Stark County, Ohio
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Alliance City Cemetery 405557N 0810647W  
Amish Cemetery 404945N 0811105W  
Armstrong Cemetery 404504N 0813348W  
Baptist Cemetery 404131N 0813704W  
Battlesburg Cemetery 404154N 0812301W  
Baughman Cemetery 404433N 0813323W  
Beech Cemetery 405212N 0811237W  
Beechwood Cemetery 405310N 0810800W  
Beechy Cemetery 405724N 0812127W  
Blough Cemetery 403921N 0813034W  
Bose Cemetery 403911N 0813346W  
Bowman Cemetery 404123N 0811951W  
Brumbaugh Cemetery 405831N 0811838W  
Calvary Cemetery 404723N 0812808W  
Centenary Chapel Cemetery 404243N 0811633W  
Center Church Cemetery 404853N 0811649W  
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 404457N 0811427W  
Church of God Cemetery 404235N 0812849W  
Clapper Cemetery 405002N 0813441W  
Cross Roads Cemetery 404338N 0813421W  
Dietrick Cemetery 404124N 0813334W  
Dutch Church Cemetery 405550N 0810619W  
East Greenville Cemetery 404802N 0813737W  
East Nimishillen Cemetery 405532N 0811943W  
East Sparta Cemetery 403955N 0812117W  
Eden Cemetery 404415N 0812619W  
Evangelical Cemetery 405157N 0811640W  
Evergreen Park 404856N 0811751W  
Fairhope Evangelical Cemetery 404944N 0811754W  
Fairmount Childrens Home Cemetery 405214N 0810618W  
Fairmount Grange Cemetery 405126N 0810611W  
Fairmount Memorial Cemetery 405232N 0810623W  
Farber-Knotts Cemetery 403906N 0811854W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 405059N 0812322W  
Freeburg Cemetery 405009N 0810842W  
French Baptist Cemetery 405430N 0811426W  
Gerber Cemetery 404413N 0812536W  
German Cemetery 404112N 0813446W  
Glass Cemetery 404348N 0811448W  
Glen Cemetery 404419N 0811449W  
Green Lawn Cemetery 403930N 0813821W  
Greenlawn Union Reformed Cemetery 405842N(?) 0812436W(?)

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Burials in Unknown sections

Greenridge Cemetery 404243N 0812000W  
Greentown Cemetery #10 405546N 0812349W  
Grove Cemetery 404132N 0812438W  
Hartville Lutheran Cemetery 405744N 0811942W  
Hawkins Cemetery 404851N 0810642W  
Hebrew Cemetery 404620N 0812217W  
Henline Cemetery 403948N 0812448W  
Henry Cemetery 405136N 0811959W  
Hillcrest Cemetery 404505N 0812300W  
Indian Run Cemetery 404423N 0811604W  
King Church Mennonite Cemetery 405805N 0812153W  
Kountze Memorial Cemetery 404705N 0811713W  
Kurtz Cemetery 404953N 0813643W  
Lexington Cemetery 405742N 0810641W  
Liberty Cemetery 404346N 0810913W  
Limaville Cemetery 405848N 0810859W  
Lutheran Evangelical Cemetery #9      
Machamer Cemetery 405645N 0812050W  
Magnolia Cemetery 403920N 0811746W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 405629N 0812018W  
Marlboro Cemetery 405752N 0811252W  
Massillon Cemetery 404628N 0813100W  
McFarren Cemetery 404324N 0813731W  
McKinley Park Cemetery (historical) 404746N 0812247W  
Melsheimer Cemetery 404313N 0812217W  
Motts Cemetery 404744N 0811214W  
Mount Peace Cemetery 405808N 0812025W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 405048N 0811907W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 405428N 0812407W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 405422N 0812518W  
Mount Tabor Cemetery 404704N 0811701W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 404431N 0812029W  
Myers Cemetery 404613N 0813315W  
New Baltimore Cemetery 405900N 0811409W  
New Franklin Cemetery 404759N 0810537W  
Newman Cemetery 404945N 0813336W  
Newman Creek Cemetery 405056N 0813715W  
Niesz Cemetery 404504N 0812541W  
North Canton Cemetery 405349N 0812513W  
North Lawn Cemetery 405108N 0812400W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 405711N 0812134W  
Old Kendal Cemetery 404806N 0813052W  
Old Lutheran Cemetery 404333N 0813057W  
Old Methodist Cemetery 405312N 0813605W  
Old Pioneer Cemetery 404008N 0811522W  
Old Presbyterian Cemetery 405157N 0813850W  
Old Quaker Cemetery 404825N 0813044W  
Old Wilmot Cemetery 403924N 0813749W  
Paris Cemetery 404743N 0810951W  
Pigeon Run Cemetery 404458N 0813441W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 404932N 0813752W  
Quaker Hill Cemetery 405916N 0811023W  
Reed Cemetery 404214N 0813524W  
Richville Cemetery 404522N 0812816W  
Robertsville Cemetery 404550N 0811120W  
Rose Hill Memorial Park Cemetery 405003N 0813016W  
Rowland Cemetery 404735N 0812111W  
Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery 405330N 0811341W  
Saint Barbaras Cemetery 404737N 0813340W  
Saint Clements Cemetery 404337N 0813101W  
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 405222N 0813050W  
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 405455N 0812111W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 404912N 0812304W  
Saint Johns Sixteen Cemetery 404718N 0813608W  
Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery 405240N 0811020W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 405403N 0810522W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 404626N 0813048W  
Saint Louis Cemetery 404931N 0811606W  
Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery 404812N 0813122W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 404023N 0813220W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 405331N 0812843W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 405849N 0811249W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 405225N 0812409W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 404914N 0812246W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 405520N 0811546W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 405446N 0811601W  
Saint Phillips Cemetery 405337N 0813556W  
Salem Cemetery 404323N 0811231W  
Salem Greenlawn Cemetery 405103N 0810759W  
Sandy Valley Cemetery 403950N 0811613W  
Science Hill Cemetery 405522N 0810951W  
Shepler Cemetery 404136N 0812850W  
Sherman Cemetery 404146N 0812558W  
Shiveley Cemetery 404434N 0810841W  
Siffert Cemetery 404254N 0812546W  
Slutz Cemetery 404216N 0813252W  
Snyder Cemetery 404917N 0811315W  
South Lawn Cemetery 403857N 0813426W  
Stanwood Cemetery 404533N 0813802W  
Sunset Hills Burial Park 405120N 0812634W  
Thomas Cemetery 405343N 0811841W  
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 404743N 0813408W  
Union Cemetery 405029N 0811411W  
Union Cemetery 405326N 0813621W  
Union Cemetery 405747N 0811940W  
Union Cemetery 404703N 0811720W  
Union Cemetery 4096310 08132810 aka Hartville Reformed
Union Lawn Cemetery 404336N 0813113W  
Valley Chapel Cemetery 404817N 0811912W  
Walker Cemetery 404604N 0810524W  
Weimer Cemetery 403946N 0813636W  
Welty Cemetery 404108N 0813555W  
Werner Chapel Cemetery 405347N 0811806W  
West Brookfield Cemetery 404804N 0813403W  
West Lawn Cemetery 404344N 0810545W  
Westlawn Cemetery 404831N 0812348W  
Williamsport Cemetery 405557N 0810551W  
Woods Cemetery 405833N 0812402W  
Zion Cemetery 404105N 0812437W  
Zwick Cemetery 404714N 0811344W  


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