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Obituaries and Death Notices

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Newton Kellogg

DEATHS. --In Fowler, on Saturday October 24, 1868, Newton Kellogg, aged 23 years, of dropsy of the brain. Son of E. V. Kellogg, Esq.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, November 11, 1868 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

David Kench

DEATHS. --In Warren, Dec. 10th, 1869, Mr. David Kench, in his 94th year.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, December 29, 1869 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

James D. Kennedy, Jr.

DEATHS. --In Warren, April 9, 1868, of Typhus Fever, James D. Kennedy, Jr., youngest son of Jas. D. and Margaretta L. Kennedy, aged 15 years. Another idol of the household gone. But dear Jimmy we hope to meet the once again, and in Glory.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, April 22, 1868 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Eliza King
DEATHS. --In Leavittsburg, October 15th, of consumption, Eliza, wife of Henry King, in the 49th year of her age.
O! mother thou hast left us, To toil through life alone; And Oh! 'tis sad and longely Since thou from earth hath flown, But we shall ne'er forget thee, Thy precepts ever near. Shall guide us through our wanderings, Our mother, mother dear.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, November 11, 1868 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Mary King
DEATHS. --In Howland, at the residence of her son-in-law, Isaac Ratliff, Feb. 14, 1870, after a protracted illness, Mrs. Mary King, in the 80th year of her age.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, March 2, 1870 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Harmon Krombacker
Mr. Harmon Krombacker, a butcher of Coltsville, and formerly a citizen of Warren, returned home on Thursday. Sept. 29th, after having sold meat all day apparently in good health. Within five minutes after his return home he died. We are not informed of the nature of his disease.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, October 12, 1870 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Samantha J Kynett
DEATHS. --In Howland, Nov. 18, 1869; Miss Samantha J Kynett, in the 23d year of her age.
Tis hard to surrender our dear sister we love, Though we hope soon to meet her in mansions above; Tis hard to part with her though haven may call, And to live here without her is harder than all. I. R. C.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, February 2, 1870 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]


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