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Obituaries and Death Notices

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Gracie Jackson

DEATHS. --On Thursday morning, Feb. 17, of scarlet fever, Gracie, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jackson, of this place, aged 3 years 11 mos. and 29 days.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, February 23, 1870 - - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Halbert Selby Jayne

DEATHS. --In Gustavus, March 31, 1869, Halbert Selby, son of Earl N. and Emily L. Jayne, aged 8 months.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, April 7, 1869 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Dr. Ransom Johnson
DEATHS. --In Hartford, June 25, of paralysis and old age, Dr. Ransom Johnson, formerly of Vienna, aged eighty years and four months. He was born in Woodbridge, New Haven county, Conn., February 25th, 1790. He emigrated to this county in 1812, and settled in Vienna.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, July 6, 1870 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Betsy Johnston
DEATHS. --In Bazetta, at her son-in-law, Aaron Davis, Feb. 11, 1870, of old age, Betsy Johnston, widow of the late Col. Walter Johnson, aged 87 years and 6 months.
She came from Salisbury, Conn., to Johnston, in 1828, with her husband and nine children; four sons and five daughters; lived to see her husband and four of her children go to the grave before her. Her earthly house having gradually decayed until it was incapable of further repairs either from the skill of physicians or kindness of loving friends. She departed for the better land where she expected a house eternal in the heavens. A loving, trusting, child of God, full of meekness and simplicity. She died as calmly and sweetly as if rocked to sleep by an angel.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, March 2, 1870 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Ann Merry Jukes
Niles, Feb 1 - Mrs. Ann Merry Jukes, 85, who emigrated to Niles from England at 75, died today.
[Cleveland Plain Dealer, Feb. 2, 1917 - Submitted by Linda Dietz]


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