Shelby County, Ohio
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Angel Street Cemetery 401707N 0841811W  
Anna Cemetery 402359N 0841024W  
Barnett Cemetery 402450N 0841621W  
Beechwood Cemetery 401232N 0841453W  
Brookside Cemetery 401644N 0841433W  
Carey Cemetery 401729N 0841422W  
Cecil Cemetery 401349N 0841416W  
Cedar Point Cemetery 401657N 0840558W  
Coldes Chapel Cemetery 402107N 0841448W  
Collins Cemetery 402621N 0841349W  
County Home Infirmary Cemetery 401504N 0841154W  
Cuba Cemetery 402224N 0841532W  
Cynthian Cemetery 401756N 0842210W  
Dorsey Cemetery 401128N 0840206W  
Elliott Cemetery 402714N 0840353W  
Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery      
Furrow Cemetery 402123N 0842226W  
Galley Cemetery 401832N 0842053W  
Glen Cemetery 401925N 0840613W  
Graceland Cemetery 401607N 0840923W  
Houston Cemetery 401458N 0842028W  
Howell Cemetery 402554N 0840536W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 402827N 0841100W  
Johnson Cemetery 402714N 0841534W  
Lenox Cemetery 402028N 0840958W  
Long Cemetery 402618N 0840821W  
McClure Cemetery 402018N 0841249W  
McCord Cemetery 402306N 0840259W  
Medaris Cemetery 401819N 0840619W  
Mills Cemetery 401640N 0842132W  
Munk Cemetery 401422N 0842239W  
New Hope Cemetery 401948N 0841557W  
New Loramie Valley Cemetery 402719N 0841041W  
New Oran Cemetery 401737N 0842014W  
Old Dunkard Cemetery 401627N 0840531W  
Old Loramie Valley Cemetery 402710N 0841043W  
Old Reformed Cemetery 401250N 0840945W  
Old Saint James Cemetery 402219N 0841010W  
Old Saint Michaels Cemetery 402106N 0842216W  
Oran Christian Cemetery 401728N 0841919W  
Orange Chapel Cemetery 401312N 0840812W  
Pearl Cemetery 402154N 0841007W  
Pioneer Cemetery 401401N 0840436W  
Pioneer Cemetery 401959N 0840524W  
Plattsville Cemetery 401340N 0840427W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 402622N 0840112W  
Razer Cemetery 401220N 0841402W  
Redman Cemetery 402501N 0841338W  
Roberts Cemetery 402054N 0840501W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 402345N 0841516W  
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 402754N 0840550W  
Saint Lawrence Cemetery 402804N 0840733W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 402008N 0842230W  
Saint Michaels New Cemetery 402004N 0842227W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 402213N 0841717W  
Saint Peter and Paul Cemetery 401747N 0842207W  
Saint Remy Cemetery 401400N 0842433W  
Schwaberow Cemetery 402615N 0841839W  
Seventh Day Cemetery 402621N 0840259W  
Staley Cemetery 401851N 0840700W  
Stewart Cemetery 401539N 0841334W  
Sturm Cemetery 401339N 0840109W  
Toland Cemetery 402435N 0841141W  
Walkup Cemetery 402040N 0842456W  
Ward Cemetery 401919N 0840319W  
Wesley Cemetery 402315N 0840715W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 401145N 0841112W  
Wright Cemetery 401546N 0841838W  


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