Trumbull County, Ohio
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Source: GNIS

Cemetery Name




Artherholt Cemetery 411540N 0803320W  
Baptist Hill Cemetery 412032N 0805906W  
Bazetta Cemetery 411735N 0804654W  
Belmont Park Cemetery 410839N 0804008W  
Bowers Cemetery 412446N 0805011W  
Braceville Center Cemetery 411328N 0805726W  
Brockway Cemetery 412258N 0803408W  
Brownwood Cemetery 412733N 0805219W  
Burghill Cemetery 412102N 0803406W  
Cadwallader Cemetery 411601N 0804310W  
Casterline Cemetery 411925N 0804343W  
Champion Center Cemetery 411834N 0805048W  
Christian Cemetery 411942N 0804339W  
Church Hill Cemetery 410943N 0803956W  
Clark Cemetery 412733N 0805721W  
Corner House Cemetery 411133N 0803403W  
Crown Hill Cemetery 411424N 0804043W  
Deacon Creek Cemetery 412346N 0805012W  
Delightful Cemetery 411704N 0805517W  
Doud Cemetery 411617N 0804213W  
Duck Creek Cemetery 410822N 0805510W  
Dugan Cemetery 411751N 0803807W  
Dunlap Cemetery 411323N 0804203W  
East Cemetery 410946N 0803221W  
East Cemetery 412323N 0805450W  
East Greene Cemetery 412655N 0804413W  
East Gustavus Cemetery 412648N 0803837W  
East Mecca Cemetery 412332N 0804416W  
East Newton Falls Cemetery 411133N 0805831W  
Evergreen Cemetery 412318N 0805222W  
Evergreen Cemetery 412321N 0803942W  
Ewalt Cemetery 411522N 0804656W  
Fairview Cemetery 412742N 0805708W  
Fowler Center Cemetery 411846N 0803917W  
German Cemetery 410958N 0805621W  
Giddings Cemetery 412306N 0803234W  
Girard Liberty Union Cemetery 411012N 0804219W  
Greene Cemetery 412811N 0804508W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 412704N 0804417W  
Hartford Center Cemetery 411838N 0803413W  
Hillside Cemetery 412329N 0805751W  
Hillside Cemetery 411953N 0804431W  
House of Israel Cemetery 411211N 0805115W  
Howland Township Cemetery 411508N 0804422W  
Kerrs Cemetery 410935N 0804633W  
Latimer Cemetery 412924N 0805222W  
Leavittsburg Cemetery 411426N 0805153W  
Logan Cemetery 412825N 0803745W  
Lordstown Center Cemetery 410953N 0805107W  
Maltby Cemetery 412027N 0805600W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 411003N 0803421W  
McMurray Cemetery 411832N 0804925W  
New Kinsman Cemetery 412658N 0803517W  
Niles Union Cemetery 411145N 0804440W  
North View Cemetery 412756N 0804010W  
Norton Cemetery 412435N 0805222W  
Oakwood Cemetery 411347N 0804826W  
Ohl Town Cemetery 410807N 0804722W  
Old Bristol Cemetery 412317N 0805202W  
Old Gustavus Cemetery 412755N 0803955W  
Old North Cemetery 411005N 0803411W  
Paltzgroff Cemetery 411210N 0805142W  
Pine Knoll Cemetery 411212N 0805109W  
Pineview Memorial Park 411255N 0804607W  
Portersfield Cemetery 411012N 0803628W  
Presbyterian Cemetery 411728N 0805055W  
Price Mill Cemetery 410804N 0805755W  
Rand Cemetery 411842N 0804132W  
Reform Cemetery 411831N 0805546W  
Sager Memorial Cemetery 412510N 0805217W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 411711N 0805151W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 411335N 0804812W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 411001N 0805620W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 410910N 0803417W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 411133N 0804717W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 411207N 0805139W  
Seceders Corners Cemetery 410943N 0803806W  
Sheldon Cemetery 412008N 0803931W  
Smith Cemetery 412445N 0804633W  
Soaptown Cemetery 410833N 0804936W  
South Mecca Cemetery 412258N 0804418W  
Southington Center Cemetery 411828N 0805710W  
Southside Cemetery 412317N 0803943W  
Union Cemetery 410907N 0803340W  
Union Cemetery 411340N 0804816W  
Vienna Center Cemetery 411424N 0803956W  
Welsh Baptist Cemetery 410803N 0804556W  
Welsh Hill Cemetery 410808N 0804341W  
West Mecca Cemetery 412400N 0804634W  
West Newton Falls Cemetery 411137N 0805838W  
West Street Cemetery 411842N 0803544W  
West View Cemetery 412239N 0803411W  
Wilderson Cemetery 411041N 0805536W  



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