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Obituaries and Death Notices

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Sallie Mariah Sackett
DEATHS. --In Vernon, on Oct. 23d, of asthma, Mrs. Sallie Mariah Sackett, aged 53 years.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, November 10, 1869 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Dolly W. Scott
DEATHS. --In Bloomfield, April 25th, of typhoid pneumonia, Mrs. Dolly W. Scott, widow of the late Frederick Scott, and sister of Mrs. Julia A. Smith, aged 62 years.
The deceased left the residence of her son-in-law in Charidon, Geauga Co., about two weeks previous, having been summoned to the bedside of her sick and dying sister, in Bloomfield. Two days after her arrival she was take severly ill, and swiftly followed her sister to that "bourne from whence no traveler returns." H.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, May 25, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Elisha Scott
Elisha Scott, of Chester, Geauga County, committed suicide, on the 10th ult. by cutting his throat.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, October 5, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Clarence E. and Clara C. Scoville

DEATHS. --In this city, Dec. 10, Clarence E., aged 14 years, 4 months; and Dec. 17, Clara C., aged 11 yrs., 7 mos., youngest children of Arnold and Betsey Scoville.
[long poem omitted]
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, December 21, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

W. Wallace Scoville
DEATHS. --In this city, Oct. 18, of typhoid fever, W. Wallace, son of Arnold and Betsey Scoville, aged 18 years, 5 mos. and 23 days.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, October 26, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

John Skinner
A man named John Skinner, a resident of Kent, and a breakman on the Atlantic road, was killed last Thursday night, near Baconsburg. It is supposed that in passing from one car to another he fell off, his legs striking across the rail. When discovered he was dead, his legs being severed from the body.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, October 12, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Julia A. Smith
DEATHS. --In Bloomfield, April 16th, of billious typhoid fever, Mrs. Julia A. Smith, widow of the late Esq., John Smith, aged 63 years.
Mrs. Smith had been a resident of Bloomfield for more than forty years and during all those years she had been a most devoted wife and mother, a sympathising friend and neighbor, and a consistant, modest, humble christian. Her quiet, unassuming disposition was such a marked characteristic of her nature, that she ???? needs be fully known to be fully appreciated; it may truly be said of her that not only her children but many, many friends have reason to arise up and call her blessed. Her last, brief sickness found her only waiting to join her beloved husband in those "mansions of light," to which he had gone some seventeen months before, and her closing hours, not withstanding her intense sufferings, were hours of triumph and great spiritual exaltation.
[Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, May 25, 1870 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]


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