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James E. Abbott
Death of a Great Engineer
James E. Abbott, Chief Engineer and Projector of the Continental Railway, a new line between New York and Omaha, Neb., died at Akron, Ohio, on the 20th day of July, 1881, in the 54th year of his age. Mr. Abbott was a native of New Jersey, having been born in Hunterdon County, where many of his relatives still reside. He emigrated to Illinois several years ago. There he built the Rockport and Rock Island Railroad and was connected with several other Railroad enterprises both in this country and in Mexico. He was what might be termed a self-made man, having never had many advantages in his younger days of attending school, what he afterwards became was all mastered by himself, thus showing to the rising generation what can be accomplished by strict attention and close study to business. [The Hopewell Herald (Hopewell, NJ) September 21 1881]

Julius Artol
Akron, O. - Nov. 1. - Julius Artol, of Kenmore died in the city hospital Sunday afternoon from the effect of two pistol shots and Albert Slusser, bartender at the Half Way house on the Cuyahoga Falls road, is in the county jail charged with the killing. Artol and John Szabo of Kenmore were shot at the same time. They claimed Slusser overcharged them for drinks early Sunday morning. Each victim received two bullets. Artol was hit twice in his right side and Szabo once in the hand and once in the shoulder. He will recover. Slusser claims the men raised a disturbance.
[Repository (1 Nov. 1909) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]


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