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Andrews, Azubah 19 May 1869 78y 2m 8d widow (er) Jackson Twp Jerico, Vermont  
Aryo, Sarah 22 Jul 1870 43y 8m married Liberty Twp Ohio  
Atkinson, Ralph 2 Oct 1870 66y 2m 4d widower York Twp Pa.  
Bailey, Jane 6 Mar 1870 88y 9m 7d single Paris Twp    
Ballou, Martin 25 Nov 1869 89y widower Union Twp Rhode Island  
Barbour, Electa Dec 1869 69y widow Marysville New York  
Barnes, Susannah 3 Oct 1867 63y 1m married Paris Twp Harrison Co, Oh.  
Barnett, Mary 28 Sep 1870 74y 6m 26d widow Taylor twp Pa.  
Bell, Sarah 31 Oct 1869 90y 3m 3d widow Mill Creek Twp Carlisle, Pa.  
Benton, Matilda 27 Sep 1868 68y widow Marysville Maryland  
Berns, Mary M 27 Aug 1868 76y widow Paris Twp Frederick Co, Md. (nee) Bachman
Bird, Mary 6 Mar 1870 69y 1m 16d married Washington Twp Maine  
Black, Henry 1 Feb 1871 53y 2m 4d married Dover Twp Ohio  
Bland, Peter 14 Dec 1870 46y 9m 14d married Union Twp Union Twp  
Borger, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1869 72y married Union twp Germany  
Bowen, Nancy 14 Apr 1870 81y 7m 11d   Milford Center Vermont (nee) Rice
Bowic, Rebecca 23 Dec 1870 72y 8m 5d widow Mill Creek Twp Maryland  
Brake, Mrs. 26 Jan 1868 65y widow Liberty Twp    
Brooks, William 16 Oct 1870 85y widower Paris twp Pa.  
Brown, C. M. 4 Dec 1868 45y single Paris Twp    
Brown, Catherine 8 Jan 1871 67y 6m 24d married Darby Twp Ohio  
Brown, Isaac 22 Jun 1870 40y 2m 13d married Darby Twp Ohio  
Brown, Jane 31 Aug 1867 77y widow Infirmary    
Burrows, Mary 11 Feb 1871 65y widow Milford Center    
Carey, Henry H 21 Sep 1871 41y 6m 19d married Leesburg Twp Ohio  
Carter, Francis 23 Jul 1870 63y 2m married Liberty Twp Ohio  
Carter, Sarah J 18 Dec 1871 50y 8m 8d married Liberty Twp Pa.  
Clark, Caleb 7 May 1869 56y married Allen Twp    
Clark, Caleb 7 May 1869 56y married Allen Twp Virginia  
Clark, Elizabeth 2 Feb 1870 77y 19d widow Dover Twp    
Clement, Anna 8 Feb 1871 64y 9m 20d married Marysville Vermont  
Clevenger, Hannah 15 Mar 1870 56y 5m 16d married Leesburg Twp Ohio  
Coe, Martha E 25 Nov 1868 39y 9m 14d married Marysville Darby Twp (nee) Boal
Coe, Moses 18 Mar 1869 42y 3m 8d married Marysville Canonsburg, Pa.  
Cornell, Sarah 17 Sep 1870 85y 6m 5d widow Taylor twp Pa.  
Creswell, William 18 Nov 1869 68y 9m 18d married Jackson Twp Pa.  
Cryder, Joseph 21 Apr 1870 55y married Leesburg Twp Virginia  
Dale, John 30 May 1871 75y 11m 16d married Jerome Twp Ohio  
Davis, Michael 2 Jul 1871 83y 5m married Union Twp Virginia  
Dawson, John (Mrs.) 14 Mar 1869 75y married Allen Twp    
Dawson, Kesiah 20 Apr 1870 51y married Allen Twp Licking Co, Oh  
Dean, George 25 May 1869 47y 4m 23d married Liberty Twp Ohio  
Dean, Lucinda 27 Jul 1870 56y married Liberty Twp New York  
Dixon, John Aug 1867 42y 6m 19d married Liberty Twp Virginia  
Dixon, John 9 Aug 1871 81y 4m 9d widower Jackson Twp Virginia  
Donahue, Winifred 1 Jun 1870 49y married Allen Twp Ireland  
Dysert, Mary 23 Jun 1871 77y 2m widow Jackson Twp Kentucky  
Edgar, Daniel 19 Dec 1869 40y married Milford Center Ireland  
Ellis, David C 3 Oct 1867 58y married Union Co New York  
Fairbanks, Lewis 8 May 1870 66y 11m 3d widower Jerome Twp Vermont  
Fell, Ann 15 Jan 1868 70y married North Lewisburg Pa.  
Figley, Mary 13 Mar 1871 56y 3m 13d married York Twp Virginia  
Figley, Mary 13 Mar 1871 56y 6m 13d married York Twp Ohio  
Fish, James H 19 Jan 1871 77y married Mill Creek Twp Maryland  
Fleckenger, Stephen 22 Jan 1869 45y married York Twp    
Fleming, Elizabeth 17 Jul 1870 73y single Leesburg Twp West Virginia  
Frederick, Martha 15 Aug 1870 58y 10m 5d married Jerome Twp Virginia (nee) Wells
Gabriel, Richard 15 May 1870 90y 3m 10d widower Union Twp Maryland  
Gandy, Lucinda 14 Nov 1871 64y 3m widow Leesburg Twp Ohio  
Godfrey, Isaac 18 Aug 1870 81y widower Jackson Twp Maryland  
Goff, Betsey 6 Mar 1868 78y widow Taylor Twp Maine  
Goff, Samuel 2 Mar 1868 81y married Taylor Twp Maine  
Green, Amos H 21 May 1869 43y married Leesburg Twp Pa.  
Green, Eliza A 12 Dec 1870 40y 3m 13d married Taylor Twp Ohio  
Green, Henry 28 Jan 1870 55y 8m 7d married Washington Twp Logan Co, Oh  
Green, Margaret 20 Nov 1871 58y 2m 4d married Dover Twp Virginia  
Griffin, Charlotte 10 May 1869 60y 3m 10d single Liberty Twp Maryland  
Gunderman, George 17 Jun 1868 74y 10m married Jerome Twp   Res; Marysville
Harrington, Elizabeth 15 Aug 1870 86y 8m 26d widow Union Twp Rhode Island (nee) Rice
Harriott, E. M. 14 Oct 1870 41y 24d married Jerome Twp Ohio (nee) Norris
Henderson, Charles 17 May 1871 86y 1m 10d widower Franklin Co Virginia  
Herriott, Samuel 29 Jul 1871 74y married Dover Twp New Jersey  
Hildebrand, Ann M 18 Jun 1868 41y 3m 19d single Leesburg Twp    
Hill, Israel   56y 1m 11d married Jerome Twp    
Hoover, Joshua 14 Sep 1867 71y married Infirmary    
Hopkins, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1871 77y 2m 1d widow Union Twp England  
Hopkins, John 14 May 1869 51y married Milford Center Pa.  
Hoskins, Richard 19 Nov 1870 67y widower Leesburg Twp Ohio  
Huffine, Mary J 11 Mar 1871 56y 7m 11d married Marysville Ohio  
Hume, Mary E 7 Jun 1868 54y widow      
Irvine, Nancy 2 Feb 1871 47y 5m 17d married Allen Twp Ireland  
Irwin, Eliza B 31 Mar 1870 61y 10m 27d married Claiborne Twp    
Jakeway, David 22 Feb 1868 76y 4m 2d married Taylor Twp Oswego, N. Y.  
Jarrard, Phebe C 7 Jul 1870 44y 3m 12d married Jackson Twp Ohio  
Jenkins, John 25 Sep 1868 50y married Union Twp    
Jewell, John 26 Dec 1870 58y 11m 10d married Marysville Ohio  
Kelsey, Cyrus 8 Mar 1868 60y married Marysville    
Kelsey, M. D. 17 Sep 1869 70y widow (er) Liberty Twp Vermont  
Kindle, Sarah 1 Dec 1870 92y widow Leesburg Twp Virginia  
Kinple, Lena A 30 Jun 1871 45y 10m 10d married Jackson Twp Ohio  
Langstaff, James 11 Aug 1869 60y   Granville, Oh New Jersey  
Lansdown, Hester H 26 Mar 1871 53y 6m 9d widow Marysville Ohio  
Latimer, Dimmis 19 Sep 1871 73y 11m 19d widow (er) Dubling Pa.  
Latson, Sarah 1 Oct 1871 73y 6m widow Claiborne Twp New York  
Lauk, Samuel 13 Feb 1868 60y married Paris Twp    
Lee, Anna 30 Mar 1870 73y 4m 7d widow Leesburg Twp Virginia  
Liggett, Sarah 28 Mar 1870 50y 11m 8d married Mill Creek Twp    
Lock, Louisa 3 Sep 1867 61y widow Union Twp    
Lockhart, Elizabeth 10 Apr 1871 41y 6m 10d married Leesburg Twp Ohio  
Louck, Samuel 12 Feb 1868   single Paris Twp    
Machling, Philip 4 Nov 1868 72y 10m 3d married Taylor twp Pa.  
Mapes, Delight 14 Jul 1869 74y 4m 10d widow Jerome Twp    
Marsh, Mary (Mrs.) 23 Dec 1868 60y single Allen Twp    
Marshall, Charity Feb 1870 89y widow Paris Twp Kentucky  
McAdow, Rebecca 12 Nov 1869 74y 2m 28d married Taylor Twp    
McCarty, Henry 5 Feb 1871 69y 11m 14d married Taylor Twp New York  
McCullough, Samuel 7 Apr 1871 70y 5m 27d married Jerome Twp Union Co, Oh  
McMellen, Mathew 18 Aug 1871 52y single Claiborne Twp Ohio  
McPherson, George 19 Sep 1871 60y 10m widower Claiborne Twp Ohio  
Mechling, F. C. May 1870 76y widow (er) Marysville Bavaria  
Middleton, Anna 21 Nov 1870 75y 4m 5d married Paris Twp Virginia  
Middleton, Timothy Aug 1867   widower Liberty Twp    
Mitchell, Dixon 6 May 1869 64y married Milford Center Ohio  
Mitchell, Leonard 1 Apr 1870 43y 7m single Paris Twp Ohio  
Montgomery, Mary M 26 Feb 1871 53y 5m 20d married Leesburg Twp Ohio  
Moodie, George 25 Dec 1870 69y 8m 1d widower Milford Center Virginia  
Myers, Adam 21 Feb 1871 62y 3m 10d married Dover Twp Virginia  
Myers, Hannah 8 Feb 1870 56y married Dover Twp    
Myers, John 21 Feb 1871 58y 4m 20d widower Dover Twp Virginia  
Neal, Catharine 6 May 1869 69y married Milford Center Vermont (nee) Bigelow
Nebell, Augustus 27 Sep 1868 59y married Marysville Germany  
Nicol, John L Mar 1870 49y married Paris Twp Bavaria  
Nicol, John L 23 Mar 1870 49y 2m 17d   Paris Twp Germany  
Orahood, Anna Aug 1869 53y married Paris Twp    
Orahood, Noah 15 Dec 1870 43y married Liberty Twp Ohio  
Orahood, Samuel 7 Sep 1871 80y 4m widower Paris Twp Virginia  
Owen, Godfrey 10 Nov 1868 72y widower Paris Twp    
Parthemor, Frederick 14 Nov 1870 63y 5m 20d married Union Twp Pa.  
Patrick, John 26 Oct 1867 45y married Dover Twp Virginia  
Patrick, Thomas 28 Sep 1870 74y 6m 26d widower Taylor Twp Pa.  
Payne, John R 9 Feb 1870 38y married Union Twp    
Picket, Mary May 1869 72y widow Marysville Connecticut  
Pierson, Abel S Sep 1869 75y widower Marysville New York  
Poling, Samuel 7 Feb 1871 68y widower Allen Twp Maryland  
Porter, Alvin 31 Dec 1869 31y single Union Twp Union Twp  
Prise, Eva M 4 Aug 1867 81y 7d widow Paris Twp Europe  
Reed, Jane 20 Feb 1871 58y 23d widow Darby Twp Ohio  
Richey, Adam 24 Sep 1871 65y 1m 4d married Dover Twp Pa.  
Richey, Phillip (Mrs.) 24 Aug 1868 65y married Dover Twp    
Rohtsen, David 2 Oct 1869 92y 8m widower Mill Creek Twp    
Rose, Lucy 6 Feb 1869 67y 11m 20d married Milford Twp Windham, Conn.  
Ross, Hugh 27 Jul 1871 49y married Claiborne Twp Ohio  
Rudolph, Julie A 9 Mar 1870 66y 10m 28d widow Jerome Twp    
Ruhl, Michael 28 Oct 1871 76y 9m widower Claiborne Twp Germany  
Ryan, James 15 Mar 1868 74y widower Marysville    
Said, Susan Oct 1871 58y married Dover Twp Ohio  
Scott, Frances Sep 1867 61y 1m 13d widow Leesburg Twp Belmont Co, Oh. (nee) Barkherst
Scott, Nancy 29 Aug 1867 62y widow Leesburg Twp    
Scott, Peter B 20 May 1871 56y married Jerome twp Virginia  
Sears, Allison 5 Aug 1870 82y 5m married Paris Twp Ohio  
Shaffer, Miriam 28 Dec 1871 74y 2m 11d married Jackson Twp Ohio  
Shaffer, William 25 Mar 1870 59y 7m 11d married Jackson Twp Pa.  
Shirk, Sarah 25 Sep 1869 78y 8m 22d married Liberty Twp Virginia  
Shope, Elianor 2 Sep 1867 65y 3m 27d   Paris Twp Greene Co, Pa.  
Sipson, Joseph 20 Apr 1870 61y 3m 2d married Taylor Twp England  
Skeels, Harvey 28 Oct 1867 67y married Leesburg Twp    
Skidmore, William 23 Nov 1867 65y married Liberty Twp    
Smith, Anna 22 Apr 1869 72y widow Union Twp Vermont (nee) Foster
Snedeker, John Feb 1871 52y married Claiborne Twp Virginia  
Snodgrass, Samuel 23 Feb 1870 66y married Milford Center Pa.  
Southard, Sarah 24 Sep 1867 40y 1m 10d married Marysville Twp Fayette Co, Pa.  
Spain, Aaron (Mrs.) 5 Apr 1869   married Lewisburg Canada  
Stephens, Oliver 15 Apr 1869 44y 5m married Richwood, Oh New Jersey  
Stokes, Delilah 7 May 1870 44y 4m 13d married Allen Twp Ohio  
Stokes, Phebe 2 Oct 1870 84y 1m 15d widow Allen Twp Ohio  
Storms, Rebecca 11 Sep 1869 43y 6m 7d married York Twp Harrison Co, Oh  
Styer, Joseph T 28 Jul 1871 45y 2m 26d married Taylor Twp Ohio  
Tatman, Abigail 17 Apr 1869 65y 1m 6d married Leesburg Twp West Virginia  
Taylor, Washington 12 Mar 1870 47y 7d married Liberty Twp Ohio  
Thompson, Nancy 22 May 1869 57y married Allen Twp Belmont Co, Oh  
Turner, Aquilla 6 Jan 1871 69y 10m married Paris Twp Ohio  
Turner, Malinda Feb 1870 40y   Marysville Marysville  
Turner, Robert 13 Mar 1869 87y 6m 11d married Marysville Hartford, Me.  
Turner, Thomas 13 Oct 1868 63y married Marysville    
Turner, Thomas 13 Oct 1868 60y married Marysville Maryland  
Twiford, Nancy Jul 1871 63y   Liberty Twp Ohio  
Wagner, Ann 11 Jul 1869 82y widow Jerome Twp Maryland  
Wallace, Samuel 25 Oct 1871 51y married Claiborne Twp Ohio  
Wallace, William 3 Jan 1869 49y 1m 20d married Claiborne Twp Harrison Co, Oh  
Watkins, John 14 Mar 1869 51y 4m 7d married Milford Center Pa.  
Watson, Wm. M 1 Jul 1870 67y 7m 29d married Union Twp Pa.  
Welch, Fidelia 5 Jun 1870 44y 11m 12d single Taylor twp Vermont  
Wells, John D 5 May 1871 63y 5m 15d married Washington Twp Maryland  
Wilber, Christopher 13 Oct 1869 55y 9m 26d married Allen Twp New York  
Williams, Minervia 18 Feb 1870 45y 11m 21d   Washington Twp Logan Co, Oh  
Worley, David W 24 Dec 1871 74y 6m 15d married Dover Twp Ohio  
Yearsley, Mary H 18 Jul 1870 65y 3m 21d widow Broadway Twp Pa.  


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