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Charles F. Schnee
CHARLES FREDERICK SCHNEE is an Akron attorney specializing in corporation, income tax and other commercial branches of the law, eschewing altogether the criminal cases and jury trials of the general lawyer. His has been an altogether successful career in the law. His father and grandfather both lived in Summit County, Ohio, but Charles Frederick was born while his parents occupied a farm near Kalamazoo, Michigan, on June 18, 1887. His grandfather was a tanner in Pennsylvania, and, coming to Ohio in 1864, established a home at Millheim, near Akron, where he followed farming until his death in 1872. Charles M. Schnee was born in Pennsylvania, in 1856, and was about eight years old when his parents moved to Ohio. In 1882, however, he left a farm in Springfield Township of Summit county to move to Michigan. He farmed near Kalamazoo until 1900, since which year his home has been in Akron, where he is now employed in the shipping department of the Akron Banking company. He is a democrat, and an active member of the Trinity Lutheran Church. His wife, Sylvia Long, was born in 1858, and died in 1918. Third in a family of four children, Charles F. Schnee was about thirteen when his parents established their home in Akron. His early schooling was acquired in Michigan, and was continued in the Akron High School and in Buchtel College, now Akron University, where he showed skill in baseball and was a member of the Delta Sigma Epsilon fraternity. Illness terminated his college course in 1907, and his law studies were pursued in the offices of Grant, Seiber and Mather. He was admitted to practice in the State of Ohio in December, 1910, and to the United States Supreme Court in 1916. In 1912 he became a partner of Charles R. Grant in the firm of Grant & Schnee, dissolved when the senior member was elected judge of the Court of Appeals for the Eighth District on February 9, 1913. His associate for two years following was Ford L. Carpenter and from 1915 to January 1, 1922, he was head of the firm of Schnee, Grimm and Thomas. For two years he has continued an individual practice. He is at this time (1924) president of the Akron Law Library Association. He has been entrusted with the legal details in the organization and administration of a number of corporations, including the Guaranty Mortgage Company, of which he is secretary and chairman of the executive committee; Federal Oil & Gas Company, of which he is secretary and general counsel; acting also in a similar capacity for the five subsidiaries of the Federal Oil; Long Lake Estates Improvement Company, president; Akron Equipment Company, secretary; Dime Savings Bank, attorney and stockholder; Pennsylvania Crude Oil Company of Pittsburgh, general counsel; and is secretary of the Pine Ridge Oil Company, producers in the Kentucky field. Mr. Schnee is a member of the bar organizations, and during the World war was Government appeal agent for Summit County and chairman of District No. 1 of the Akron Legal Advisory Board. He is a republican, member of the City club, plays an enthusiastic game of golf at the Portage Country Club, and is also a member of Fairlawn Gun Club, being an expert with Adoniram Lodge No. 517, Free and Accepted Masons; Washington Chapter No. 25, Royal Arch Masons; Akron Commandery No. 25, Knights Templar; Lake Erie Consistory of the Scottish Rite, and has held chairs in various Masonic bodies. Mr. Schnee married, at Akron in November, 1911, Miss Ellen Mitchell, a native of Cincinnati, but reared in Akron, where her father, John J. Mitchell, was for many years a cafe proprietor. Mrs. Schnee is active in all the societies of St. Vincent's Catholic Church. The four children born to Mr. and Mrs. Schnee were John Charles, who died at the age of six years, Frederick, William Joseph and Louise.
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John Frederick Seiberling

JOHN FREDERICK SEIBERLING, a former citizen of Akron, where he was for many years identified with a number of the important business interests of the city, some of which were directly the result of his own genius and energy, was born March 10, 1834, at Norton, Ohio. He was one of a family of fifteen children (thirteen of whom grew to maturity) born to his parents, who were Nathan and Catherine (Peters) Seiberling.
Mr Seiberling completed his education at the Western Star Academy, and for two years, from 1856 to 1858, he was in the drug business at Akron. He was, however, of a mechanical turn of mind, and in the latter year went to operating a sawmill at Norton. It was while there that he invented his noted Excelsior mower and reaper, with the dropper attachment, and in 1861 he established works for their manufacture at Doylestown, which are still in operation. By 1864 the business had so expanded that extra works were needed, which were erected at Masssillon. In 1865 the J. F. Seiberling Company was established at Akron, but in 1869, Mr. Seiberling withdrew and then began the manufacture of the Empire machine, which is so well known all over the country. Mr. Seiberling by this time not only had a perfect knowledge of business conditions and trade relations in every section, but he had command of a large amount of capital, and in 1871 he organized the Akron Strawboard Company, which he conducted until 1887. In 1883 he founded the Seiberling Milling Company and at this time built a six-story brick flouring mill, as well as the Academy of Music Block. In 1889 Mr. Seiberling obtained a controlling interest in the Akron Electric Street Railway. Later he expanded other important interests both in Akron and at other points.
On September 6, 1859, Mr. Seiberling was married to Catherine L. Miller, of Norton. Their family numbered eleven children, nine of whom are still living. They are as follows: Anna A., wife of S. Samuel Miller, of Akron; Frank A., president and general manager of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, who married Gertrude F. Penfield, and resides at No. 158 East Market Street;
Charles W., treasurer of the Goodyear Tire arid Rubber Company, who married Blanche Carnahan, and resides at No. 76 Fay Street; Cora D., wife of Lewis T. Wolle, of Cambria, Wyoming; Harriet M., wife of Lucius C. Miles, of Akron; Grace I., wife of Dr. W. S. Chase, of Akron; Kittie G., wife of Luther H . Firey, of Kansas City; Mary B., wife of Henry B. Manton, of Akron; Ruth J., wife of Ernest A. Pfleuger, also of Akron. The two deceased are John Frederick and Maude M., both of whom died in infancy. Mr. John Frederick Seiberling, the father of these children, died September 6, 1903. His widow still survives, and resides at No. 144 East Market Street.
Mr. Seiberling was a man who was honorable, prompt, and true to every engagement. Throughout his career of far-reaching usefulness he remembered with a generous heart those who had not been so fortunate, and in quiet benevolence brought much cheer to those who needed it: For many years he was a member and a trustee of the Trinity Lutheran Church.
[Source: "Centennial history of Summit County, Ohio and representative citizens", Chicago, Ill: Biographical Publishing Co., 1908, by William B. Doyle, LL. B.; Transcribed by AJ]

Rev. Carlos Smith, D. D.
Born in Hopkinton, N. H., July 17, 1801; married to Miss Susan Saxton, of Hanover, N. H., February 20, 1827; inducted into the ministry at Utica, N. Y., by the Oneida Presbytery in 1832; was pastor at Manlius, N. Y., four years; Painesville, Ohio, eight years; Massillon, three years; Tallmadge, 14 years; and of First Congregational Church in Akron 12 years, 1861 to 1873. "Father Smith," was a general favorite with all classes- genial in his manner, and earnest in his piety, but remarkably liberal and tolerant of the views and feelings of others. Mr. and Mrs. Smith were the parents of twelve children, four of whom died in infancy and one Eliza Mygatt--dying at 16 years of age in Tallmadge, the seven survivors being: Louisa J., now Mrs. George Carter, of Jacksonville, Ill.; Charles Edward, a physician in Palmyra, Ill.; Sarah Porter, now Mrs. Leavitt Bissell, of New York City; Harriet Sanford, at home, in Akron; Mary Clark, now Mrs. Robert .McKee, of Waverly, Ill.; Ellen Chase, at home; and Ethan Sanford, attorney in Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Smith celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, February 20, 1877. Mr. S. dying April 22, 1877, aged 75 years, 9 months and 5 days, and Mrs. S. December 21, 1889, aged 84 years, 3 months and 24 days.
["Fifty Years and over of Akron & Summit Co.," 1892 - CD - Sub by FoFG]

Lucian Swift
Swift, Lucian, journalist and publisher of Minneapolis, Minn., was born July 14, 1848, in Akron, Ohio. He is president of the Housekeeper corporation of Minneapolis.
["Herringshaw's American Blue-Book of Biography" by Thomas William Herringshaw and American Publishers' Association, 1914, - TK - Sub by FoFG]


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