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Church Histories

German Methodist Church, 1892

This society was organized in 1887, by Rev. A. J. Hucher, a small but neat and convenient house of worship having previously been erected on the corner of East Exchange and Pearl streets which was dedicated December 12, 1886, Rev. J. C. Gerlach, the present Pastor, succeeding Mr. Bucher, October 6, 1888. Present membership, 55; Sunday School scholars, 60; teachers, 12. All services in German.

[Source: "Fifty Years and over of Akron and Summit Co.," 1892 - Submitted by Cathy Danielson]

High Street Church of Christ, 1892

The Disciples of Christ, or as they were then popularly or perhaps derisively, called, "Campbellites," from the founder of the sect, Rev. Alexander Campbell, as early as 1830 began to teach their peculiar doctrines in this vicinity, and in 1839, organized a church in Akron, the meetings at first being held in private houses, school houses, halls, etc., the earlier preachers of the sect now recalled by the writer being Elders William Hayden, E. B. Hubbard, O. Newcomb, M. S. Wilcox. A. S. Hayden, Almon B. Green, R. Moffat, J. H. Jones, Benjamin Franklin, Jasper J. Moss, etc.

At the organization of the society, by Elders Bently and Bosworth, in 1839, there were thirty-two members, Levi Allen and Samuel C. Bangs being elected elders, and Webster B. Storer and Jonah Allen deacons. In 1843, a protracted meeting, conducted by Elders John Cochrane and John Henry, resulted in 49 accessions to the church. About 1845, the church property originally belonging to the Congregational society, corner of Quarry and High streets, was purchased, which was occupied until 1857, when it was sold to the German Lutheran society, who later removed the house to the rear of the lot for school purposes, erecting in its place their present handsome brick structure.

Tappan Hall, on East Market street, was now used for church purposes for about six years. In 1863 the present site, on South High street, was purchased and a handsome frame edifice was erected thereon, at a cost of $6,000, to which quite extensive and expensive improvements, from time to time, have since been made.

Officiating pastors since 1845: Dr. William F. Pool, M. J. Streator, W. S. Gray, Warren Belding, J. Carroll Stark, J. G. Encell, J. O. Beardsley, L. R. Norton. R. L. Howe, Lathrop Cooley, John L. Rowe, R. G. White, Frank M. Green, C. C. Smith and Levi Marshall, the pastorate of the latter commencing October 29, 1885; F. A. Morgan, February 1, 1890 to December 1, 1890; E. A. Bosworth, April 1, 1891 to present time.

In 1875, 80 members of the church, residing in that vicinity, withdrew from the society for the purpose of establishing a mission in the Sixth Ward, which was later organized into the Sixth Ward Church of Christ, as elsewhere noted. Present membership of High street Church of Christ, about 500; scholars in Sunday School, 330; teachers, 29.

[Source: "Fifty Years and over of Akron and Summit Co.," 1892 - Submitted by Cathy Danielson]

The Sixth Ward Church of Christ, 1892

This society is an off-shoot from the High street Church of Christ, as elsewhere intimated. At a meeting held at Mershon's Hall, March 30, 1875, a letter of dismissal from the parent church was asked for, in which the memorialists said: "We are moved to take this step in one motive, viz., for the greater usefulness in the cause of our Lord and Master. With many of us this is a painful duty, but a duty we think we owe to the community in which we reside, in order to a proper upholding and advancement of that cause we all profess to desire to see prosper."

The letter was granted, and the new church was duly organized, to be known as the "Church of Christ in Middlebury." with 80 members, and the following officers: H. T. White, Mendal Jewett and Almon Brown, elders; Geo. F. Kent, and Thaddeus H. Botsford, deacons; F. W. Inman, C. H. Palmer, and R. Whitmore, financial committee; S. C. Inman, clerk; A. Thompson and William Youmans, ushers; F. W. Inman, Geo. F. Kent, R. Whitmore. M. Jewett and T. H. Botsford, trustees.

In 1878 and 1879, a handsome brick church edifice was erected on Broad street at a cost of $6,000. Successive pastors of the church have been as follows: Elder H. T. White, two years; Elder Frank M. Green, half time from July, 1877, to April, 1888; Elder J. W. James, April, 1878, one year; Elder W. H. Rogers, November, 1879, six months; Elder T. D. Butler, one year; Elder Jasper J. Moss, three months; Elder S. A. Wurts, six months, ending September 20, 1882; Elder A. B. Williams, April 1, 1883, to April 1, 1887; Elder J. J. Moss, three months; Elder Frank W. Norton, July 1, 1887, to February 1, 1890; S. C. Humphrey, June 1, 1890, to present time.

The society was duly incorporated as the "Second Church of Christ, Akron, Ohio." September 1, 1887. Present officers: Elder, Charles T. Inman; clerk, Edwin Corl; deacons: John Harrison, Sidney C. Inman. John B. DeHaven, George Viall, John Roberts, George F. Kent. Present membership, 150; scholars in Sunday School, 90; teachers, 10.

[Source: "Fifty Years and over of Akron and Summit Co.," 1892 - Submitted by Cathy Danielson]

The United Brethran Church

This society was organized in October, 1882, by Rev. J. Excell, with 12 members and one Sunday School scholar. A snug little house of worship, 30x45 feet in size, was built on the corner of Hill and James streets in 1884, at a cost for lot and building, of 3,200. Successive Pastors: J. Excell, one year; S. Castorline, two years; H. J. Becker, one year ; C. Whitney, two years : C. N. Queen, 1888, 1889; Rev. Vernon L. Fry, September 1889 to September 1890; Rev. J. F. Shepard, September 1890 to present time. Present membership, 230; Sunday School scholars, 150; teachers and officers 14.

[Source: "Fifty Years and over of Akron and Summit Co.," 1892 - Submitted by Cathy Danielson]

Trinity Lutheran Church

The English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity was organized in the Spring of 1870, through the efforts of Rev. W. A. Passavant, D. D., of Pittsburg, and Rev. S. Laird, with about thirty members. The first regular pastor was Rev. U. P. Ruthrauff, during whose pastorate the beautiful gothic brick church edifice, on Prospect street, was erected, at a cost, including parsonage, of $45,000. The church was dedicated in June, 1872, soon after which Mr. Ruthrauff resigned, and was succeeded by Rev. J. F. Fahs, October 2, 1872. After a service of nearly ten years, Mr. Fahs was succeeded by Rev. Dr. J. B. Helwig, four years, the present incumbent, Rev. M. J. Fiery, commencing his pastorate December 1, 1886.

The present membership of the Church is 425; scholars in Sunday School, 450; teachers, 25.

[Source: "Fifty Years and over of Akron and Summit Co.," 1892 - Submitted by Cathy Danielson]


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