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Adams Cemetery 384623N 0830322W  
Adams Cemetery 385633N 0825242W  
Barrett Cemetery 384639N 0825041W  
Batterson Cemetery 384808N 0825016W  
Beech Fork Cemetery 385124N 0831445W  
Bennett Cemetery 385359N 0825304W  
Bennett Cemetery 385153N 0825119W  
Berea Cemetery 384607N 0831542W  
Big Run Cemetery 385410N 0830232W  
Bloom Furnace Cemetery 384716N 0824022W  
Bloom Switch Cemetery 384813N 0824217W  
Bloom Township Cemetery 384833N 0824254W  
Blue Run Cemetery 385307N 0825454W  
Brady Cemetery 384841N 0823948W  
Branham Cemetery 384743N 0831134W  
Brant Cemetery 384704N 0823950W  
Buckeye Cemetery 383557N 0824749W  
Bussey Cemetery 384528N 0824720W  
Candy Run Baptist Cemetery 385134N 0825611W  
Canter Cemetery 385655N 0825402W  
Careys Run Cemetery 384332N 0830240W  
Cole Cemetery 384721N 0830054W  
Colegrove Cemetery 385012N 0824840W  
Conley Cemetery 384650N 0830242W  
Cook Cemetery 384549N 0830157W  
Country Club Cemetery 384824N 0830043W  
Crabtree Cemetery 385523N 0830747W  
Dold Cemetery 384158N 0824833W  
Downey Cemetery 385505N 0825101W  
Duncan Cemetery 385201N 0830402W  
Early Cemetery 385324N 0831212W  
Euton Cemetery 385025N 0830816W  
Feurt Cemetery 383817N 0825041W  
Flack Cemetery 385637N 0824618W  
Floral Hills Memory Gardens Cemetery 384108N 0825108W  
Friendship Cemetery 384149N 0830615W  
Garvin Cemetery 384943N 0830839W  
Garvin Cemetery 385103N 0831054W  
Gerlach Cemetery 383951N 0825102W  
German Cemetery 384502N 0825012W  
Glendale Cemetery 385143N 0825359W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 384442N 0825857W  
Gregory Cemetery 385145N 0824940W  
Hall Cemetery 384602N 0830242W  
Hall Cemetery 385156N 0824718W  
Harger Cemetery 385433N 0825634W  
Harmon Cemetery 385955N 0831405W  
Harrison Furnace Cemetery 384958N 0825249W  
Hartley Cemetery 384533N 0824852W  
Haverhill Cemetery 383512N 0825002W  
Highland Bend Cemetery 384604N 0825207W  
Hoffer Hill Cemetery 385325N 0831411W  
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Cemetery 384743N 0830417W  
Jacobs Cemetery 385608N 0825617W  
Jenkins Cemetery 385505N 0824549W  
Jenkins Cemetery 384634N 0824719W  
Jewett Cemetery 384908N 0830926W  
Johnson Cemetery 384607N 0824147W  
Kellogg Cemetery 383509N 0824737W  
Kelly Cemetery 385055N 0830609W  
Kelly Cemetery 385126N 0824701W  
Kinney Cemetery 384913N 0831338W  
Knore Cemetery 384839N 0825046W  
Kronk Cemetery 385502N 0825017W  
Lair Cemetery 384854N 0824928W  
Larkin Cemetery 384431N 0830202W  
Lauman Cemetery 385522N 0830234W  
Long Run Cemetery 384940N 0825539W  
Luckett Cemetery 385529N 0825935W  
Lute Cemetery 385137N 0830524W  
Malone Cemetery 384517N 0830214W  
Marshall Cemetery 384537N 0825107W  
Martin Cemetery 385326N 0830558W  
Martin Cemetery 385450N 0825310W  
Mault Cemetery 385234N 0824704W  
McDermitt Cemetery 383814N 0831346W  
McKendree Cemetery 383810N 0831308W  
Meads Cemetery 384706N 0824940W  
Memorial Burial Park 384244N 0825105W  
Mershon-Swords Cemetery 384657N 0830535W  
Miller Cemetery 385652N 0830124W  
Monroe Cemetery 384908N 0824849W  
Moon Cemetery 384740N 0831157W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 384306N 0824322W  
Mount Joy Cemetery 385701N 0831211W  
Mustard Cemetery 385723N 0831536W  
New Scioto Cemetery 385656N 0825908W  
Nurse Cemetery 384126N 0825117W  
Old Bennett Cemetery 385115N 0825127W  
Old Dutch Cemetery 384338N 0824920W  
Old Hackworth Cemetery 385610N 0831244W  
Old Lucasville Cemetery 385244N 0825954W  
Old Wheelersburg Cemetery 384411N 0825121W  
Oppy Cemetery 384756N 0831336W  
Oswego Cemetery 384903N 0831238W  
Otway Cemetery 385207N 0831129W  
Parker Cemetery 384742N 0831200W  
Pine Creek Baptist Cemetery 384102N 0824903W  
Pinkerman United Brethren Cemetery 385018N 0824607W  
Powellsville Baptist Cemetery 383953N 0824723W  
Pyle Cemetery 385435N 0825423W  
Pyle Cemetery 384818N 0824855W  
Rawley Cemetery 384448N 0825206W  
Rhymby Cemetery 385620N 0830557W  
Rigrish Cemetery 384731N 0825052W  
Rockwell Cemetery 385332N 0830608W  
Rogers Cemetery 385106N 0825006W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 384816N 0824800W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 385247N 0830859W  
Salladay Cemetery 384133N 0825108W  
Schaffer Cemetery 384620N 0825045W  
Scioto Burial Park 385031N 0830133W  
Scioto Furnace Cemetery 384748N 0824608W  
Seymore Cemetery 384646N 0830217W  
Shuter Cemetery 385104N 0825038W  
Slocum Cemetery 384557N 0824942W  
Smith Cemetery 385109N 0831210W  
South Webster Cemetery 384833N 0824255W  
Squire Cemetery 385229N 0825159W  
Stidham Cemetery 384936N 0824146W  
Stony Hill Cemetery 385219N 0825718W  
Summers Cemetery 384916N 0825622W  
Thornton Cemetery 385017N 0830903W  
Titus Cemetery 385016N 0824811W  
Turner Cemetery 384557N 0825004W  
Up Cemetery 385659N 0831057W  
Vaughters Cemetery 384236N 0830414W  
Vernon Cemetery 384523N 0824616W  
Wheeler Cemetery 385353N 0825328W  
White Cemetery 385221N 0824809W  
White Gravel Cemetery 385545N 0824835W  
Williams Cemetery 385053N 0830641W  
Williamson Cemetery 384638N 0830116W  
Worley Run Cemetery 384253N 0830622W  
Young Cemetery 385350N 0831215W  


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