village of Vermillion in 1897. She claims the defendant has been guilty of gross neglect of duty, willful abstence and non-support. She asks that she be given a divorce. [Sandusky Daily Star, July 12, 1902 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

THOMAS -- A sensational divorce suit was filed with the clerk of courts today by Ada Thomas, wife of Albert Thomas, in which the plainiff alleges that she was married to her husband in 1901, and that he has never provided for her, either in the way of clothes or food. She makes the allegation that in March, 1902, just one year after they were married, he struck her down at the residence of R. B. Maxwell, of Mansfield. At that time he was arrested and taken before the mayor of Mansfield. He was fined for the offense and taken to the work house. Mrs. Thomas asks that she be granted a divorce and also be given her maiden name, Ada Franklin, by the court. [Sandusky Daily Star, July 12, 1902 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

YOUNG: John Young, who was a defendant in an alimony case in which his wife, Emma Young, was a plaintiff, has now become plaintiff in a divorce case. He was given time in which to file a cross petition for divorce. He has done so and alleges gross neglect of duty. [Sandusky Daily Star, July 5, 1902 - Sub. by L. Dietz]


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