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Tuscarawas County, Ohio
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Crime News

John Funston who shot the mail carrier last September in Ohio was hung at New Philadelphia on the 30th ult. He made a full confession of his guilt. He was born in Northumberland county in this state and only 22 years of age. - Frank. Repos. [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, PA) January 25, 1825 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

FOUR DARING MEN Hold Up An Ohio Town While They Rob the Bank
Canal Dover, Ohio Dec 13 -- Four daring men in masks held the town of Shanesville west of here under fire from their revolvers in the early hours of this morning, broke into the private bank of John Dorschuk, blew open the safe by a terriffic charge of nitro-glycerine and escaped on a hand car over the Wheeling and Lake Erie railroad, with from three to four thousand dollars, followed by a fusilade of bullets. The robbers are being tracked by blood hounds from the county seat, followed by a posse who hope to overtake the bank looters. If they do they will recover the treasure at the cost of life.  [El Paso Daily Herald.(El Paso, Tex.), December 13, 1900]


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