Seneca County, Ohio
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Adams Lutheran Cemetery 411057N 0825833W  
Armstrong Cemetery 410729N 0825641W  
Assumption Cemetery 410911N 0825247W  
Attica Cemetery 410404N 0825249W  
Bare Cemetery 410118N 0831340W  
Baugher Cemetery 410055N 0831124W  
Bethel Cemetery 405955N 0831340W  
Big Spring Cemetery 410012N 0832315W  
Block Cemetery 411031N 0825838W  
Bloom Township Cemetery 410214N 0830253W  
Bloomville Cemetery 410401N 0830044W  
Brundedge Cemetery 405937N 0830649W  
Bunker Hill Cemetery 411245N 0830438W  
Caroline Lutheran Cemetery 410308N 0825344W  
Clay Cemetery 410844N 0825853W  
Coffman Cemetery 411010N 0830205W  
County Home Cemetery 410439N 0830949W  
Crissa Cemetery 411332N 0831323W  
Dunkard Cemetery 410425N 0830053W  
Dysinger Cemetery 411335N 0832311W  
East Baseline Baptist Cemetery 405938N 0830058W  
Egbert Cemetery 411007N 0830555W  
Fairmont Cemetery 410807N 0831041W  
Farewell Retreat Cemetery 410702N 0830048W  
Feaselburg Cemetery 411244N 0831437W  
Fireside Cemetery 411337N 0825427W  
Flat Rock Cemetery 411333N 0825226W  
Fravel Cemetery 411009N 0831058W  
French Town Cemetery 410142N 0832035W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 410609N 0830906W  
Hopewell Cemetery 410808N 0831408W  
Jerusalem Cemetery 410238N 0831548W  
Kagy Cemetery 410256N 0831002W  
Lay Cemetery 411519N 0825854W  
Liberty Cemetery 411303N 0831712W  
Loudon Township Cemetery 410807N 0832315W  
Lowell Cemetery 411247N 0830250W  
McMeen Cemetery 411118N 0830616W  
Mennonite Cemetery 410216N 0825827W  
Methodist Cemetery 405949N 0831512W  
Null Cemetery 411106N 0831648W  
Omar Cemetery 410708N 0825147W  
Payne Cemetery 411153N 0825833W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 411008N 0830555W  
Pleasant Union Cemetery 411332N 0830834W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 410118N 0830319W  
Randall Cemetery      
Randall Cemetery 410353N 0830908W  
Raymond Cemetery 411458N 0830113W  
Reformed Cemetery 410320N 0830057W  
Reformed Cemetery 410956N 0825852W  
Reisz Cemetery 410301N 0831744W  
Rock Creek Cemetery 410401N 0830541W  
Rock Creek Cemetery 410441N 0830756W  
Saint Andrews Cemetery 411039N 0831706W  
Saint Boniface Cemetery 410315N 0831924W  
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 411012N 0830301W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 410548N 0831038W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 410716N 0830900W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 411134N 0825105W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 410630N 0831856W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 410356N 0832304W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 410123N 0825806W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 410401N 0825253W  
Sand Ridge Cemetery 410755N 0831710W  
Scipio Township Cemetery 410544N 0830020W  
Seneca Memory Gardens 410618N 0831526W  
Sheller Cemetery 410553N 0832409W  
Shiloh Cemetery 411056N 0831151W  
Shock Cemetery 410121N 0830756W  
Swamp Cemetery 410034N 0825108W  
Thompson Center Cemetery 411242N 0825409W  
Underhill Cemetery 411241N 0825245W  
Union Cemetery 411243N 0825816W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 410323N 0830201W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 411052N 0832036W  


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