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Governor Trimble of Ohio has issued his proclamation, recommending that Friday, the fourteenth day of November next, be observed by the people of that state as a Day of Thanksgiving and Praise to Almighty God, for the numerous and invaluable blessings which he has been pleased to bestow upon them and the whole country. - Balt. Amer. [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, October 29, 1828 - NP - Sub by FOFG]


From the Cleveland, Ohio Herald, Aug. 19: The work on the Ohio Canal is now progressing with great spirit and success. Most of the line which was put under contract in June, between this place and the Portage Summit, is already grubbed and cleared. The excavation is going on briskly and some sections are nearly finished. Large quantities of stone have been quarried and several thousand feet are cut, ready for building the walls of the locks. Water limestone for about 30,000 bushels of water cement has been quarried and kilns are building for burning and a mill for grinding it. This quarry of water lime stone is directly on the canal line, about midway of the greatest flight of locks on the line between the Portage summit and valley of the Cuyahoga. A durable stream with sufficient water and fall to drive a mill for grinding the lime, passes immediately over the quarry; and it seems as if nature had prepared the whole for the express purpose to which it is now appropriated.
All who have viewed the route from the Portage summit northwardly and who are experienced in canaling, concur in stating that they have never known a canal line so conveniently and abundantly supplied with all the materials necessary for the works required to be erected on the Canal. One or two of the locks and several of the sections will probably be finished this fall.
Although the contracts were generally taken at prices below the estimates of the engineers, experience proves that the work can be performed at the contract prices at a reasonable profit to the contractors. Almost every kind of work has already been subjected to the test of experiment.[Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) September 7, 1825 - NP - Sub by FOFG]

One Lock on the Ohio canal near the Portage summit is completed; two others are nearly finished and one entire section, between the summit and Cleveland is also completed and most of the remaining sections are progressing rapidly. Canton Repository. [Republican Compiler ( Gettysburg , Pennsylvania ) January 11, 1826]

We learn from Ohio that the Miami Canal has been contracted for, to the distance of forty-eight miles, for $358,984, including twelve locks. This is the most difficult part of the work the remaining portion is now under contract for $82,518. The whole work will cost $27,252 less than the original estimate. Balt. Amer. [Republican Compiler ( Gettysburg , Pennsylvania ) January 11, 1826]

The Ohio Canals
The following encouraging account of the progress and prospects of the Ohio Canals is taken from a letter from a gentleman of the first respectability in the State of Ohio to his friend in Washington, dated Jan. 14, 1826
"Our Canal goes on successfully, and our future prospects are highly encouraging. We have hopes that our canals may be navigated throughout their whole extent, 375 miles in 1829 at a cost, little if anything exceeding three millions of dollars, exclusive of interest. We seem to be justified in this expectation by what has been done. The contractors make fair, nay handsome profits as may be inferred from the increasing competition and decreasing prices at every fresh disposal of contracts." [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Feb 8, 1826 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

Great South Western Road
Chillicothe, May 10 -- We have the pleasure of informing our readers, that Col. Long and Lieut. Trimble, of the Corps of Engineers, in the service of the United States, for exploring and surveying the great South Western Road from Zanesville in Ohio, to New Orleans, arrived in town on Tuesday of this week and departed for the Southwest on the succeeding morning. We understand that they are passing over the contemplated route with a view of making a general reconnaissance of the country, and to collect such facts, as to the practicability of constructing this great national work, as may present themselves from a topographical survey of the same: - that, when they shall have examined the country as far South as Florence at foot of the Muscle Shoals, in the State of Alabama, they will there be met by Gen. Bernard, the chief Engineer, who will take up the line thence South to the point where it intersects the great Southern mail route from Washington City to Orleans - From Florence, Col. Long and his party will commence a critical examination and survey Northwardly to Zanesville, the point of divergency from the great national Road now making from the right bank of the Ohio river, opposite Wheeling, to Missouri. We also understand, that the prominent points indicated in their instructions from the War Department, from Zanesville Southwest, are Lancaster, Chillicothe, Limestone, Lexington, Nashville and Florence in Alabama. - Scioto Gazette. [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Penn.) May 30, 1827 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

Aug. 24, 1857 The Ohio Life and Trust Company suspend payment. [Source: "American almanac and repository of useful knowledge" - 1860 by Jared Sparks and Frances Bowen]

All the conductors on the Portsmouth branch of the M. & C. R. R. were dismissed on the 11th, and their places filled by strangers. [Source: The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland County, Ohio), December 20, 1882, Transcribed by Jeanne Hall]

Directors for the Cincinnati and Eastern Connection Railway Company were elected on the 12th, as follows: W. R. McGill, G. H. Wilber, S. Woodard,O. H. Hardin, W. Mansfield, N. R. Thompson, M. Jamieson, H. Felke and J. W. Henley. [Source: The Highland Weekly News, (Hillsborough, Highland County, Ohio), December 20, 1882, Transcribed by Jeanne Hall]


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