Sandusky County, Ohio
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Crime News

Convicted of Perjury
Wallace A. Morgan has been found guilty of perjury in Sandusky county. He married a woman in Toledo last February, and in May went to Fremont and married Gertrude Ulch. The perjury grew out of his oath that he was unmarried when he procured a marriage license. His defense was that he had been told that his first wife was dead. [The Sandusky Star-Journal (Sandusky, OH) Saturday, 13 Jul 1901, p. 2]

Another Leg-Treasurer
The Milan (Ohio) Tribune says that John Strohl, the Loco-Foco Sheriff of Sandusky County, has taken his flight Texas-ward with some thousands of dollars of the people's money in his pockets.  [Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, North Carolina), Wednesday, May 14, 1845]


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