Shelby County, Ohio
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These are presented in loose alpha order by the first surname of the first criminal mentioned in the story.

Three young boys perpetrated a daring offense yesterday afternoon when they snatched a purse from the hands of Mrs. E. P. Dunn as she was walking along Michigan Street. They dashed off through the backyard of the residences on the west side of Walnut Avenue, going south from Michigan. They were recognized by a youth who witnessed the theft, and he was able to identify them. The boys are 13, 11 and 9. The money and purse were recovered.
[Sidney Daily News, January 7, 1934]

S. L. McCoy, a liveryman at Anna, Ohio, was arrested Tuesday night for slander in connecting the name of R. D. Mede, Mayor of Anna, and Lillie Norcross. McCoy waived examination. [Source: "Minster Home Light," Minster, OH, Sept. 8, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]


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