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World War II Casualties

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Honor List of Army and Army Air Corps
World War 2 Casualties


(Note: this is the "official" government list and we are *not* the ones responsible for any mis-information)


Given Names



Abbott Robert H. Pvt. DNB
Abel Eugene S. PFC KIA
Ables Robert E. SGT DNB
Abshire William F. PFC KIA
Adams Roscoe C. 2 LT KIA
Ahl Don B. 2 LT KIA
Alexander James W. S SG  KIA
Allen Harry D. PVT KIA
Allen Samuel W. Jr. SGT DOW
Allum Wilber P. PFC DNB
Amelio Forest V. PFC KIA
Amlung Robert F. FL O KIA
Andreeff Andrew P. PFC KIA
Andrews Aubrey N. PVT KIA
Antunovics Mitar M. 2 LT DNB
Appleman Robert B. PFC KIA
Arnold Walter J. PFC KIA
Ashbee Robert C. PVT DNB
Ashburn Byrd T SG KIA
Atwell Grove C. PVT DNB
Augustynovich Pete S. S SG FOD
Austen Thomas R. TEC5 DNB
Averhill Alfred E., Jr. SGT KIA


KIA = killed in action
DOW = died of wounds
DOI = died of injuries
DNB = died non-battle
FOD = finding of death, 
M = missing


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